Exciting News!!!!!!!!

  1. I just took one of the hardest tests of my life. I took the HESI exam. For those who don't know what HESI is I will explain it real quick. Hesi stands for a company called Health educated systems incorporated which creates comprehensive exams for each individual school that pays them base on the school curriculum. The school gives the exam and HESI has set guidelines for scoring. Hesi recommends that you score a BARE minimum of 85 probability each individual school can decide whether they want to offer points for the test or not. I have heard that some schools don't offer points but some do. At my school we have an all or nothing rule. Either you get 85 and above and you get your 25 points or if you get anything below an 85 even an 84.9 you get 0 points. The test is set up to give an estimate of how well you will do on NCLEX.

    In case you have not been able to tell by now I passed!!!!!!!!
    So now it looks like I get to keep my B in the class afterall. I have the final left but I would have to do REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY bad on the final not to keep that B. This is such encouraging news especially after my last two classroom tests where I failed both of them. The first four tests I did really well on, however those last 2 tests kicked my butt but I did really well on the HESI test today on the sections that I did fail. However, my highest scoring section in the class which was pysch I did average on the HESI. That may sound weird but I did not focus a lot on psych I focused on the sections that I did bad on during the semester. I did not have a lot of time to focus on EVERYTHING.

    Well, anyway I just have to share my news and this really brings me joy knowing that I do know more than what I think I know and that I am really capable of anything I set my mind to. I really believed in myself. I was very anxious and was pacing a lot but I believe in myself and you all have been great because you gave me motivation and encouragement with during the hard times.

    ALL OF US can do it and we will make it. I know have one week left for this semester and then I will be moving right on into my LAST and FINAL semester!!!!!!!!!!!!:roll :roll :roll
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  3. by   12BRN
    That is great news Tonya! I don't post much, but I follow a lot, and I've kept up with you. I am a new nursing student, and I have 2 more semesters of pre-reqs. I'm a non-traditional student (at 39 years old) and am also a single mom. I know how hard it is, and especially with a four year old! My kids are older, so they don't require as much of my time. So, you have been an inspiration for me! You had a post last week where you really sounded down. I'm glad this has brought you back up! Keep up the good work.
  4. by   meownsmile
    I can understand your exictement. We had to take the HESI, the last week of our final semester. We had two shots to pass with 85 or above or we had to repeat the semester. Didnt matter what your score was for the semester, you didnt pass the test and you dont pass go.
    I think that was the most stressful week for everyone in my class, because there is really no way of studying for it or having any way of knowing what the questions were like.
    If you were like most of us in my class we all walked out wiped and had no clue where they came up with most of those questions. Most of it was best guess as far as most of us were concerned. Actually that was the comment made by most of my classmates "Where did they come up with that stuff?"
    I think we only had a couple who had to retake, and they passed the second time around. Luckily i didnt have to retake, i dont think i could have sat through it again.
  5. by   meownsmile
    OH, BRN12,, i was 41 years old when i finished my
    RN, graduated in may with honors, with three kids(teens) and am in my sixth month of full time employment, and so far so good. If i can, you can. Keep the faith!
  6. by   Mkue
    Does the HESI have mostly NCLEX questions? or is it based on the course that you are taking at that time?

    Thanks, Marie
  7. by   katieRNlove
    mkue, the HESI is a comprehensive test that you take 1/2 through an rn program. It has questions designed like the NCLEX. they say that what you get on your HESI is the percentage that you would get on the NCLEX if you took it at that time over just your 1st 4 quarters. I know when i took it i thought it sucked and i had numerous peers that got 84.99 and similar scores that had to take a review course (and pay for it, like we have any money) and had to take it again over our break.
  8. by   AppyHorseFan
    if things go the same way they did last year...we have to take the hesi at the end of our second semester. if we don't pass with the recommended 85%, we have "modules" that we have to complete over the summer. if you do not pass, you do the remediation, then retake before entering the third semester. then at the end of the third semester there is another mandatory hesi test, which again requires remediation for less than 85%. then it is required again at the end of the fourth semester. we have to pay to take this test each time, which is $35, which could total up to $140 (and that's for poor nursing students..lol.)

    it's all to help with their pass ratio for state boards and to add additional work on us. it never counts for or against our grades, it's just yet another hoop to jump through for the instructors (like there aren't enough already). yes, i know, it's good practice and all that, i just think if it's going to be "mandatory" the fees should be collected at registration for each semester and not come directly out of our pocket.

    stepping down from soap box now...lol

    congratulations on passing...i know it was a big relief to you, tonya. way to go!!! :hatparty:
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  9. by   Jennerizer
    My school was just talking about that today....we have to take them at the end of each semester. They were giving praise to the HESI for preparing their graduates for the nclex. For the past two years, they have had an above 90% passing rate on the first try of the nclex. Sounds good to me!

    Great job on passing!!

  10. by   peaceful2100
    At my school we take the HESI each AND every semester except our first semester when we are just taking nursing skils, nursing assessment and pathophysiology. We take it every semester after the first semester from semester 2-5 of the nursing program. Each semester HESI accounts for 5% of total grade in our health management course and we have to score the bare minimum of 85%. AT my school we are allowed to pass even if we do NOT pass HESI. Just as LONG as we have a 70% average in the class overall. The hesi has been known to knock people out because their average was bordline, it has been known to make people go down a full letter grade and it has been known to help save people in the end from failing the class overall. IF we do not make the bare minimum my school has set up enhancement reviews were we are REQUIRED every year to stay after class each week for an hour except the week we have a test doing review type stuff.

    Next semester our last semester at school we are REQUIRED to do the buddy system. That is where we have a buddy and we meet each week for a couple of hours studying from NCLEX material, doing questions, and reviewing notes from previous semesters in our weak areas. We will start that when we come back January 17th and it will end around graduation time in May. They implemented this REQUIRED program to see if the overall passing rate on the NCLEX improves. Also to help students save money from taking review courses like Kaplan. I know I much rather spend my $300- $400 on something else. My school is not to bad but they really would like to get in the 90's. We are currently about 87-88% pass rate over the pass few years.
  11. by   Erinkate2959
    Congrats on passing!! Our school does HESI subject tests after each semester. They are pretty tough, but it is helpful that the program breaks it down for you what sections you need to work on.
  12. by   Love-A-Nurse
    tonya, congratulations and all the best to you in your up-coming final semester of your bsn program.
  13. by   Vsummer1
    First of all, CONGRATS on this important test for your program!

    However, I must add that our school had a 100% NCLEX pass rate last semester. It varies per class, they admit sometimes it is as low as 80% but usually over 90% pass.

    And no HESI here... sorry, just thought I would let you all know that a school CAN get a 100% pass rate without the HESI. Perhaps if they changed the curriculum instead of adding more tests (and adding more cost to the student) they could up the NCLEX pass rate.

    Just my 2 cents....
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  14. by   katieRNlove
    Vsummer1 I totally agree with you. The students that i know that had to ratake the test said that they did not feel any better after the remedial course and that even though they passed the hesi the second time they did not feel any better about there problem areas!!