Do you have a study group?

  1. Who has a study group? How's it working out? What does it take to have a successful study group.

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  3. by   danielle5454
    back in school, I had a study group!it's a funny because we just study few hours before out tests, but we find it effective!what we do was we ask and answer questions, we have some sort of mini discussions,it's much easier for us to remember concepts that way, but before we do group study, we make sure that we have studied individually so each can have an input during discussions in group study!
  4. by   shamrokks
    I've always felt I studied better on my own but I may decide to do a group who knows. I tend to get distracted to easily when others are present and most study groups I've attended it seems people are more interested in gossiping and too many coversations end up going on for me to get much done and it seems like wasted time.
  5. by   SFAITH,SN
    I hear all the time how you want survive Nursing School with out a study group,but I have never had one. I am in my third semester of a 5semester program,and I find it better to study alone.
  6. by   jcjones1973
    Quote from brian
    Who has a study group? How's it working out? What does it take to have a successful study group.

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    I had a study partner. We studied hard together for quizzes and tests. We were the only two in our class to graduate with honors. And the VA is the only facility i know the pays more if ur gpa is 3.5 or better. Study buddy really works if you both put the work in!
  7. by   WWTucker
    School started for me today and I do not believe I will join a study group. Books, other students, and faculty have suggested students form groups. I guess I will find out in a few weeks how my approach works.
  8. by   zoe92
    I have only used a study group once since I start college. It was for A & P, and towards the middle and end of the semester. I find another student who I studied well with and thats why we decided to meet outside the classroom on our own time.
  9. by   Exhaustipated
    My study partner and I are in our 4th semester of studying together. We've had other people study with us from time to time forming study groups, but the two of us seem to be the core. We've found we work well together, and the way we study -- discussing the concepts, questioning things and researching -- works well for both of us in cementing the various concepts in our minds.
  10. by   nursingstudent_2014
    I usually do a little of both, mainly the first few days I would study on my own, only in the last few days before the exam, I would actually be with a study group to mainly review. We usually have our 10 minute or 15 minute breaks to eat and chat but we always go back to studying the actual material to focus on. Study groups were really helpful for me, especially if everyone in the group are not so easily distracted and just motivate each other to keep going.
  11. by   WordWrangler
    I have trouble focusing in a group situation. Even in class it seems the material just floats into my brain and only when I am alone and quiet can I synthesize it into concepts and information that is sensible to me. When others talk and talk and talk, it just tends to further confuse me and if someone says something WRONG, nine times out of ten, that's the comment that sticks in my brain and then I have to think my way past that bad information to get to the correct information. No, thanks. No study group. Not yet, anyway.
  12. by   Mraubb00
    Study groups can be either a great way to study, or the worst way to study. The key is to find people who really want to study and are willing to put in the work. When I went to IU I had a great study group. Had I not had them I know I would not have passed micro. When I was at Purdue, I had a study partner who is a great friend of mine and it seems like all we did was chit chat. I found it better to study on my own because we could not get our work done together.