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We got our grades for our third test of Nursing 2. (We only have 5 tests plus the final.) Half the class failed....again! This is the 3rd test in a row where half the class failed it. (You need an... Read More

  1. by   smk1
    we started with 40 last spring and are only down to 38. We had very strict adminssion standards which I think makes a huge difference. Our program is based on independent study. You need to already have the required skills, testing proficiency and study habits to make it. That being said, if there is a test where half the class failed the teacher will hold a review session to see where the students went wrong and to double check the test questions for accuracy and the the correct key. Having over half the class fail the first 3 tests is in some way a reflection on the staff whether you attribute it to admission policies or the teaching and guidance in the classroom setting.
  2. by   rpv_rn
    times have not changed. i graduated many years ago from a diploma program (3 yr program). our class started with 52 students and we graduated less than 24.

    it takes a lot of self-discipline and self-motivation to be successful in the nursing program. students are "shocked" when they realize that exams are not a matter of memorization or knowlege based questions. memorization may have worked great in the pre-reqs classes but this type of studying will not work for nursing "nclex" style questions.

    nursing exams are "application" style questions and higher.
  3. by   puggymae
    In 1983 there were 125 in my ADN class on the first day. 26 of us walked across the stage, and all 26 passed NCLEX. That kind of attrition is common in nursing.
  4. by   BoonersmomRN
    WE started with 63 in Fundamentals and are now down to 34. I just lost a VERY good friend to M/S 1 who missed passing by 0.32. No rounding you know.

    They said we had the highest passing rate in their history of M/S 1 but we also have the SMALLEST class. Now we are split for Psych/Ob - I am in Psych and there are 13 people in my class. 13! Ob has the rest, obviously. There are 4 people including me in my clinical group. It's WEIRD. I am used to having 7,8 people in clinicals.


    I just hope that the rest of us make it the whole way. We are a very close knit class ( even the instructors said we are incredibly close)...and it's like a kick in ghe gut everytime we lose someone.
  5. by   MySimplePlan
    We haven't lost anyone yet; we just finished out 8th week.

    I will feel terribly sad if someone I have come to know and like falls out. We have a great group and I want them all to make it. ((((
  6. by   PeainthePodRN2006
    I am in a rough program also. Ours is a competency program of a minimum of 75% per test. 1 retake and if you "fail" that one you are out and must reapply for your semester again. If you fail again on your retry you are out for 5 years, no option to join a LPN program either. I failed my final semester in Feburary by .10 of a point (74.4%) and I am now past the exam that "got" me and in the last 1/3 of the semester doing Peds. I have a job already waiting for me and I feel so much better now. I was under huge amounts of stress and when I "failed" out after a week or two of crying I realized that I still was in and that a few months would not hurt and I would be refreshed whereas the others would not be as much s I. I had months to read and study and be ready for the last 3 rotations. I am really enjoying it now while my classmates are in panic attack mode.
    Of my orginal class that graduated in May over 2/3 failed/dropped/excused from the program. I was among 7 that got accepted back into this semester. 5 failed the final and were unable to get readmission and are now trying to figure out where to go. 3 of my classmates have yet to pass the NCLEX and one of them decided just to go for the LPN licencing instead and try in December for the NCLEX for the 3rd time. Stress is the main factor in failing or lack of desire to be a nurse. Don't worry about the others worry about yourself if you have to. In life not everyone suceeds in the dream they are after. They will be alright in the end and so will you.
  7. by   Kaiulani
    Almost half way through our first semester and have had 4 (possibly 5 as of this week) drop of a class of 30. It really makes me wonder why some of them even bothered applying. Some decided they wanted to try something else and some thought the program was to hard. I feel sorry for the people who really wanted to be in this program and were unable because of the 4 that got accepted and now are gone.
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  8. by   PeainthePodRN2006
    Yes I feel bad for those who did not get in and those who fail/drop the first 2 semesters delayed their entrance into the program. We had 200 take the entrance exam, 120 qualified, 80 interviewed and 50 got accepted. Of the 50 less than 20 of that orginal group got pinned.This group also picked up transition students ( paramedics and LPNs ) in the third sememster. There were 18 orginally and 13 graduated in May. Those 5 that failed are graduating in December with me.

    We are a tight knit group too and it hurts all of us when someone fails out. Many of us join up and form extra study groups and reviews to help those going in for a retake. The school pass rate until this spring was 98% for the NCLEX. I do not know what happened to cause so many to struggle passing the NCLEX. All of our testing is in the NCLEX format and all online, I will find out soon enough if this was to our advantage or not.

  9. by   kgkarma
    Quote from land64shark
    We got our grades for our third test of Nursing 2. (We only have 5 tests plus the final.) Half the class failed....again! This is the 3rd test in a row where half the class failed it. (You need an 80% for a passing grade.) I'm doing fine, but today started the first of what I fear may be many more drops. I don't think the other Nursing 2 class is doing any better either. It's a very somber mood at the school and the instructors have got to be worried about themselves. I feel so bad for all of the people that are failing when I know some of them would make great nurses....far better than me. It's not fair.
    I understand what you're going through. I think some schools want to get rid of borderline students to keep their pass rate for the NCLEX high.