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  1. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Well, the mailman came and went.

    I didn't get my letter.

    I also heard the cut-off GPA was 4.0, which means I didn't get in.

    However, I'll continue on with my classes towards my BSN.

    Thanks for all your support!
  2. by   Sunshine Sweetheart
    I am so sorry. You have such a wonderful attitude. You will make a great nurse. Did your school mail the letters today? If they just mailed them then you might not get one today. Are you sure that it would be here today or is it a possibility that it can still come next week?
  3. by   nicuRN2007
    Quote from Fun2Care

    I also heard the cut-off GPA was 4.0, which means I didn't get in.
    Maybe that's just a rumor. ??? Don't give up hope yet.
  4. by   S.N. Visit
    Are you sure, that you didn't get in? Were you able to confirm it with your school? I'm hoping that your mail is just running late.
  5. by   twoanddone

    Still good luck to you.........

    Just wanted you to know how much your website and posts have meant to me through my journey. I'm hoping to get in next summer. If not on towards my BSN too
  6. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Well, I guess it's not completely confirmed until I get my letter in hand, but I'm sure it's reliable sources. (members on here that did get accepted.)

    The letters were mailed last night, and many have received theirs already.

    This is what was accepted:
    North Lake: 4.0 GPA on prereq. and 6 support
    credit with 2.5 GPA

    El Centro: 4.0 GPA on prereq. and 9 support
    credit with 4.0 GPA

    I had 3.77 GPA on prereq. and 17 support
    credit with 3.82 GPA.

    Maybe I should have taken Algebra over again, instead of a support class during the summer, but I'd rather not have to have any other classes while I'm taking the nursing classes. I actually feel sorry for those who are having to, I know it's going to be rough! Plus, I'm scared to take Algebra over again. LOL

    So, Oct. 21st, I start a Music appreciation class that will HOPEFULLY raise the support GPA to 4.0, but also goes towards the RN-BSN humanities requirement.

    I'm debating on whether or not to retake the Algebra (a pre-req) which I made a B on, but like I said above, I'm scared to!

    However, if I do retake it, and if I can manage an A on both of those, I'll have 4.0/4.0 going in for the fall semester.

    I know I'll be taking classes towards my RN-BSN in the Spring now. So, I'll hopefully have a 4.0/4.0 with only 2 lower level classes left towards my RN-BSN for the Fall '06 entry.

    Thanks again everyone! :icon_hug:
  7. by   kayel
    HUGS to get you through the rest of the weekend and until you know for sure (and beyond)!!
  8. by   Jessy_RN
    I still think you got in. Please keep us posted and I am still praying for you.

    I am still expecting my good or bad news anyday as well.
  9. by   oregonrene
    Fun2Care - don't give up hope yet!

    Jess - All my fingers are crossed for you too! It makes it hard to type that way.
  10. by   AuntieRN
    Fun2care...I agree do not give up yet...ya just never know...and rumors always fly when you are trying to get into a program then you find out half the time they aren't even true...I have my fingers crossed for ya....I remember waiting for my letter...wait...actually I still never got the letter come to think of it...I happened to find out by accident when I went into my account online to see what my bill was going to be..and there were charges for insurance and something else I forget what I called the school to find out what the charges were for and they laughed and told me the letters were going out the next day...I beat em to the punch...but now that I think about it...I never did get my letter...but I know I'm in since I am in my third semester of five...don't give up hope....
  11. by   Jessy_RN
    Quote from oregonrene
    Fun2Care - don't give up hope yet!

    Jess - All my fingers are crossed for you too! It makes it hard to type that way.

    You are so sweet are very much appreciated.
  12. by   EMTandNurse2B
    Don't give up all hope yet! I too have been watching the days ticking by on your posts, remembering how it felt to be watching and waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting...

    Actually, I found out by accident also, I had to go to the Nursing directors office for something related to me not getting in that year, and the secretary said "Oh, by the way, I was just getting your letter ready to go, you got in!" I was shocked, but very happy!

    Hopefully that pleasant shock is just around the corner for you!
  13. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Thank you all.

    You all have continued to be a great support, and I wish you all well in your studies, careers, and life.

    As for myself, God only knows what will happen at this point.

    Thanks again.