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Hi all, I'm doing my community clinical at a minimum security prison this term. This is their first term to accept students, so having us there will be as new for them as it is for us. I was... Read More

  1. by   RedSox33RN
    I hope to do some sort of rotation or work in a prison. The father of a boy one of my sons plays baseball with is a corrections officer at a big prison, and he's invited me to come see their hospital unit. It does sound interesting, but I've always been interested in law enforcement also.
  2. by   rescutie911
    our psych ward was like that. You were locked in with them and all. I didn't like that too much. LOL

    5/5 wooohoo!
  3. by   helpinghands
    I work as an LPN in corrections and it's very interesting to say the least, and never dull!
    I have 3 main responsiblities:

    Pass Meds - roll a med cart from unit to unit and pass out meds, they literally form a line.

    Sick Calls - when an inmates has a health issue they see a nurse before seeing a doctor. The nurse can follow one of the many (about 50) protocols or send them to clinic (to see the doctor or nurse practioner). Protocol would be give sudafed and tylenol x 5 days for flu like symptoms.

    Urgent Care - if there is an injury or accident you get there pronto.

    The day just flies by! The worst part is the paperwork, and ofcourse the safety issue. Although, I have always felt really safe at work with all the officers around. I think a clinical there would be fun. It definately helps you grow a thick skin and builds assessment skills!
  4. by   jerryh55
    Find this series interesting since I work as a correctional officer in the state of texas. I have started an AND program since I have been there, and when it comes to delivering meds, it's so scarry since there is no thought given to the 6 you better check these. Have seen meds given to the wrong person, have wartched an inmate store his meds and then try and overdose on them. I have watched them do all sorts of strange things just to get out of there cell (fake medical problems). You just have to treat all as being genuine. And as far as fresh meat, this usually goes away after your firdst couple of months. It's sort of like being the new kid on the block. But I do believe for the most part, they do realize that your there to help them and give you that respect. But some wont no matter what, because they dont respect life in any way. If you go into correctional nursing, just always be mindfull of where you are, and you will be ok.

    Have A Great Day And Be Safe

  5. by   Nursetob2005
    Quote from cheerfuldoer
    No way...no how....never would I ever do that. :uhoh21:
    I felt compelled to answer to this post. I think that although some inmates are bad people and have done horrible things, others made a mistake and inmates are people too and need to be cared for. I say this b/c my boyfriend is currently incarcerated for a DUI accident. Maybe, that's why I was a tad bit shocked to read this post.

    Just my 2 cents

  6. by   abundantjoy07
    We wont be doing that at my school...however I would love to try a rotation in prison. Correctional nursing is very interesting to me.
  7. by   Nurse2bSandy
    I work as a substance abuse counselor for the chaplains program of our women's facility. I just love those gals!
    It is as others have said, those people are just like we are... they just made different choices for their lives... illegal choices. I have heard from them that many times the medical staff seems uncaring... and I would like to make a difference with them. I am hoping to work as a temp there so that I get some corrections experience. Enjoy it!
    Oh yes, you will be taught about safety... but we got that with psych too. I took my 17 year old daughter with me this Christmas to play her flute for my gals. They just loved it! She was very apprehensive, but I wanted to show her how she could use her musical talent to minister to others. When we left she was a different person... she decided that next time she would thrill them with a quartet! The gals are always so appreciative of any attention from the outside world... they are very isolated.

    Have fun! I wish I could go with you!