Curious About Drop-out Rate In Nursing School

  1. Our class started out with 72 students. Like most schools, it's a competitive program which takes 1-2 years of pre-Nursing school pre-req's to get into.... so the assumption is only the most dedicated will get in.

    Between 1st and 2nd semester we lost THIRTEEN students! Some didn't pass. At least two I know of were pregnancies/births.

    One classmate commented to me that he heard our school's drop-out rate by the time graduation came around was 60%.

    Is it normal to have so many students not make it?
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  3. by   JulieCVICURN
    My nursing schooling started with 98 students. We lost about 20 between first and second semester. By the end of second semester, first year, we were down to 42 passing students who moved on to second year. Almost all of the 42 made it all the way through to the end. So, based on your experience and mine, I'd guess it's pretty common.
  4. by   Uniquemoi04
    my class started out with 25, we lost 10 from A&P 1 to micro and then gained 7 students that had failed but were waiting to retake the class. I don't think we "drop out" so to speak I think the harder the classes get the more students you lose. that may be why some programs let so many students in, they know up to half may not make it to the end
  5. by   Psilant
    Our class started out with 55ish. We lost about 12 the first semester, those slots were then filled with transfer students to make it back up to 50ish. Then we lost another 10 or so the second semester... rinse, repeat. Third semester we lost around 10 again. This semester we started with 40 (only accepted one new student), and have already lost one (d/t medical reasons). I would say we have about half of our original class left. I pray to God that I make it all the way, I would be devastated to come this far and not walk in May.
  6. by   SAHMStudent
    I would love to know my schools attrition rate, but I don't know most of my classmates well enough on sight, to note how many or who is gone. I did notice a few people who were missing from first to second semester, but only because I was in a clinical group, so knew them better.
    This semester, LPN>RN students join us, so I will really have no clue. Rumor has it it's about 50%, but hard to get an accurate number due to wash outs/ unfulfilled pre-reqs plus incoming retakers.
  7. by   CeilingCat
    Wow, I had no idea this is normal.

    Anyone have any idea how this drop-out rate compares with other majors, especially selective-admission competitive ones?
  8. by   FlyingScot
    A hundred years ago my class started with 170 and graduated 23!!!!!!!!!!!! So things really haven't changed have they?! BTW we failed at a C.
  9. by   * RN *
    We started with 110
    First term we lost 20 - 17 of which failed out (by the way of these 20 people 15 reapplied the following year and only 2 were accepted into that class)
    Start of second term we gained 5 people that had failed out in the previous years class - 2 of the 5 did not pass the term, we also lost 10 students - 6 of which failed
    Start of third term we gained 2 students, both passed but we lost 5 students to failing grades

    Start of last semester we have 5 new students that had failed out in 2009 and hope to pass with us.

    I honestly only looked at my colleges NCLEX pass rate when deciding on my school. Knowing what I know now, I really feel that schools retention rate is much more important or at least equally important. I am greatful that I have scored very well througout the program, it has not been easy though.

    I know that some of the people that failed out should have but I also know we lost some really good people that could have made great nurses especially in the first semester. They knew the material but got tripped up with nclex style exams.

    We have 4 exams, no quizes, no extra credit. None of the prereq classes prepared up for nclex style questions, and I know if given more of a chance some of those that failed out would have gotten it. I know it is not as simple as this but I can't blame the students that gave it their all but didn't make it for feeling let down by our school and for feeling the school doesnt care about anything except their pass rate.
  10. by   JenniferSews
    I went to a small but notoriously tough CC, our original class was about 40. I can only think of 1 or possibly 2 people that dropped out because they realized nursing was not for them. But 60-75% failure rate is expected by our school. Of my graduating class of 29, a good third of us had to retake one semester. I totally agree with the PP that NCLEX pass rate is only a part of the equation. Our pass rate is 100% but the cost to the students is incredibly high and many students were failed who would have been great nurses.
  11. by   dannyc12
    Quote from CeilingCat
    Is it normal to have so many students not make it?
    I dunno.

    My first semester we had:

    1 student failed Theory and flunked out.
    2 students got severe cases of baby rabies and dropped out to continue next year after their infestation clears up.
    3 students who had dropped last year were picked up.

    We are even steven so far.
  12. by   cmonkey
    A) ceilingcat may be one of the best online name of ever. o hai!

    B) baby rabies infestation. HA!
  13. by   r0b0tafflicti0n
    We started with about 100 and lost about 13 last year, but I believe a lot of them have the chance to retake a course and continue with a different class.
  14. by   donsterRN
    We started with 100 and graduated 43.