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  1. I am signed up for a Dosage Calculation class this Sept along with the regular 1st semester nursing classes. It is not required. Many people are telling me to drop this and learn it on my own this summer to lighten the load this fall, not to mention save the money. Other student nurses say 'why have extra tests?'. Do I need to know more than basic math. My option is to buy the book and work on it over the summer. Please advise!!!!!!
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  3. by   purplemania
    There are plenty of good books that will walk you through the process. There are some websites too. Search for drug calculations, medication administration, drug doses, etc. I even found some tests to play with. All you need is basic algebra. I agree that you do not need to take any non-required course during nursing school, but if it stresses you out more to miss it than to take it, well the first part of nursing school is easier than the last, so do it then.
  4. by   KattB
    I'm sorry this has nothing to do with your question, but where on Long Island are you from?
  5. by   michw2
    It all how you set up your math problem.

    Doctors order digoxin 25mg
    it come in 50mg/ml How much would you give?

    set up always start with order
    25mg x 1ml Divided by 50mg = .50ml
  6. by   HyperRNRachel
    How have you done in math in the past? Buy a nursing calculations book. I used Nursing Calculations Made Incredibly Easy before starting the program and the entire book contained every math problem I would need to use in my first sememster. I would save my money and forget the class.
  7. by   HyperRNRachel
    Oh purplemania said it best....I forgot to add that there are some incredible on-line examples and test. I think if you look under the "sticky" post there will be some of the math links.
  8. by   Boe
    Here is the website I used, I did not take a seperate class and I have never gotten a math problem wrong (and I am by no means a math guru).
  9. by   francine79
    If you really struggle with math then I suggest taking the class. However, if it is easy for you, just buy a calculation book and do it in your own free time. I am really surprised that your college leaves it up to you to learn med. calculations.
  10. by   Carolanne
    I agree, if you don't really need the course, why take it. It's more time that can be devoted to studying for your nursing courses. I personally have Dosage Calculations Made Incredibly Easy and it's helped me quite a bit.
  11. by   studentNY
    Quote from KattB
    I'm sorry this has nothing to do with your question, but where on Long Island are you from?
    I'm from a small town, Yaphank. Have you ever heard of it?
  12. by   studentNY
    Thank you so much everyone! I think I will try to learn on my own. I have all summer. I will get Dosage Made Easy for sure. Thank you again!!
  13. by   wonderbee
    I agree. No need to take a course. Memorize your conversions and set up your problems. There are two ways to do it: ratio and proportion and dimensional analysis. I prefer dimensional analysis. In dimensional analysis you start off with what you want. With ratio and proportion, you start off with what's available. Get a book like Dosage Calculations Made Incredibly Easy and try both ways. Use what works best for you.
  14. by   NewEnglandRN
    Hi Student NY,

    I was considering taking the Math for Health Professionals course at my college. But I bought "Dosage Calculations Made Easy" and it is great. It starts out with very basic math and is conmpletely geared to Nursing.

    So, I am going to do a review over the summer on my own and just take Nursing Foundations I in September. I'm pretty confident this my self-refresher will be sufficient.

    Let me know if you want a study partner!