Eww white uniforms??

  1. So, I just found out that we will be wearing white uniforms next semester....white scrubs to be exact. Anyone else have to wear white? Normally I wouldn't mind, but I am the type of person that spills something on themselves everytime they wear white. In fact, last time I wore white pants (5+ years ago) I just happened to sit on a chocolate cupcake. No joke.

    I guess I will just have to buy like 5 pairs incase I get some sort of lethal permanent cupcake stain.

    I like white! Just not ALL white. Anyone have anything worse to make me feel better? :spin:
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  3. by   CT Pixie
    I learned many moons ago (back in the day when ALL white from head to toe, top, pants, stockings, shoes, sweater were the norm) that peroxide is your friend!! I saved countless tops and pants with peroxide. An older nurse taught me this (she went to nursing school in the late 30's).

    If you happen to have peroxide handy when the spill/stain happens, grab the peroxide. Put it directly on the stain. When you get home you can either wash it right away or wait. I usually just throw it in the wash. If you don't have peroxide handy, make sure to keep some at home. Do it as soon as you get home and launder.

    I've taken out blood, oil from a gerichair, feces, chocolate, ink, dirt..the list goes on.

    Oh, my daughter was Baptised at an older age (5). She was playing with a black ink pen and somehow dragged it accross her Christening dress that was hanging. It was that silky material. I grabbed the peroxide, dabbed the ink with it and voila' stain was gone. Didn't even have to wash it for the stain to disappear.

    You could also carry one of those Tide to Go pens. I've heard they work well too. (peroxide is cheaper )
  4. by   jackson145
    My school used to do all white. You couldn't even bleach it because of all the colored piping. Now we have black pants and white tops with a white smock. The smock looks like something my grandma washes dishes in. It has all kinds of piping and patches and trim. We're stylin!
  5. by   Daytonite
    I've been an RN since 1975 and I find it very disrespectful when newbies to the field say things like "Eww white uniforms??" We had no choice and had to wear white because it was the dress code. We also had to wear caps. We used stain removers to get stains out. We used hydrogen peroxide to remove fresh blood that got on them. I agree that the more colorful scrubs are much nicer and easier to launder and I went out and bought and wore them when we were able to, but please have some respect for those of us who preceded you. If you want to know how to care for white fabric, just ask.
  6. by   RN prn
    We're required to wear all white uniforms when we are in the hospital/clinical setting. Our uniforms are the button down nursing shirts and a pair of white uniform pants, but we can get away with dickies or landau pants as long as they don't have a drawstring. Also, we have to have white nursing shoes. It's not bad. If I do get something on myself during the day, I just wash the uniform on the sanitary cycle with bleach. They are still bright & crisp. The only time we were allowed to wear a scrub top and a colored one was during a peds clinicals, since white is intimidating to many children. It was nice for a change!
  7. by   southernbelle08
    Yep, we wear white at my school! Not a big deal to me, I don't mind it.
  8. by   Alert&Orientedx0
    We wear all white uniforms. White polo tops with white scrub pants & white shoes, socks, & undergarments! However, we also wear navy blue cobblers to break the all white. We look like cafeteria ladies Its not bad though we concentrate on the stress of clinical 2much to worry about our uniforms! I haven't gotten a stain yet though but when I do Ill be sure to have some peroxide near. Thanks for the tip!:spin:
  9. by   MIM_RN
    i feel your pain. i keep telling myself, "one more semester, just one more." our school makes us wear white tops, and not a scrub-type style, but more like what you would expect an orderly in the 1960's to wear. we can wear royal blue pants, but they also have a very distinct style of their own. (not a cute, flare cut!) i feel terrible for my fellow male nursing students, they look worse then we girls do.
    seriously, i do not, in any way, mean to anger the nurses (like my dean of nursing) that feel our comments on the white uniforms are disrespectful, but we are approaching 2008. times change, and it's ok for us to express our disdain for the white uniform. it's just too institutional for my taste. (our class is actually thinking about planning a uniform burning party post graduation!)
  10. by   jackson145
    I was worried about white because I can never find underwear that don't show through. I'm also glad for the black pants because my caboose it so big (maybe it'll camouflage it).
  11. by   jackson145
    I've heard more complaints about the awful uniforms students used to wear from veteran nurses than newbies. Even some of my instructors have bemoaned the unattractive skirts/aprons/pinafores. My most recent teacher said she'd never be forced to wear something like her LPN school uniform again.
  12. by   MIM_RN
    "i was worried about white because i can never find underwear that don't show through. i'm also glad for the black pants because my caboose it so big (maybe it'll camouflage it)."

    silly you! that's hilarious! i have quite the reputation for not being able to stay "clean". meaning, if someone is going to get something on their clothing, it will be me. from ink stains to food stains, you name it, i stain with it. another reason to hate the darn white uniform!
  13. by   vashtee
    I am looking forward to moving away from the white uniform tops we have to wear. Because of the fabric they are made of, we aren't supposed to bleach them (they will turn yellow), so we all look like $h*t by our last semester.

    Oh, well... they are better than the pink and white striped pinafores I've seen other students wearing. Their sole purpose MUST be to teach us humility.
  14. by   Rexie68
    y'all make me appreciate psu more and more!! we wear white polo shirts with psu nursing embroidered on them and navy blue scrub pants of our choice. white shoes or sneakers. comfy clothes that you don't have to worry about while in clinicals. when i was in lpn school we wore awful baby blue and white dresses with white support hose and white nursing shoes and horrible caps.....when we graduated we had a cap-burning party!! those caps caught on everything and were a pain to keep on our heads. thank goodness our instructors now are more concerned with our clinical skills then the style of our pants ( we still have to look professional, of course),