Getting organized, order a stethoscope today

  1. I have been so busy today. I went to the college and bought the rest of my books, got a few supplies that I needed pen light, etc., talked with financial aid and got my student ID card. Boy does it feel official now. Walking around the campus, I felt good about going to school.

    I also order online a Littmann Classic II S.E. stethoscope. Should arrive in 3-5 days. I didn't like the ones they had in the bookstore and they had the Littmann Classic II for $83.00. I ordered it online for 57.99. Even with shipping it didn't come to 83.00.

    I organized my desk, cleaned it up a bit. Threw alot of paper away, got all my books out and folders ready. Now I have to begin reading to get a jump on everything.

    I also found out today that a received an "A" in my sociology course that I took over the summer.

    So I'm feeling pretty good right now. Less than a week away to begin. I hope I feel this good next week.

    Hope everyone is doing well!!!
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  3. by   Mkue
    omg debi, you are so organized !!! i hope i didn't pay too much for my littman cardiology iii steth.. you got a really good deal there.

    i have about 2 weeks to get a pair of shoes and that's all i

    did you get shoes???
  4. by   Zohar
    Hope you don't mind me asking, but where did you get that Classic II SE?
  5. by   studentdeb
    No I didn't get any shoes yet. Hadn't thought about that.

    I order the stethoscope from Someone I talked to said they have the best deal and after seeing the price in the bookstore, I went for it. I can't wait for it to get here. I am getting so excited.
  6. by   Love-A-Nurse
    good for you debi. i still need to purchase some shoes.
  7. by   dianacs
    I got the II SE at the school bookstore yesterday...I think I paid 78. Should have gotten it elsewhere, but convenience won out!
  8. by   Zohar
    Cool, I just ordered 2 (yes, two, my wife and I are both going to school) classic II se stethoscopes from reddingmedical. They were about as cheap as allheart.
  9. by   GPatty
    And here I am with my little ol' Prestige Medical...
    I went and finished up bying my books and such today too...
    Bought a new bookbag too. I only have 2 classes that I have to go to on campus, the other 2 are Internet courses. But I'm all ready to go!
    Can't wait for school to start....getting too lazy here!
  10. by   babynursewannab

    You just graduated and passed boards right? Are you immediately going onto BSN?
  11. by   GPatty
    I've not taken my LPN boards in a couple of weeks though.
    I'm finishing up my gen ed courses that I need for my ASN this fall...then in spring, I may or may not take a refresher course in algebra, and then in June of 2003, I'm praying I get accepted into the ASN program at my school.
    That's me....pretty much in a nutshell....
  12. by   NurseAngie
    I just wanted to mention that also has some good prices. I ordered my cardio 3 (and had it engraved) for a better price than many other places. Thought I would pass that on! Good Luck with school everybody!

  13. by   meownsmile
    Good for you Debi,, you will get a good start on the semester with the organization.
  14. by   Sarahstudent
    Ebay is a great place to buy Stethoscopes, I got a New Lit. Classic 2 S.E for $68 including shipping!!!!

    Bargain Nut I am!!!!