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It seems that alot of people are doing nursing for a second career. Just curious. How old is everyone? Who has kids? Is it a mixed group in the professional part of the nursing program (I am... Read More

  1. by   MickyB-RN
    I am 38 yrs. old, currently an LPN working in LTC, Subacute/Rehab units at different facilities on a per diem basis. I am working towards my ADN now. My hope is to work in ICU/Critical Care. :-)
    I am a mother of 3. 20 yr. old son, 11 yr. old daughter and my youngest is a son, 4 yrs. old.

  2. by   TrvlNurse
    If you are interested in any work I have found a great company to work for it is called "Maxim Healthcare". They schedule you when you are available. I have delt with many nurse registries and this one is by far the best. So if you are looking for some work, e-mail me and I'll give you all the contact information. This agency should fit into your schedule with school, as well as your kids. Just thought I would share this information with you.

  3. by   RN-BamaStudent
    I'm 38 and will graduate from an ADN program in 9 months! :hatparty:
    I am happily married and have four children, 20, 19, 12, and 8.
  4. by   nurseunderwater
    I am 37 and momma of 3 boys. 5, 2 and 11 months. i am in a nurse refresher course for my LPN (after a 9 year hiatus) and will attend community college for the bridge program to ADN in the fall. i hope to land a job in the obvservation unit at the hospital where i am refreshing my license. long term...crna. "some day"
  5. by   lbfowler
    I'm 45, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and lst sem ADN student. It's sorta like combining both interests together into one. Married, 16y/o son, looking forward to all of it. Really enjoying the interaction with the 20 somethings and their energy and enthusiasm. School is much more fun the older you get.............. :chuckle

    Ocala Fl
  6. by   NICURNtobe
    How about a separate thread for us 50+ students??
  7. by   krisssy
    Quote from NICURNtobe
    How about a separate thread for us 50+ students??
    I think a separate thread for 50+ students is a great idea. Krisssy
  8. by   TrvlNurse
    If you are interested in more work that is more comparable to the direction you would want your career to go, write me back. I work with a company that also gives work on a per diem basis. They could probably do wonders for your career as well as your pay.
  9. by   NCINDASUN
    Quote from krisssy
    I think a separate thread for 50+ students is a great idea. Krisssy
    How about making it 40+? I think there are more similarities between 40 & 50 year olds than 40 & 25 year olds. (Creaking bones come to mind).
  10. by   orchid
    Hi there

    I am 31, not married...engaged thou so guess next step will be marriage...just passed my Nclex and am now job hunting...
  11. by   BabyRN2Be
    Hi! I'll be 37 this Friday, I'm applying to one school and hopefully I'll be accepted. It's a BSN program and I'd really like to get than over the ADN. My first love is L&D, but I'd also consider doing some Mother/Baby or NICU nursing. I'd like to become a CNM or a nurse practioner in NICU. If I don't get into the BSN program, I'll apply to an ADN program. Either way, I'll start Spring 2005 and do my pre-reqs for now.

    I have my Bachelor's in Speech-Language Pathology, but between the time I graduated and going to get my Masters, I had a head injury and until recently wasn't able to go back to school to get my degree. Since there isn't a school that has a speech pathology Masters program within driving distance, I've decided I want to go to get my RN degree - which is something I've wanted to do my entire life.

    So hopefully around 2007 I'll have my degree.
    Good luck to everyone!

  12. by   RNBN2B
    Hi there,
    I'm in an accelerated-track Bachelor of Nursing program in western Canada, so all of my classmates including myself have had previous careers prior to entering nursing school. I'm 34, no kids, but several of my classmates do have children. My program is two years in length, so I'll be done in April 2005 and writing the CNAT in June 2005. I hope to go into the Canadian Forces when I'm done because I'd really like to do something different. I decided to enter nursing because I value the work that nurses do. In my "previous life" I was a graduate student in history and teacher. Good to read posts from the other "older" students who have also decided to make nursing a second career.
  13. by   jsanders
    Hi, I'm new to this bulletin board, but I had to put in my two-cents also. I'm going to be 36 this June. I decided to go back to school six years ago!! In between raising three children and having a husband (who is deploying to Iraq for Uncle Sam) I've been busy. I have one more semester to go and I'll have my ADN. Yeah!! Hang in there, it can be done.