Do you record lectures?

  1. I am thinking about buying a digital voice recorder so I can record lectures and then transfer them to my computer. I'm looking at an Olympus DS 330, it has all the features that I would need. Has anyone used one of these before? I did very well in class last year without recording lectures, but I know this coming year will be harder. And I'm thinking that studying the reading material, my notes, and listening to the lecture again, may help me even more. Has anyone used this type of thing to help them study, and did you find it effective?
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  3. by   #1rnstudent
    Some people don't like their lectures being taped. Might want to ask before you go spending the money. I just take notes, do the reading, and study the night before. It's easy and it works. :chuckle
  4. by   johnnrachel
    I swear by taping the lectures, however, I use the small recorder that I bought at Best Buy (around $30.00) Target also has them. I listen to the lecture, rewrite my notes and then re-record on the tapes. This way you dont have to solely concentrate on lecture, sometimes (after a late night clinical) I wont even take notes, I just go home a listen to my tape. I KNOW I would not have done as well without a recorder. Just my 2 cents, hope it helps Good Luck
  5. by   NewEnglandRN
    I used a recorder for A&P I and found it very helpful. Since the teacher only examined on what he said in class, it was a great way review something you didn't quite "get" during the lecture.

    I bought a digital recorder, so there were never any tapes to change or worry about losing. The recorder can hold about 7-8 hours. After class, I would download the tape to my laptop to free up space.

    I would highly recommend one!

  6. by   mitchsmom
    Yes, I recorded last year with a regular recorder. I have a 2 hour commute one way so I retlisten and I think it really helps me to retain more.
    There are several of us who record and none of our teachers has ever minded.
    My new Mp3 player records so I'll prolly try it out when lectures start next month.
    I also use my recorder to make quizzes for myself and then listen to them on the way to my tests or whenever I have the chance.
  7. by   FutureNurse2005
    I plan on getting a digital recorder as well. I know that not every teacher will allow it, but it'll be a help for any class!

    I havent started researching them yet, but will probably start looking soon as I would like to get it for christmas!
  8. by   wonderbee
    Yes. I can listen to it in the car or while I do dishes and while I go over powerpoints. I have an el cheapo tape recorder. Don't forget to carry extra batteries.
  9. by   ctyler98
    Has anyone ever tried the recorder that lets you actually print out the lecture on your computer? I've seen it at wal-mart but it is about $200 and I'm not sure if it is really worth that.
  10. by   Deb123j
    How does the digital recorder work??? The ones I've seen record only 3 hours - but what if you have 4 hours worth of lectures in a day? Is there any way to save the recording? I read that somebody transferred it to their computer, how do you do that?

    I actually bought a tape recorder for this past quarter, but my teacher speaks so quietly that I couldn't make out a word he said on the recorder.
    Any suggestions???
  11. by   FutureNurse2005
    So I went out last night and looked at a few. The ones I saw were about $150 and recorded up to 8 hours. I'm going to look at more, but I really liked what I saw! No worries about messing with tapes (or losing them!!) I can just download everything to my computer and type it up from there!

  12. by   Jill1215
    I used a recorder in all of my science classes and it helped me A LOT! I have a small sony digital recorder that was pretty pricey. I did not know that you could get one that would hookup to your computer and print. I know there is some software that you can talk into your computer's microphone and it will put your words into type, but have never seen what you are writing about. I would love to know more because I come home and dictate every lecture. That sure would save a lot of time! I am a little skeptical about it working well with science classes because there are so many words in anatomy and micro that the software written for that tape recorder probably won't recognize (for example: hypophyseal portal vein, Brachioradialis, Flexor retinaculum etc. etc. etc.) I would almost be afraid the software (that the tape recorder you write about comes with) would be no good for you and that money would go down the drain.

    I would suggest getting a nice recorder with the money, but be skeptical of one that can transcribe your notes. Mine has a memory card and can hold sixteen hours of lecture. It is great!

    That is just my thoughts.
  13. by   GPatty
    I have just a plain little recorder that does the job just fine. I would like to invest in one like you guys talk of, but my goodness....I'm just starting school again! I need the money first! LOL!
    I am going to do some research on those recorders though...I think it sounds neat that they can be downloaded onto your laptop....(I do have one of those~a gift to myself...)
  14. by   ctyler98
    Here is the link to the one a walmart that does the text