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I am just wondering what most of you did before this? I am a medical transcriptionist and am switching over to nursing. Do most of you already have a medical background and decided this is what you... Read More

  1. by   ExAirBagRN
    Hey everybody-
    Glad to see that there are a lot of diverse backgrounds......I have been a Flight Attendant for United for 13 years.....Times certainly have changed for the worse...Can't wait to start school May 10 and say good bye to my "wings"!!!! It's nice to know what I want to be when I grow up...... Dawn
  2. by   mermette
    I still work as a project manager for a web hosting company, while I attend school as close to full time as I can afford. I've been doing IT related work for almost 15 years and have hated every minute of it. Probably because I always knew I should be working in medicine. I graduate a year from May and it can't come soon enough.

    I saw my first surgery yesterday (an open heart, no less) and know for sure that OR is the place for me. The surgeon told me that in 18 years of practice, he's never had a student want to go into surgery - even after surviving his 20 minutes of A&P grilling (during the procedure!)!
  3. by   mitchsmom
    I don't have a medical background... I have an education degree, taught a couple of years, had foster kids, worked at JCPenney, started having my own kids, worked as a case manager at a children's mentoring/advocacy organization, had more kids, became a breastfeeding counselor, took childbirth educator course, started nursing school... I even took the FBI entrance exam somewhere in there (diverse interests, huh?)
  4. by   Spidey's mom
    No medical background. Social Work.

  5. by   Jen2
    Medical Assistant, Phlebotomist, and now second semester nursing student.
  6. by   Steph in Boston
    Hey All,

    Thought I'd chime in with my background! I have a BA in Leterature, and am now taking a CNA training course with the Red Cross to work in one of the Boston hospitals for a year (hopefully MGH) and if I like it, go to Nursing school after that!

  7. by   Dixen81
    When my two oldest were in high school, I went back to school to pursue an accounting degree. Got pregnant halfway through and dropped out to stay home with my baby, and now that he's four I'm going back to school, this time for nursing.
  8. by   MtnMan
    Navy Hospital Corpsman, Bartender, Restaraunt Manager, Outside Sales Representative (Adult Beverages), Phlebotomist, and currently EDT/Old guy nursing student.
  9. by   studentdeb
    Quote from stevielynn
    No medical background. Social Work.

    Why the switch from Social Work? I am interested in Social work and nursing. Am still being pulled to social work, but supposed to start nursing in the fall. Wondering if I could end up doing both?

  10. by   Nurse2B73
    Quote from mauser
    Yup, me too! Been an MT for 26+ years - 20 of them from home. I make great money, and will probably continue part-time for a while after I complete my RN - I need the money. People say, I thought you liked it? I say, sure did - but after more than 25 years, I am ready for a change. Plus, I like people, and I get tired of talking to my computer for so many hours a day.
    Hello everyone,

    first my background is trained as a medical assistant in 1991/1992 never worked in it because they were not hiring at the time I graduated. I went to EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) school 1993 and worked for 8 years then I went to into the medical billing sept of the same company. I trained as a CNA in 2000 but did not finish because of military duty. I worked as a Medication Clerk passing meds at a retirement home before I went active duty. (Big Mistake) I wish I had continued my medical career. I would have probably been through LVN or RN school already. Now I am training as a CNA again to finish and get licensed. I hope to start LVN school by the end of this year or the beginning next year.

    Ok now I am interested in the MT. Being active duty is putting a damper in schooling for the LVN or RN program. Most of the school are during the day and I am working so I am trying to get into something that I can do at home with my own hours so that I can get through school and still make some good money. I saw someone say they make approx $30 or 35 and hour. I make that now in the military and need a replacement with the same type of pay.

    Please give me more info on that and what I need to do in order to get into Medical Transcription.

    Thanks so much and God Bless
  11. by   sobelle
    My background is accounting. I decided to pursue a medical career after having my baby in 2002. Currently in 1st semester for pre req. Will begin nursing classes in Fall 2005.
  12. by   NursePru
    Got my first degree in Graphic Design. Now work in Marketing/Advertising. Don't hate it, but it doesn't fullfill me. I wanted to do Nursing before, but it would have added more time to my first degree which I couldn't afford at the time. So I'm back in school now, after getting some money together. Very exciting to finally be working towards this.
  13. by   jemommyRN
    I have a B. S. in chemistry and am currently working in a Research Lab for the Department of Agriculture. Start nursing school this fall