fundamentals...again! help please!!

  1. Well it happened to me. I failed first semester of nursing school. It took me two years to get in and four years before that to get another degree. I took fundamentals during the summer and it was hands down the hardest class I had ever taken. In any case I reapplied and got back in for this fall semester. I am also taking micro at the same time. I really want to be a nurse and I love working w/patients. I know that this is what I am supposed to be doing w/my life. I am just not so sure as to how I am going to make it through school! Everyone says that if you make it through first semester than it gets easier but I am not sure that is true. The people I have talked w/have said it is just as hard if not harder. I am doing well now (we only had one test so far) but I think it is just b/c I have already seen the material. I was just wondering if anyone else has been through this same situation. What did you do differently the second time? Did you make it?? I overheard some people in my class say that they wouldn't want a nurse working on them if they "couldn't even pass the first semester." Of course they didn't know I was sitting right behind them but it still hurt a little. I know I can do this I just need some motivation or tips or advice or something! Thank you in advance.
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  3. by   srg4784
    Quote from fitnessangel25
    I overheard some people in my class say that they wouldn't want a nurse working on them if they "couldn't even pass the first semester."
    How awful is that!!! Just becuase someone doesn't make all A's and B's doesn't mean they wouldn't be a good nurse. Sometimes people have different ways of dealing with their stress and the demands in their life. The key is to learn how to handle these things and deal with your stress. I feel almost the same as you I've been in school four years now and just got in my nursing program this fall. I started my first two years as a bio major(waiting on the nursing program to be approved to that school)then transferred to a junior college for nursing school. I took all my prereqs so that I wouldn't have to deal with that while taking nursing classes. Simply because that is stress that I KNOW I couldn't handle. Im more of a hands on learner so the clinical part of fundamentals is great for me. As for the other classes "across the lifespan" and the lecture "fundamentals'' will be harder for me because it's basically reading reading reading and then more reading. Will I be able to handle it ? I sure hope so and try my best to stay focused and be positive. I've passed my first test which reduced my stress level some. Either way, no matter how it goes pass/fail this semseter. I will be a nurse SOMEDAY I would never give up just because someone like those people say things like that. They could very well fail themselves and I'm sure they wouldn't say wht they said about themselves. Always remember that ANYONE (no matter what, even people with physical and sometimes mental disabilities) can do ANYTHING they put their mind heart and soul into. You get out what you put in. I use negative feedback and comments as MOTIVATION to prove them wrong. That just feeds my ego.

    Good luck with the rest of your semester. You can succeed with the effort. This I know.
  4. by   Daytonite
    I have a very close friend who failed her state board exam. She was devastated. Although she passed it the second time she took it, she never forgot and it has always damaged her self-esteem. She has been asked to become a supervisor in her hospital a number of times and because of this "blemish" (that's the way she sees it) that happened almost 30 years ago, she still feels she's not good enough and keeps refusing. I want to just shake some sense into her, but she lives too far away.

    What I'm trying to tell you is not to let this destroy you. I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason. It may be that you needed this extra boost of repeating this coursework to have a better understanding and foundation before moving on to your next semesters. That is the way I would look at your experience. Dwell on the positive aspects coming from it, not any negative ones like these ignorant, catty students you overheard talking about not wanting a nurse working on them if they couldn't even pass the first semester. Just hearing that made me cringe and tells me they are (1) immature (2) don't have the faintest idea what they are talking about, and (3) they are mean-spirited in character. They are gossiping in the worst way there is--to hurt and accuse. Gossip was one of my worst nightmares to deal with as a manager. It destroys. Just ignore these people and stay away from them. Put your energy into your studies. If you run into difficulties, post a question here on the forums. There are always people ready to help you with understanding a concept or figuring out an answer.
  5. by   Catlover2
    I am still waiting to find out if I will be admitted to my nursing program, but this will be a second attempt for me as well. I did not fail first semester, but did fail 2nd semester. I can honestly say that I was NOT prepared for nursing school the first time and I am glad I didn't make it. I have been waiting a long time to return to nursing school and I KNOW I am going to make it this time.

    I don't think having to repeat a semester in nursing school is all that uncommon, but it isn't talked about. When I received my "D" in Med Surg I was so very very embarrassed. I have a 4 year degree from a very well respected university so I was taken by surprise. You will do better in nursing school this time because you know what to expect. Please don't let the supposed "shame" get you down. Nursing school is a whole 'nother ballgame. You have to figure out WHY you failed and make the necessary changes so that you can be successful. Good luck to you!

