Does anyone use their laptops in class

  1. I am getting a laptop for my anniversary this year! I am very happy. My questions are, have any of you used it during class?Have you found it disturbed the other classmates? I am wondering if I will just use to type out note cards or if I will use to type out notes.
    Thank you for your input.
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  3. by   ST_NURSE_MLD
    Hummm.... I don't have a laptop. I have a PDA. However, I would prefer a laptop. The screens are so much easier to read. In regards to it disturbing anyone in class. I don't know. I type fast and pound the keys without realizing it. If were "me", I would be afraid of coming off as disrespectful of my co-classmates and instructor. My pounding would be get on "my" nerves not to mention others. LOL
  4. by   RNIAM
    That is what I was thinking too. I might bring it along for breaks and lunch though. then I could catch up on my notes during breaks. I hear this semester is going to be a killer.
  5. by   NICU_Nurse
    Choose carefully- you could probably find one that has "soft" keys that will make virtually no noise at all. Combine that with the fact that probably EVERY student is going to want a copy of your well-typed, easy to read, probably thorough (I type faster than anyone writes!) notes and you'll find it's not a big deal. I had a Sony VAIO that a friend and I shared in nursing school, and I would make one copy of the notes and give them to another student, and then everyone would make copies if they wanted them. Often I had stuff in there that they didn't catch because they were busy trying to write. If the lecture was particularly complicated (like on blood gas interpretation, which was a killer!) she'd tape it, I'd type, and then we'd go back and fill in the holes on breaks or immediately after class. We got into a routine, and I'll tell you, if people minded, they said nothing because they knew that at least ONE person was going to have a complete set of notes at the end of the day.
  6. by   bluesky
    Hey all!

    I'm too lazy to bring my laptop to class but there are 5 students in my class who do it religiously. They aren't noisy at all. The one problem they occasionally encounter is finding a good power outlet (especially in the auditorium) to use.

    For those blessed with the ability to type really fast, you really can get more info into your notes than the others.
  7. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    The one girl who could afford the laptop in class always sat in the back row by herself so that she didn't annoy the people she used to sit beside.
  8. by   Berta
    Hubby gave me his old laptop to use come fall. I don't intend to use in class. I am going to take it to the library and retype my notes on it. I figure that way it may stick just a little more in my brain.
    Also, I am a really fast typer, however, I tend to bounce on the keys and make a lot of noise.
    My biggest fear is that I am not the greatest on a computer and I keep having this reoccuring dream that I type in hours and hours of lectures and then delete them when I go to shut the thing off. I have nothing to work off of.
    So for me, it the old fashion pen and notebook for class, then technology later.
  9. by   colleen10
    I have a laptop and type all of my class notes but I have never used my laptop in class during lecture.

    I do type faster than I write but I think if I tried to type the notes during lecture I would get too involved in having it all look nice and be correct and not pay attention to the instructor. Also, the desks at our school are not very ergonomic and I think if I attempted to type at one of those desks my hands would cramp up pretty quickly.

    I do type up all of my lecture notes after class and print them out and put them in a binder and keep them with me so that I can study while at lunch, etc.

    I have had class with people who have used typing devises, ie. brail type writer/laptop, in class and they usually sit in the back of the class room so as not to disturb other students and I don't think they've ever bothered anyone.
  10. by   SirJohnny

    - I do not recommend using laptop for taking notes in class - as I find it too cumbersome to use on these little chairs/desks that we use.

    - However, I use mine for everything else.

    - I keep ALL my notes on there - and use it to generate my flashcards and to generate study guides.

    - When I memorize - I type the same word or sentence over and over again. Then pull up a blank page and do a dump from memory.

    - I keep timers on the laptop. This way I can keep track of my time for writeups, for memorization, for outside research. I set a goal of 3.00 hours per day for a 3 credit - 15 week A&P102 class.

    - I keep everything organized on the laptop. And trascribe my notes from lecture to the laptop. Everything is electornically.


    - Get yourself some extra batteries. Learn where the outlets are in school library, barnes & nobles, subway and Denny's. I live at these places when going to school. It's a quick way to knock out 2 or 3 hours of memorization.



    - Also, I make a hard copy print-out of my notes, just in case of computer theft, or total system crash.

    - Hope this helps,

    John Coxey
  11. by   RNIAM
    Thank you everyone. I have decided after reading everyones messages to use it after school and during lunch etc. Thank you all for your input.
  12. by   nurse51rn
    John - thanks for the great ideas. I just bought myself a lap top (as a reward for having a heart cath done). I wann't sure how I would use it for school, but now I know! Now if I can just decide if I want to take it to work with me. :chuckle :roll :chuckle
  13. by   KAYfutureLPN
    My laptop has a crappy battery and I there isn't a outlet to plug it into anyways. I am probably just going to write out my notes w/ pen & paper and type them up later.
    oh, I want a pda, that would be so convenient I bet.