Drug Dosage Tests Requirements

  1. What is your school requiring for a passing grade on drug dosage calculations test?
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  3. by   BoonersmomRN
    95% ( means we can miss one)
  4. by   Finally2008
    We are allowed two chances on the quiz. We have to make a 9/10.
  5. by   Timeforachange
    NVCC in Northern Virginia is 90%, Test is given each of the 4 semesters.
  6. by   LadyT618
    MY school used to require 80% and you had 2 tries at it. This was applied to each of 4 semesters.
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  7. by   RANCH GIRL
    Must pass with 90% and if you don't take and pass the summer semester dosage calculation test, you get two chances during fall semester or you are out of the program altogether!
  8. by   RNsRWe
    100% at the time I went through; it's still a 100% requirement. Not a single mistake allowed.

    Students are allowed up to three shots at it, though. Most pass the first time, but they are SO RIDICULOUSLY strict in how it must be done that many students "miss" a question that they actually got right, but didn't write everything exactly as required. Anyway, nearly all get through by the end of the second time. Have seen just a few go to three times, but never saw anyone fail completely.

    First attempt is about a month into first semester; any further attempts are to be completed in the next few weeks or you don't advance.

    Another test (focusing on peds, but still math) was given in 3rd; the other semesters had math questions on each of the regular exams.
  9. by   Deliasgone
    90%. You get three trys to get the required grade and you have to take a math test every semester.
  10. by   Imafloat
    20 questions and you can only miss 1. You get two tries. If you don't pass you have to take a math class.
  11. by   GPatty
    We get 3 chances, have to pass with missing no more than 3 (sorry, can't remember how many problems there are), each semester before we hit the floor for clinicals.
  12. by   AZmom
    100% with two or three retakes allowed (I forget which).
  13. by   tx2007
    90% each semester before we are allowed to go to clinical. I think we get three tries.
  14. by   RNsRWe
    And here I remember my instructors telling us that "everybody" has a 100% minimum for passing dosage calcs....ha! Apparently not! Then again, they DID make us all super neurotic about never making a med error....if that's possible.