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It seems that alot of people are doing nursing for a second career. Just curious. How old is everyone? Who has kids? Is it a mixed group in the professional part of the nursing program (I am... Read More

  1. by   oldiebutgoodie
    Hi, all,
    I'm 50! And I am in a BSN program with about 45 other students (numbers dropping daily!). Although I am the oldest in the class, there are about 8 students 35 +. Everyone gets along well in the class, and age does not seem to be a factor in our cohesiveness as a class.

    I will finish a year from June. I was originally in the Information Technology world, but because of job outsourcing abroad and other issues, the jobs just dried up there. I am glad I made the switch, so if anybody is thinking of doing this, go for it!

    Oldie but goodie
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    Quote from pattik9898
    beat everybody so far. in second semester RN program at community college. have two masters. was a pathologists' assistant for five years. got tired of the human parts assembly line. (although i have some good medical examiner stories). getting killed this semester. taking 15 credits. tired all the time. im 52.

    Hi, Patti,

    Glad to see another student in their 50's! (I am 50). I also have 2 master's degrees. I too, am tired all the time!

    We can do it!!

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    Quote from needatag
    My daughter[13] has just started telling her friends. And she loves grading my math homework with a red pen no less .

    I got a giggle out of this, Needatag ... my 10-year old daughter has been known to say, "Mom, shouldn't you be studying??" when I've collapsed on the couch! Funny how kids can keep you in line!

    Good luck to all.
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    Quote from KattB
    Is it hard learning algebra???? I am having to teach myself but it feels like I am reading a foreign language...any suggestions????

    Here is an excellent site for learning algebra. It saved me!! :hatparty:


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  5. by   krisssy
    I have topped all of you in age! I turned 57 a few days ago. My story is somewhat different. I graduated from a BSN program way back in 1970. I was 23 years old and worked as a school nurse teacher for two years. They eliminated that position and offered me a job teaching third grade. I got my MA in education and worked as an elementary school teacher up until two years ago when i retired.

    I have three children ages 29, 25, and 23. Two years ago, I was very traumatized by marital problems. I am going through a painful divorce, and I have decided to go back to nursing. Although I loved teaching, my dream of being a nurse was never fulfilled. I took a refresher course at a local college for 6 weeks doing clinicals in a small hsopital. I have been studying pharmacology on my own completing the greatest calculations book. I would highly recommend it to anyone worried about calculations like I was. It is called Math For Meds by Curren and Munday.

    I was accepted into a reentry program at a very large medical center in my area. It is a 9 week course starting at the end of March. Classes wil be every Wed. night from 4-11, and clinicals will be from 7-3 every Sat. and Sun. I will be working one on one with a precepter. It is a nine week program, and I am very excited about it. When I complete the program, I would like to work in a specialty area. I have considered psych, neonatal and even intensive care.

    I have gotten a lot of support from friends and family-especially my children.There have been a few comments that have bothered me, but I am trying to ignore those. My doctor cousin asked me why I would want to work with all 22 year olds. Another woman asked me why I would want to be a nurse. Her daughter is a physical therapist and told her that nursing is the worst, because you work so hard and get paid so little!! I never know how to answer people like that. I can't wait to be a nurse, and I think the pay is good!

    I am very excited about going back to nursing, but sometimes I do get some fears about being too old. So if there are other people starting out in the over 50 age group, please give me some support. Also, if any of you young ones have experienced older people returning to nursing and doing well, Iundefined could use the encouragement. I know i can do it. I just feel a little insecure being 57!
  6. by   NICURNtobe

    I'm 50 and all I can say is WOW to you!!! You go girl!! We have so much to offer patients in the way of life experience. We will be wonderful nurses. Ignore the naysayers!!
  7. by   UGAmomX3
    Hello friends..I'm a 54-year-old mom of three with a rather elderly BS in Biology back in the day when organisms were either animal or plant. I got my three through college (can you tell from my name??) and decided it was my turn. My husband and my kids think I am just the best!! My son, who lives in KC, says he tells everybody about me. And my middle son is my coach. He's always getting on me to study and quizzes me at test time. I'm in the middle of A&P II and have just micro to go of my pre-reqs. I'm taking the NET this week, so keep your fingers crossed. Nursing is not my life's dream, like with a lot of posters, but I do enjoy medicine and science and I've already gotten a lot of experience taking care of kids and also my mom, who is in end-stage Altzhimers. As long as I can care for her and I've got my family behind me, I refuse to put her in a nursing home. But she's my inspiration to some degree to get into nursing school and do some good somewhere. She's past the point where she's understands what I'm doing, but when I first started my pre-reqs, she would tell me how proud she was of me.
    Sorry this is so long, but I get excited (and nervous) thinking about nursing school and I'm so glad I found this place! Have a great day, y'all!! Mary
  8. by   RedSox33RN
    I must say.....I am really enjoying this thread. All of you are great inspirations!

    I think it's funny that the schools I've applied to call "older" students the "non-traditional" ones. They've said that should really be reversed, because most of their nursing applicants ARE older people coming back for a 2nd career, or like myself, after being a SAHM for years. Very few spots actually go to graduating HS seniors, because there is so little interesting in nursing in that age group.

    In fact, one of the nursing schools I did get into is a state-run community college, and the state requires them to hold 2 of the 16 nursing spots specifically for "traditional" graduating HS seniors who may apply and be qualified with SAT scores, etc. But they are allowed to fill those 2 spots with non-traditional students by July or August if they haven't had any qualified traditional applicants.

    Why is nursing not seen as a career that graduating HS seniors want to pursue?
  9. by   needatag
    ... my 10-year old daughter has been known to say, "Mom, shouldn't you be studying??" when I've collapsed on the couch! Funny how kids can keep you in line!

    Out of the mouths of babes.Stay with it
  10. by   DragonflyShell
    Quote from ayndim
    It seems that alot of people are doing nursing for a second career. Just curious. How old is everyone? Who has kids? Is it a mixed group in the professional part of the nursing program (I am still doing pre-reqs)? Where are you living and what school do you plan on going to. BSN or ADN? What area of nursing do you want to go into?

    I am 32, will be 33 in August. I am married with 3 kids. I live in Phoenix and will be going to Arizona State University for my BSN. I am doing the BSN rather than the ADN because I would like to be a CNM. Although I am also interested in ICU too.
    I am 30 and live in Macomb, Illinois. I'm attending Spoon River College. I already have a B.A. in Advertising Art with a minor in Computer Science. I graduated with it from Western Illinois University. I just been accepted in the nursing program starting this fall. Currently this semester I'm taking Microbiology and Sociology. My dh and I have two wonderful kids, 4 & 22 mths. I loved to get my BSN but it isn't possible though may be possible in the future. Time will tell. My dream is to be a pediatric RN. :-)

  11. by   X-Man
    Hello, I am 30 years, also doing a career change from the IT world to the Nursing world. (I used to teach microsoft and networking to career changers trying to enter the IT world (lol). Currently have 4 classes left for my pre-reqs and hopefully get admitted to San Diego State University. I am very happy to have found a great strong community online that supports nurses of all aspects and nursing students. Take care all,

  12. by   suzy253
    Hi All. Count me in. I applied to nursing school at age 49, got accepted, started last August when I was 50 and am now 51, a freshman in my 2nd semester, presently on spring break (yea!). Have no nursing experience but it has been something I've always wanted and it looks like now I'll be able to fulfill my life-long dream. Having a great, although sometimes very stressful time!
  13. by   woundnurse
    I started in nursing school at the ripe old age of 35 years. Now at 49 years I have just finished my MSN in nursing education. Your'e never to old to go to school and learn..... Good luck to all