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Just found out I Failed my last semester by a point and a half. I ran out of time and was unable to do the last 4 math questions on the final, if I had gotten those done I would have passed.. I've... Read More

  1. by   rntonp1day
    First, avoid all the negativity. I think some have either forgotten how hard nursing school is or they did not go through it with children. I'm most definitely going to take your side on this. It's hard, especially finding study time with children. It is probably the hardest thing in life you will put yourself through. Take the summer and take a good break and then either go back to the same school or research other schools. If you want to be a nurse, you go and be a nurse. Do not let anything or anybody tell you that you aren't good enough to be there to save someone's life one day. From now on, skip to the math questions first and do those then you will know how fast you need to get through those multiple choice and select all that apply questions. Read your chapters. That's where those questions are coming from. Do the extra study questions under your book's resource website. That helps you get a better grasp on what you read. Mainly, do what you want to do with your life. It is yours and nobody else's. Stay motivated if this is what you want to do. Don't let this defeat you.
  2. by   Here.I.Stand
    Quote from rntonp1day
    I think some have either forgotten how hard nursing school is or they did not go through it with children.
    I can't speak for everyone, but my memory is quite intact, and I had a newborn AND a job.

    What amazes me is that at my hospital, I can think of half a dozen women who have had babies during their SURGICAL RESIDENCIES. The difference in difficulty between nursing school and surgical residencies -- and in these women's cases, managing our ICU from 1600-0700 -- isn't even a comparison.

    They don't even have to make excuses, because they get it DONE.
  3. by   natalieonaje
    Don't be discouraged. At least you had some very helpful teachers who were willing to help you. If nursing is what you really want to do, apply to another program. You obviously have the heart and dedication for this field and you will be successful the next time. I'm rooting for you!!!!