Diagnosed with MS

  1. Omg I just found out I have MS after a week stay in the hospital, I am just floored by this!!!!!!! Can anyone tell me if I can still become an RN with this illness I have ONE MORE YEAR before I graduate and I am wondering should I drop out or coutinue.Becoming a nurse is all I ever wanted to do, I am just so SAD and ssssooooo DEPRESSED right now all I can say OMG!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   Nursesomeday0211
    My mom has MS and has since she was 2. She has a mild case of MS but that is not to say that it does not affect her. I say as long as you can continue your dream. If you need to take a semester off. Your school will (almost always) let you take medical leave if you have your doctor write a small explanation of your diagnosis and your limitations. If you need to talk more just send me a private message.

    Never give up!
  4. by   doublehelix
    Here's another thread with nurses/student nurses on the site who have MS/know someone with MS. May be of some help!


    I think the best thing you can do is listen to your body. I can't even imagine how overwhelmed you are feeling now; if you feel like you need to take some time off and concentrate on yourself, do it! it may be better in the end, even if you do miss a semester. Get in tune with your body, and when you feel more prepared go back to finish your school.
    Even if you only take a week off, it could do you some good...
  5. by   NAZIZ
    I am trying not worry about and the only reason I am stressing is because my mother in law has it and she is doing really BAD and I think to myself that is what I have to look forward too but I am not giving up I am still in my 20's and I have 4 kids to look after I can't give up I can't let my mind put me in a place where this things gets worse much faster because I have giving up THANX for the link too
  6. by   Living4Peace
    I'm so sorry to hear about your condition. I pray that God is with you and allows you to cope with this in a healthy way. Please do not give up your dreams, they might be the things that keep you going. You still have a lot of living to do so make the best out of it. I hope God is with you and I pray for healing.
  7. by   reeta116
    I wish you all the best. I have 4 kids and i am a single parent and thats hard enough. I admire your strenght. Stay positive and you will be fine! The mind controls everything! Don't forget to let all of us know when you graduate next year!!!
  8. by   JROregon
    Have you spoken to your doctor yet or a specialist. There are so many treatments available to keep you feeling healthy and allow you to continue working. Some of the treatments will suppress your immune system so you need to know how to keep yourself from getting the usual viruses that go around. If it were me, I would keep going as long as possible.
  9. by   iluvivt
    There are lots of treatments out there...many are SQ injections and I have many pts on IVIG...MANY do very well and live happy productive lives...do not give up. You may have to make accommodations once you graduate such as not working too many shifts in a row..not working full time..keeping your stress level low but you will learn all that as your body will tell you. Remember everyone is different and responds to disease a bit differently and just b/c someone has debilitating MS does not mean you will.
  10. by   greatpyr_mom
    I have MS and I am currently in an entry level master's degree nursing program. For the post part, my symptoms have been under control, with the exception of severe fatigue in the summer months due to the heat.

    I was in my med-surg clinical and as June and July brought hotter weather (which exacerbates sx), my fatigue was getting worse. I would lay on the couch before my PM clinicals wondering how I was going to find the energy to even get up off the couch!

    I went to my neurologist and he gave me a script for provigil, and that helped a lot.

    You can do this!

    One of my class assignments was we had to spend a day with a call center "ask a nurse" for Kaiser hospital. Patients call and to get advice. At the call center I saw a few nurses answering the calls who where in wheelchairs. So, even if you symptoms cause a degree of immobility for you, there are always options in nursing to keep us working.
  11. by   NAZIZ
    It has been a year now and the only symptoms I have is the fatigue and muscle cramps, I try to stay out of the heat because the heat does make me feel like I haven't had any sleep in like 4 days but thats it.My class,teacher and my family give me so much support as well as this forum and I just want to THANK YOU GUYS for everything!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. by   greatpyr_mom
    If you need more support, I highly suggest that you contact your local chapter of the National MS society. They have some great programs, info etc that I found very helpful when I was newly diagnosed.

    Good luck!
  13. by   talaxandra
    Hi NAZIZ - I missed your thread on the first go around. I just wanted to say thank you for posting an update - it's always nice to know how people are going. And I'm so pleased to read how well you're managing - awesome! Best of luck with the rest of your career, and with the management of your MS