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I know a lot of nursing schools still require nursing students to wear those horrible bandmaster poplin uniforms. We recently convinced our faculty to let us change to red scrub tops with black scrub... Read More

  1. by   little_lost_bear
    In australia, nurses wear dress style clothes, Here we have public and private hospitals. I work in the private system, we must wear a light blue dress shirt, navy dress pants, or navy skirts, black or blue stockings, black or blue shoes. They are really big on image. The light blue shows everything,,,,,from IV sprays from taking the needles out to water marks from washing your hands. But never mind.

    I do miss the nice comfortable scrubs that I use to wear in America and the white joggers.
  2. by   RNMom2010
    Quote from CherylnMikeT
    Actually Body by Victoria (Victorias Secret) has a great underpant in nude with no panty lines, if anyone is interested.
    Yes I agree with those underwear they are amazing!!

    I have yet to get my uniform, however my friend who is ahead of me in the program says they are quite unattractive and ALL white!! White scrub pants with a tapered leg (that will look nice with my big hips) and a outdated white scrub top (with buttons I believe).

    As for gang activity in the midwest, yes it is a huge problem, but it is also kept very hush hush, especially where I live. I did not know about it until I had a co-worker who socialized with a particular gang. (Needless to say I decided to never socialize with her outside of work for that reason! Keeping my nose out of it!)
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    Quote from BensMom
    And to top it off, the logo says "BS Student".
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    Quote from wdwpixie
    We get to wear dark green as it is a school color, but our instructor did point out that white had one distinct advantage -- you can bleach them if they get stained. That was an interesting perspective from an experienced RN!!

    As for the gang colors, I would imagine there are areas of the country where you wouldn't want to stop in your scrubs to grab milk or run in to WalMart if you were wearing colors that could be perceived as gang-related. The school is probably trying to alleviate any liability issues since people will sue for any reason these days!!

    Congrats on the change in uniform policy!
    Oh boy-you are luckier than I am! I am graduating in May in the very first graduating class of my RN school! We had no choice or say in our uniforms. They are a bright royal blue, completely fitted (nice and snug), and the tops-yeah-they zip thru the full length of the front-which is real nice-esp taking care of the alz/dementia men at the state hospital! (one grab of that zipper and all our stuff is flaunted!) The material is so tight and does not allow any air flow....which leaves us with nice, wet, sweaty pits. Will they even consider a change? Nope. Yes, they look wonderful on a hanger or in a picture-but not only are they 100% unconfortable-how professional does it look to have a bunch of students running around teaching good hygine when they have sweaty pits?? I think I'd rather wear the gang colors and take my chances!!!
  5. by   Monica D
    I really can't complain about our uniforms. I think they look nice and professional. They are black Landau pants with a crease down the front for a crisp look, and the top is white button up, with a black and gold piping trim and our school logo embroidered on the right chest, "nursing" embroidered on the left chest. I think they represent the school well.
  6. by   Gauge
    We wear navy blue scrub tops and bottoms and also have a lab coat. We look just like the janitors and CNAs other than the fact we have a small patch sewed onto the sleeve of our tops that has our school name on it. They are comfortable, but I would like to stand out a bit more.

    As for the lab coats, they have 3/4 sleeves....what is the point of 3/4 sleeves? I am a rather tall guy and I hate having half of my forearm being uncovered.
  7. by   JaredCNA
    Navy blue tops and bottoms, with a school patch over the right shoulder. (Our school colors are navy blue and white.)

    I honestly kinda wish we could wear white. I only know of one nurse who I've seen where all white and that is this very old chemo nurse named Steve. He wears the white button-shirt and white scrub pants with white dress shoes. It looks VERY SHARP and VERY PROFESSIONAL, though a lot will say it's not very practical.
  8. by   MUNewgrad
    My school wears all white uniforms too. It looks really nice and everyone at clinicals knows where we are from. It does give a sense of pride. I like them. And the fact that you can bleach them is nice too.
  9. by   skinnedknees
    we have to wear white scrub sets that cost $75 a set!!!! they are ordered with our school patches from dove apparal. they are very stiff and square (unisex). i feel like a fridgedair!
    the faculty did research and cited that patients have more confidence in nurses that wear all white.....as opposed to looney tunes. i like the surgical green scrubs and a white lab coat from a previous poster.
  10. by   Hanabna
    I read all the posts, but does anyone here go to Cal State, San Marcos? Do they wear white scrubs?? Picturing myself wearing tapered, white scrubs is scaring me.
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  11. by   lalalauren87
    Our uniforms are fortunately normal scrubs. They do, however, have to be BRIGHT RED with a patch on the left arm. I suspect the color was chosen to scream "I'm a student!!!! Don't trust me!!!!" . I'm certainly not complaining though, I'm just so excited to wear ANY uniform
  12. by   justme1972
    Quote from jov
    I know a lot of nursing schools still require nursing students to wear those horrible bandmaster poplin uniforms. We recently convinced our faculty to let us change to red scrub tops with black scrub pants; those are our school colors. After the change, and after uniforms were already purchased "some concerns were voiced" by students and faculty and the uniform was changed to either black or white pants. HA! Like any nursing student will choose to wear white pants if he/she has a choice. Anyway, we finally dug up the reason for the **change** supposedly those are gang colors... I guess there's a real problem with the Latin Disciples infiltrating the ICU nurse population LOL
    I don't really think you are going to run into too many nursing students that are going to be a part of a gang...so I doubt that is the reason. That sounds like an urban myth that someone started.

    I guarantee that EVERY COLOR COMBINATION is used by a gang somewhere...a color combination has no meaning but for the people that wear it.

    To me, black and red seems so drab and dark...to me, that sounds more like the reason for the change.

    I happen to like my white pants and will continue to wear them long after I graduate...made me feel like a nurse the day I put them on.
  13. by   justme1972
    Quote from CherylnMikeT
    Here's my beef with the white pants. 98% of nursing students are women
    (or atleast in my neck of the woods), most are young 20's to late 30's.
    Ok here's the truly personal part....ALL still have their monthly cycle. I started classes 3 weeks ago and I am scared to death of when it comes for me. We've already had 1 with an "accident". Yes I know all about wearing precautions and such but hey it happens! How truly embarrasing is that?
    I agree with this...and I have 'issues' in that department as well. I knew that there would be no way I could dash to the bathroom when I needed to, and we were warned to not bring purses because there was no secure place to stash them.

    That is why I went to the health department, and take my BC pills and I DON'T take the sugar pills...I go straight to the next pack.

    New research has shown that it is completely safe to do this, that having a monthly cycle is not necessary to maintain your health, and it makes life so much easier. I can't believe I didn't do this sooner.

    The only restriction that the health department has, is that it will do 13 packs a year...after that you have to pay their cost, which is only about $11.00 per pack.

    That is well worth it to me.