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GOD I HATE THESE THINGS!!!! :angryfire It's not that they are hard.. they are just a pain in my A$$!!!!! Does anyone have an easier way of doing them.... i have to write or type mine out... i have... Read More

  1. by   SoulShine75
    Quote from studentnurse74
    A lot of people last semester were copying and pasting off here:


    Or purchasing the pre-printed cards and typing off them.
    we had to do them in 1st semester and we copied and pasted them too. :uhoh21: It still seemed like it took forever to do even that. They told us we could stop doing them because we weren't learning them that way. They started incorporating them into our tests and we learned them well in that format.
  2. by   mccsid
    What kinds of questions can I expect on my first pharmacology test?
  3. by   Achoo!
    We have to hand write ours, no easy way around it. We can do it in pencil though, so we can reuse cards to pertain to each pt.
  4. by   Silastingy
    Quote from RNsRWe
    I'm amazed that's ok with your instructors! I realize, in reading through replies on this thread, that it seems common to use the ready-made or pre-printed info on commercial cards. It just seems weird to me at this point, after having each clinical instructor so far (at my school) tell us that if we're just copying from the book, we're not really learning it. And one instructor said that she used to allow students to photocopy ready-made cards to hand in, but she doesn't believe the students were even reading them, so now she has us all do the question/answers specific to the patient(s) we were assigned that day, each day. Anything else gets rejected.

    Is this only happening at my school??
    no - at my school, we are doing mental health and ob this semester (our second year in the program). We are not allowed to bring any cards with us and have to know all the drugs for our patients by memory (we have two patients). One student in the group was told that she was not safe because she couldn't remember all the nursing considerations. Our class is upset because we just started pharmacology this semester...only four weeks into the semester and we should know everything? It is a huge amount of information to know on top of a heavy load of other classes.
  5. by   DaveSVN
    we have about 30 meds, all have to be hand-written. It takes me all night just to do 5! Then again I have the least to complain about lol although I have to admit, there are better ways to learn these meds.