First A&P exam a flop!!!

  1. I got my tests back this evening. My lecture exam I got a 66%. I really thought I did better than that. This test covered the cell, RNA/DNA, molecules etc. One good thing is we get to drop the lowest test grade so this might have to be mine. The lab test on the other hand was very good, I got a 95% on that. The lab is 25% of our grade. Thank goodness for that. I know that I am better at identifying than defining. I have two weeks until the 2nd exam which will cover metabolism, cellular tissue and the integumentary system. I sure hope I can study better for that one. Any ideas to help me improve on my tests would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   marci3335
    Debi! The Cell is hard!! I did the worst on my first A&P I exam. I think it was because I couldn't really anticipate what kind of questions would be on it, and therefore, what exactly I needed to know! There's so much to know (who knew a cell could be so complicated?!?!)

    What worked for me after that was to go through my book and re-write pertinent info in my notebook and write flashcards on everything! Yes this was time consuming but it really works! I wrapped up my cards with a rubberband put them in my purse and went through them everywhere I went! Like standing in line at the grocery store or at DMV. On the next test I got an A. By the end of the course I had almost a thousand cards. I passed them on to a friend who took the class after me. But really, most of my absorbtion came from writing out the info in my own words, and drawing the little diagrams.

    Good job on Lab. Actually Lab is what saved me from a B to an A in the class. I would have got a B if it wasn't for Lab!

    Good luck Debi- you can do it!!

  4. by   Mkue
    StudentDeb, You will do better on the next exam. Now you know how the instructor tests. I remember A&P I and it was challenging, some of the chapters will be better to comprehend.

    I know you will succeed ! Good start in the Lab too !
  5. by   GPatty
    We just re examined the cell, the workings and all that such this week too. RNA/DNA.....yep! All that jazz!
    Luckily, we had a group test for all of it, or I'm sure I would have failed too.....
    The first test is always the most difficult because different instructors have different methods of testing.
    You'll do better on your next one, I'm sure!
  6. by   RNIAM
    I am so sorry. Here's to passing the next one. My hint is to never put off studying or it will be too late. on that note I am back to it.
    Take care
  7. by   studentdeb
    Thanks everyone. I am trying to type up so notes now for the next test. Trying to remain up to date. The average for the whole class was 68% so I guess I wasn't the only one who had trouble with it.

    Better get back to studying. Thanks again.
  8. by   oldgirl
    Donn't get too bummed about this first test, now you have a feel for how it will go, and the anatomy stuff Is easier to "get" then the cell stuff, I think. The Kreb's cycle!?!?!?!? Never got it , never will!!
  9. by   colleen10
    Hi Student Deb,

    I'm sorry you flooped on your lecture exam but please do not be too hard on yourself. For some reason A&P is usually one of the hardest classes to "get into the swing of". Seriously, I have been in A&P classes with some of the smartest people and have seen whole classes terribly fail the first exam, only to get 100%'s on the second. A&P is different from subjects you may have had before but you'll see that after a while of studying you get into a different kind of "mentality" and things will come much quicker to understand. At least that's how it was for me. I think because there is a lot of memorization and diagrams etc. that need to be learned and memorized visually.

    Don't sweat it! Now that you hae one exam under your belt you will do much better on the next one.

    Good Luck!

  10. by   nursing 101
    I had my first test yesterday on Physio and I don't know how well I did. I'll know by tomorrow morning. Luckily we have the same teacher for anatomy and it's almost the same material. So we have anatomy is on Friday and I can't wait to bust it (hopefully) because now I'm more relaxed and see the patterns of his test. I was actually very nervous for Physio (which surprised me 'cause I'm a good test taker- I never really flip out for exams) so now I feel like I'm ready for this class. And the more you go into the more you'll understand the conceipts as we use the same words over and over!
    Anyway I hated the cell too! And it seams like you find protein everywhere in A&P!
  11. by   ashemson
    I take my first A&P test on Monday. You said your was over cells, well my school has combined A&P 1&2 into one class, so our first test is over cells, tissues, skeletal system, muscular system, the first 10 chapters of our book!!! I am freaking out!
  12. by   jrock233
    I remember my first semester of A&P and talking about DNA and RNA, that was one of the toughest subjects that we had. It was so hard that the teacher gave up trying to teach it to us, because know one in the class was getting it and he didn't even put it on the test. I'm sure you will do better on the rest of your tests. Good luck.

  13. by   2amigos
    I am so glad to see that I am not the only one having a hard time in A&P 1! I take it at night and the class is 3 hours and 45 minutes long. After we take the break in the middle my brain is so full that I can't absorb any more information. It's all I can do sometimes not to just cry in class. It's so darned frustrating. I keep thinking that at some point this stuff will make sense, but it isn't happening yet. I've finally decided to keep trying and the worst that can happen is I have to take the class again next semester. It's just a lot of information thrown at us very, very quickly. At least I think so.
    Thanks for posting, it's nice to know that we're not alone in our struggles with a particular subject.
    Cheryl Moore
  14. by   colleen10
    OMG 2Amigos!!!

    Please don't cry in class.

    That sounds pretty tough putting both A&P 1 and 2 together.

    I had A&P I during a condensed summer session this past summer.

    We had class 2 days a week for 4 hours each day. And we had a quiz before every lecture.

    Our teacher zipped through the material so fast. I know what you are going through.

    The best thing that worked for me was to just go into lecture and take notes and not try to think about or understand what the teacher was lecturing. I just wrote out my notes and then would read the book and kind of teach myself.

    Don't stress too much please, it's not worth crying about. Just go in with an "empty mind". Which is pretty easy for me - LOL!

    Take care,