Crazy Psych Teacher

  1. Do any of you have a teacher that is completely innapropriate? My psych teacher is plain crazy. She has a reputation for writing tests that no one can pass. She will tell you this right up front, and she is proud of it. She also gives extra credit so that people can pass her class, but does that make sense? There is only one person in our class that passes her tests on a regular basis, and the teacher can't stand it. She say's that student has a bad attitude. WHAT?
    Yesterday, she talked to each of us on a 1-1 basis and went about telling us who we should and should not hang with/study with and made comments to us about the other students along the line of "they are dragging you down" or "They have severe knowledge deficit". She told me that the person who passes her tests is too opinionated.She has also made very negative statements about a popular teacher to the whole class, during class.
    She has told several of the people in our class that they should drop the popular teachers class, as she feels they hvae "knowledge deficit" and can't handle both classes. She told one girl that she didn't have the intelligence to take more than one class at a time, but she is doing well in her other classes.
    So, have any of you had an experience with a really negative witch like this?
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  3. by   colleen10
    Hi FullMoon,

    No disprespect to you but I was laughing while reading your post. The teacher just sounds plain crazy.

    Wish I had good advice to give you. Yes, her comments and speculations are totally inappropriate. How many more weeks of this class do you have?

    If you think you'll be able to get through it I would suggest that you try to go with the flow and once you make it through it go to the department head or dean with your concerns.

    Otherwise, you could see someone about this teacher now but I don't know if it would do much good and would be affraid the teacher would become more peeved and take it out on the class.

    Good Luck in whatever you do and hang in there,
  4. by   VickyRN
    I HATE to say this, as this is a generalization, but sometimes psych teachers have serious psychological problems. Intelligent people with psychological or emotional problems/trauma are often "drawn" towards this major and end up being instructors.
  5. by   ggfifirn05
    My Humanities teacher this term is also very strange, but not as strange as your Psych teacher sounds! Mr. M talks to himself throughout his entire lecture, and thinks he's much more amusing than he really is...he gets upset if people don't laugh at his inane jokes. He is a stickler for time management, too...heaven help you if you come in late...he stops his lecture and berates the offending student, then says, "see, your being late has interrupted the whole class, " when he should just keep on going, because usually the late person is trying to be as unobtrusive as possible (although there are a few who are late for every class...were I the teacher, I would speak with those people privately after class...).

    At my CC, we are given the opportunity to complete evaluations on the teacher at the end of every term. Does your school do that? Its a good way to let them know how you feel about your teacher's skills. If not, I would speak with the dept. head or administration about this person...not so much about the quality of her tests, but definitely about her comments concerning the other teacher and students to the entire class...that is very unprofessional!

    Good luck to you...hopefully you don't have too much longer to endure this wacko!
  6. by   MomNRN
    We too had a "crazy" psych teacher. She was famous for failing students. The failure rate for her class was about 70%. Her tests were difficult, but the paperwork she required was phenomenal!

    She had a medication test that was unbelievable. I remember that I was going to have her class in the spring. As soon as the fall semester had ended and right before Christmas, she mailed each student a copy of the at least 250 meds were required to know backwards and frontwards! Merry Christmas!

    On the last day of clinical, I told each staff member at the facility we had been working it was our last day and thanks! She did not appreciate my enthusiasm for the last day comment!

    I was happy to pass with a B! I had an A average going prior to her class, but didn't care as long as I got out of there alive!

    The really sad thing is I could really use what I should have learned in that class at my current job. I was so focused on just passing, that I didn't retain as much as I should have. I also sold every psych book I had as soon as the class was done!

    Good luck to you!
  7. by   Jennerizer
    My psych teacher was a recovering alcoholic & would tells us all kinds of strange stories. She was also a counselor for people with addiction problems & would tell us about her clients. I agree with Vicky...most psych teachers do have some type of psychological problems or a troubled past & therefore they are better able to relate to their clients. Unfortunately, they don't make the best professors.
  8. by   essarge
    HMMMMM.....Sounds like this teacher does not have professional values and enjoys to sadistically treat her students. I have a few suggestions.

    1. Record ALL conversations and classes that this teacher has.

    2. Report this instructor as a group to the department chair.

    3. Do your best despite what this instructor says and finally....

    4. Do not fall into the trap of "agreeing" with this instructor, it could get you in trouble later in your schooling.

    Remember that there is power in numbers and the more students that complain collectively about this intructor the better the chances that something will be done.

    Hope this helps.
  9. by   Love-A-Nurse
    my stars!
  10. by   Spidey's mom
    Completely unprofessional to pit student against student, talking behind people's backs, and behaving in this way.

    She dishonors the title "Teacher".

    Sorry, this just irks me.

  11. by   MomNRN
    I would be careful in attempting to report and/or make complaints.

    The professor I spoke of above had been reported for eons, this would include written complaints from staff and students. It did no good. The student who compiled "evidence" and made disparaging comments at every opportunity was blackballed by the chair of the nursing program.

    My thoughts are to do the best with the situation you have. I am sure his/her behavior is not a surprise to the people they work with.

    Maintain your professionalism and study hard!
  12. by   iliel
    I just dropped a class due to a teacher that put everyone down and admits openly that if he dosn't like you, he will fail you. Nice. He also had a habit of talking about his drinking and his bookie. Oh and he told us we were all stupid and that we asked stupid questions. I couldn't handle it anymore and left, I don't pay good money to put up with that! I filed a complaint and the chair of the department said to file a tuition reimbursment and I will recieve my money back in a month. I don't want to get the guy fired, I just want administation to know and to get my whole fee refunded.
    Oh and he aslo talked about other staff saying that they will pass you only because they are insecure with their jobs.

    Other than that 1 teacher, I've had good, fair ones.

    Good luck and if you really need the class, try to stick through it.
  13. by   SirJohnny

    - Psychology is such a blow off course - that I would immediately transfer to another class.

    - In most universities - Psych 101 & 102 are incredibly easy classes. You should not have to study more than 1 hour per week and perhaps 4 or 5 hours for the final.

    - I went to both Univ of Pittsburgh, and Penn State University, and at both locations the psych courses were a total joke.

    - I am sure there are some tough/crazy teachers out there. Again, in this instance transfer out of the class and get a better instructor.

    - And yes, I have ran into a few "nuts" while pursuing my education. Also had two professors that had heart attacks and another one who had an appendectomy.

    - The one who had her appendix removed was a great professor - and we just went ahead and held class in her hospital room. No biggie. Everyone got a good laugh out of it.

    John Coxey
  14. by   JuicyJem
    I had a crazy psych teacher!!! We had two semesters of it, and the 2nd one was the WORST!!! She is a legend at our school. Every semester there are several people that she targets and she really messed with my head. She told me I was capable of better work, looking "dissheveled", and not living up to my potential. She told me this the day after spring break when I wasnt wearing any makeup, excuse me for not looking pretty to sit in class for 9 hours!!! I finally confronted her about it, asking for evidence that I was performing so poorly, and she backed away. I turned in careplans to her that were basically the same thing as those from another class that I had made A's on, and she gave me a failing grade every time. I did my maximum number of careplans you can do for her class, and on the last one she gave me EXACTLY, to the tenth of a point what I had to have to pass the semester. She also told a couple of people that they needed counseling. I found out last month that she retired. I guess she wanted to go out with a bang!