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Anyone have any suggestions on a brand/type? I know that white will show through to some degree, but I noticed some of what I have looked at are transparent. Any suggestions would be... Read More

  1. by   Lacyanne64
    Yeah, I had a hard time finding white pants for school. I got some from our tiny wal-mart, they only had 1 kind and they were thin and plain and they did look like my sister found the Peaches and they are so cute and have a lot of different styles and they're comfy too.. I wish our instructors wouldn't make us wear white.
  2. by   CMColumbus
    A fashion consultant once told me this and I tried it, it works. Don't wear white underclothes under white clothing. For whatever reason, it sets off the white underneath. Instead wear underclothes that are taupe, beige, or whatever color is closest to your skin color. The color won't show through the white pants.
  3. by   Crux1024
    Would it matter if you wore a thong...?

  4. by   MedicalNerd
    Quote from Hopefull2009
    Thanks again...I'm definititely willing to spead a little on my scrubs...I'll be wearing them for the next two years, and I can't stand it when I see people who look like they showed up to work wearing pajamas versus scrubs.

    I think I may have to go to the next large city over (this is a small town) where they have a larger variety. The place I went had a TON of scrubs...but all of them were colored and only one very small section of whites.

    We are required to wear all white as well and I went over to the Life Uniform store by my house and there were 3 brands that I bought that are awesome.
    Nu dimensions makes really good scrubs, they are soft and not at all see through.
    The Dickies I got were the draw-string and they are decently thick so you cant see through them as well.
    My favorite ones though are the Gray's Anatomy scrub pants. They are a mix of polyester and rayon so they wont shrink, they are SUPER soft and just the right fit. They are not too bad with the see through but they are not as thick as the others.
    Good Luck, I was shopping for a few weeks for good scrubs and I found that those 3 brands worked really well for my fit.
  5. by   beth66335
    Quote from Hopefull2009
    Anyone have any suggestions on a brand/type?

    I know that white will show through to some degree, but I noticed some of what I have looked at are transparent.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated?
    You probably have your scrubs by now, but these are the ones I bought. You can wear anything under them pretty much...really dark would probably show but not patterns as long as they are light;
  6. by   Datastream
    I have noticed that some of the girls I went to school with Peaches brand were pretty substantially made. I personally have like Iguanamed scrubs there fabric blends feel best to me.
  7. by   bekindtokittens
    I had White Swan for last year's clinicals and they pilled up so bad I threw them away on my last clinical day. This year I bought Dickies and Baby Phat. I also tried on Landau, Cherokee, Peaches, etc. Those non-see through workpants were just too thick for me; it was worse than wearing jeans. I couldn't imagine trying to help someone shower in their 90 degree bathroom wearing those thick pants. I also tried wearing undershirts to clinicals; halfway through I got so hot I had to take them off.

    I guess the point I'm trying to make is....I'm done worrying about what can be seen through my white scrubs. If my school wants me in white scrubs so bad, they can just deal with the outline of my white bra in the back and the pink of my skin peeking through.
  8. by   rwright15
    Get nude colored underwear (or closest to your skin tone). When I began, they told us to get the big ole white panties, but I have always wore nude colored, comfortable underwear. You don't have the contrast in the color of underwear against your skin. I think any kind of underwear seen through, whether it is floral or white, is tacky. Your scrubs can be thinner, cooler, and just more comfy while you're working.
  9. by   ADPIE10
    Quote from Crux1024
    Would it matter if you wore a thong...?

  10. by   beth66335
    It would to me...I hate those things!! lol!
  11. by   missjennmb
    Just wanted to chime in... I got Dickies at the outlet mall and I LOVE them. I have a white scrubs top and a kind of dark blue/green bottoms. The top is not see through at all, and I was really afraid it would be.

    At the Dickies outlet at the Outlet Mall it was $9.95 for the top and $11.95 for the bottoms. Not a bad price at all if I do say so myself!

    I tried on Cherokee at the uniform shop too but I didn't like them as much as the Dickies. They were more rough feeling to me. The only thing I regret is that the pair of pants I got a full on draw string so when I take them off they kind of fall way open and to the floor because there is no elastic (which sounds silly but I have come quite close to dropping my keys out of the back pocket into the toilet more than once!) and they only have 1 pocket in back. I am hoping to find some other Dickies that have more of a cargo pant style maybe.
  12. by   tachybradyRN
    I like Dickies for comfort and they're pretty opaque. I would suggest wearing nude (skin color) panties and a bra, because white underwear shows through rather easily. The Dickies HipFlip pants, which I wore for my summer externship but am not allowed to wear for school, are super comfortable, too.