Does anyone ever go on live chat

  1. does anyone ever us the live chat line that is available through just wondering.. IT would be nice to chat with the people I email on line..
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  3. by   Bevi
    I do, and there's never anyone there!

    It would be nice to set up a couple times during the week to network and chat....
    wouldn't it?!
  4. by   kwagner_51

    I just registered. Send me a chat invitation.

    In His Grace,

  5. by   carcha
    tried to several times but cant seem to chat and the window says only one other user online
  6. by   LauraF, RN
    If you check the break room (I think) we announce several times when there are several of us in there. There were 5 last night.
  7. by   gwenith
    i will put the same hints here that I posted in the break room. To get into chat hit the live chat section at the top of the page. This will open a second page with an intorduction hit the red "enter chat" message in the bottom left hand corner. This brings up a blank screen with smilies above it wait until you get a "pop up" screen and press "yes' on the pop-up. Next screen press connect and then close the small pop-up. It is easier to do than to explain - way way easier!!!!

    If you want to surf teh board while keeping an eye on the caht room split your screen. Press "profile" on a post in a thread and that person's profile will pop-up as a second screen. Go to the top of that page and enter caht through that page. When you are there if no-one else is around "minimise you window and move the edges until it is a small column at the side arranged so you can see if anyone else's name shows up in the cloumn under your name. Go back to your original screen and surf all you want!!!
  8. by   renerian
    I cannot get into chat.......

  9. by   Born2BAnurse
    Im in chat now no one is there
  10. by   Cynthiann
    I check in on it once in awhile but no one is ever there. Maybe we should set a time to meet.
  11. by   Born2BAnurse
    that a good idea
  12. by   KristinWW
    Tonight at 9:00 PM Eastern?
  13. by   Born2BAnurse
    ok sounds good
  14. by   veedot
    im willing to chat too