  6. by   firstyearstudent
    What I'd ask is, do you have a pretty good idea why you failed? If so, and you think you can change whatever you did wrong, you should be fine (why wouldn't you be). I don't think I'd want a nurse who failed fundamentals either, but if he or she took it again and passed, I wouldn't give a damn. Would you?
  7. by   CseMgr1
    At least you are being given a second chance. Fundamentals was h*** on wheels when I took it too, and if we failed we were automatically dropped from the program with no chance of readmission. Hope everything works out for you this time!
  8. by   AuntieRN
    fitnessangel25...there were girls in my nursing classes who got straight As all the way through...I would not let them touch me or my family members if they were sick. On the other hand there were students who barely passed that I would let take care of any of my family members...guess what I am trying to say is...just because someone can get all As in school does not mean they can actually nurse...and just because someone failed a class does not mean they can not be the most awesome nurse there is...I did wonderfully in class my first 3 semesters...hit my fourth and I barely passed...however...I was a crackerjack when it came to my clinicals (sorry for the pat on my own back)...It will be do your best and do not listen to what anyone else has to say!! Also remember that some people have to put others down just so they can feel better about themselves. We are here to help you!! Good luck!
  9. by   mamason
    Ahhhh...Yes....I remember those fellow student's who liked to toot their own horn. I like to give you an what happened to me. I went to to a two year Rn diploma school. In fundamentals I really struggled. Passed by only one point. I was happy but scared at the same time questioning wether I could do this or not. A couple of the so called " A" students would make comments about other student's and their ability to "cut it" in nursing school. It was also very hurtful to hear those rude comments. I decided to change my study habits. Used CD-ROMS, NCLEX review books, ect. My grades started to improve drastically. By Level II, I was making A' and B's. Actually made the Dean's List once. Any way, the "A" students weren't doing so hot in these advanced courses. So, remember, Fundamentals are the "basics" of what you are going to be applying when you get into your advanced courses. Find outside info for these courses in fundamentals. Books, internet, computer programs, etc. Spend extra time at home to review. If you don't understand something, ask qestions. And lots of them until you do. There's no such thing as a bad question. Your instructors are there to help. They truly do want to see you succeed.
    By the way, those so called "A" students weren't making A, anymore. One flunked out. Grades were too bad. And another didn't pass her boards. So, ignore stupid comments like that. "A" students DO NOT make better nurses. Like me, not everyone is book savy. I need to "HEAR" and "SEE" the information in order to make it stick. A confident nurse is a good nurse, but, an over confident nurse can be a dangerous. Please excuse the grammer errors in this posts. I was typing fast and was on a roll. Good luck and keep your chin up. You can do it!!!!!
  10. by   momathoner09
    Thank you so much for all of your replies! I will defenitely try my best to learn from my faliure. You are all very motivating and I appreciate your input! I will keep you posted :wink2:
  11. by   augigi
    I'd think the opposite! I would rather be looked after by someone who wanted to be a nurse so badly that they repeated and did whatever is necessary to reach that goal! That is a lot more meaningful than someone just passing easily and being a cow about it!
  12. by   PedsNurse322
    vlsgirl makes a great point. I've seen RNs who are totally "booksmart", but are lousy nurses.. because from what I've seen, nursing isn't all about being booksmart (though that is part of it); a big part of nursing is plain old common sense and intuition, and if you don't have that, all the straight As in the world aren't going to make you a good nurse.

    Good luck to you...
  13. by   SoulShine75 one needs to know you failed 1st semester and if they do it certainly isn't any of their business to know why. Some people can be so rude..please ignore this. It's your life and only you know what's best for you and what's in your heart. Yes it is hard...the grind, the skills, it's constant and never ending but if you want this as badly as you seem to then you can do it. 1st semester is hard because you're learning the ropes. It's true what a lot of people say...nursing school is like boot camp. It's a different way of life and civilians just don't understand. I'm currently in 2nd semester. What they say about 2nd semester and so on being easier...I'm not so sure about that myself. 1st semester is your initiation and I think that the only way 2nd semester is easier is because you know what to expect and what it takes to make it. The material just gets harder and more involved. The skills, although they're difficult are a little easier just because you know the basics of them....hand washing, sterile field, becomes second nature to follow certain rules and they do this so you'll know what you're doing and remember. Don;t be so hard on yourself. Nursing school is the hardest thing I've ever done....mentally anyway. It takes devotion and hard work. If you have trouble with the material then study everyday after lecture so you can get bits and pieces at a time then put it all together. If you put your mind to something, you can achieve anything. I don't know who said that, but it's true. Good luck to you. :wink2:
  14. by   ejonesstudent
    One of my good friends failed Fundamentals of Nursing. She retook it, and went on through the rest of the program. By her second year, she was making B's, and during the last semester she was the only student in her class that received an A in Adult Health II! Something just clicked for her. She graduated in May, took her boards, and passed on the first try.