Dishonest Practices by Students

  1. Something's bothering me.

    I found out yesterday that someone in my class went through my instructor's stuff at lunch and xeroxed the overheads that she was using to teach the class. Now, copies of this stuff are circulating and people are using them to study for the test tomorrow. Are people so lazy these days that they can't even go to the trouble of taking notes like they're supposed to? It isn't like this is a copy of the test or anything, but I object on the principle of it all. This instructor is one of the kindest people I know - she would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it and would certainly would give you help on your school work if you asked for it.

    The other thing that aggravates me is that the student that I have been told that did this is the biggest overachiever I have ever known, and she tends to look down on you if you don't do as well as she does. (She frequently reports having higher grades that most everyone else - but I have caught her lying before.)

    It would not do anyone any good to narc them out, because this is information that we were going to be shown anyway, and I don't want to upset the instructor besides, but I am really angry about this. Do you have people like this in your class, people that are willing to stoop to that level just so they can look better than everyone else? I'd like to hear everyone's opinion. This whole thing makes my BP spike through the roof!
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  3. by   Robin61970
    That is a tough situation to deal with...I do not agree with cheating or going through anyone elses things. She will be the person who helps herself to your things after you graduate and are working. I would either go to the instructor and say something(without mentioning names), call and leave a message on voice mail anonymously(with or without names), or leave a letter or note for the instructor(again with or without names). Those are the choices I see, and I would do one of them if it were me. The teacher may trust her students, and she needs to know that she should not trust everyone or she may get taken advantage of again and again. I am also not one to keep my mouth shut and would probably make the comment about taking notes well known throughout the class. That's how I would handle it....
  4. by   BrandyBSN
    Our instructor give us copies off all the notes on Powerpoint handouts. Those ARE the majority of our notes, then we write extra in the margins.

    It would be a much different story if we took the notes without permission. My university as a no-tolerance policy for academic dishonesty. If a student is caught cheating, they are expelled. No questions, not make-up assignments, no begging or pleading. They are out on their butts. If a students KNOWS of dishonest activity, and they do not report it, they are subject to expulsion as well. If your university/program has this type of policy, your future is at risk as well. Please report these students. College is too important to let other students cheat themselves, and possibly you out of an education. This is a matter that must be addressed.

    Good Luck
  5. by   KristaB
    I agree with Brandy.

    Our instructor also allows us access to all of her lecture notes on Powerpoint (they are all on the network that any nursing student can access if they choose), but if the students in your class actually *stole* from the instructor...that isn't right no matter how you look at it. I think you should report them, even if it is anonymously, just to cover your own behind.

  6. by   essarge
    Our university also has a no academic dishonesty policy, exactly like Brandy's. This is academic dishonesty no matter which way you look at it. This student went into the instructor's office, during lunch, rifled through things and stole copies of this. It makes me wonder what would have happened if there had been an exam available????? I would definetly turn them in, but anonymously. Use your word processor and write a note, slip it under her door and name names!!! I can't believe that someone would actually do that, but then again, I have seen it in our school and the results were that everyone involved got expelled!!
  7. by   ADN 2002
    Well, I have to admit, part of it was the instructor's fault. This stuff wasn't in her office, she just left it on the desk in the classroom during the lunch period. I'm sure the test was not in there b/c she's always saying she cannot remember what is on the test when she's lecturing, and if it was there, she could just look. I'll probably just go talk to her myself.

    I'm not sure, though what kind of policy this college has for academic dishonesty.
  8. by   Bonnie Blue
    We have an honor council at my school which makes rulings on academic violations. Sort of a trial by your peers. Everyone signs the honor statement at the beginning of the year. While it may not have "stealing a test", it was still unethical and cowarderly(?). I would try to find some way of reporting this student.
  9. by   EXOTIC NURSE
    I would never worry about the stealing or cheating student nor the bragging one who is the over acheiver due to cheating because I have one thing to say .......YOU CAN CHEAT YOUR WAY THROUGH NURSING SCHOOL BUT YOU CAN NOT CHEAT ON STATE BOARDS.......STATE BOARDS WILL WEED OUT THE CHEATERS because my thing is if they are cheating then they are not studying so they are not gaining any knowledge. I have seen it happen too many times in LPN program and those that cheated all they way through still have not passed state boards. I have seen it happen in the ADN program and those cheaters are grieving now because they have to retake state boards for the second and third time. It is not worth it to cheat.
  10. by   CarolineRn
    Like Brandy's instructors, my instructors make copies of all their overhead or powerpoint presentations for distribution amongst the students. Your classmate, however, had no right to ransack the instructor's things! I would have been horrified had I witnessed this that the instructor would come in and catch her, and think all were involved!

    Perhaps if you inform this instructor, you could also suggest that she copy her overhead notes and pass them out amongst the students.

    Is there anyone else in your class who is upset by this student's dishonesty? If so, perhaps you could get the support of them when you inform the instructor. That way, you won't be labeled as the "snitch."
  11. by   TeresaRN2b
    First of all I disagree with the statement that is was partially the instructors fault! Come on, these are adults we are talking about not 3rd graders! They know what they are doing is wrong and the teacher should be able to expect respect and honesty. I would report them as well. If you don't want to leave your name write an anonymous letter, but this type of thing can hurt all of you in the long run. If they are all cheating it will reflect badly on your class if it is found out later. I would report it and without hesitation. The older I get the less I worry about people's feelings and the more I worry about doing the right thing.

  12. by   peaceful2100
    I can't belive people these days. Our school academic policy about cheating is just like what Brandy described for her school. There is no reason what so ever to cheat and just because a instructor leaves her things out does not give anyone any right to assume that the instructor would not mind because they do. Someone mentioned that if the person cheats all during nursing school they may not be able to pass their NCLEX. I am going to play devils advocate what if they do pass their NCLEX, they barely passed it and lucked out and then what. How much will they truly know. IT is not fair to other people who are busting their you know what off to get good or decent grades. I would not hesitate to turn someone in if that had occured. I don't thinking it is being mean or being a snitch I say it is ethical and saving my rear end and besides once we get to become a R.N. if someone did something we have to do the ethical thing and that is to turn them in. One time we had two test groups, well in the first group one girl took the test and then she got done early and after that she went to tell her best friend everything that was on the test so she can do really good. Well that really made me upset and other people seen it too and we had turned them in. Well it turned out they got a warning because they were the biggest a** kissers around. Next time they won't be so lucky though. Just do the right thing.
  13. by   essarge
    Just a thought, perhaps the instructor left them there to see who was honest and who wasn' know...set the scene? Know she's waiting to see who is honest enough to come to her and let her know who it was that went through her things!!!
  14. by   Katnip
    If this student is taking notes by going through an instructor's things, and she's also the highest achiever, how do you know she isn't stealing exam answers?

    Like Brandy, our instructors give us access to their powerpoint notes. Some we can download on our own, some we buy for the cost of the printing fee. Still, if someone were caught going through ANYONE'S property without permission, they'd be booted out faster than they could blink.

    This student has a serious problem with ethics. One way or another, she needs to be reported and watched.