Could I pass?

  1. I'm at a nursing school that the test grade average is a 75%. In two of my class I'm not at the 75% average yet. In one we have taken 3 out of 6 test and I have a 70% average right now. In the other class we have taken 3 out of 5 test and I have a 73% average. Do you think I could pass still? I'm having been study very hard doing nclex questions and everything.
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  3. by   beekee
    Do you think you can average 80% on the last three exam in the class with six exams and average 78% on the last two exam in the class with five exams? Have your grades trended up at all? If not, it doesn't look likely. Find out if the policy is more forgiving if you withdrawal versus fail.
  4. by   haleylayne12
    They have actually, ironically, gotten 4 points better each time. If I withdrawl I have to add another year. I just don't have the time do add another year. In my 73% average I got a 78 the last time. In my 70% average I got a 76.
  5. by   Sour Lemon
    Quote from haleylayne12
    They have actually, ironically, gotten 4 points better each time. If I withdrawl I have to add another year. I just don't have the time do add another year. In my 73% average I got a 78 the last time. In my 70% average I got a 76.
    You just have to weigh the risk and decide if you want to gamble. You could be adding a lot more than a year if you end up failing, get kicked out of the program, and have to somehow find a new one.
    I like to start strong so I can be flaky later in the semester ...but I did manage to maintain a barely passing grade in pharmacology once upon a time.
  6. by   City-Girl
    Unfortunately it's not just about getting a passing grade in school, you'll need to be prepared to pass the boards. You should consider that if you're not able to achieve a grade of 80 or better, you may have a difficult time passing the NCLEX.
  7. by   haleylayne12
    I have been on ATI and other question banks getting 80% or higher. It's really just because the test we are taking are knowledge based. I have a 93% likely to pass on uworld and ATI.
  8. by   kakamegamama
    Have you considered focusing your time on your courses vs ATI, etc? THAT info is what you need to pass your course tests. Ask for an appointment with your instructor to discuss your exam taking skills. Usually, test failure is related to how you read the questions, and the answers that follow the questions (multiple choice wise). Are your reading too much into the questions? Are you not reading enough into the questions? Often, there are key words in the questions that reflect key words in 2 or so answers. You need to know your stuff, so to speak. Don't wait until the night before to study. Read ahead of time. Have you tried study groups? Maybe those will help?
  9. by   haleylayne12
    So we have a pretty jammed pack schedule but I usually study about 50 hours a week for the test. If I have two test that week then I'll spend 30 hours on each test. I have a study group that we just study the whole week and literally study until we are too tired to study. I only really do questions the day before test because I feel like I can't do the questions until I read and understand the content. I really think it's related to me second guessing myself and my testing anxiety. I struggle with both a lot! Like mom than anyone I've seen before. People in my class and even my teachers have commented on how bad my anxiety is. I'm already on things for it but it hasn't helped.
  10. by   tonyl1234
    It's definitely anxiety. You're studying 50 hours to prepare for 1 test. I don't think I've even studied 50 hours this semester.

    Go to the gym before your test, get a little exercise, get your mind off of everything. You're stressing yourself way too much over school. If you fail, there's tons of other jobs you can do. There's even non-nursing healthcare jobs you can work that are very similar and pay very well. Don't stress yourself so much over a job that you don't even have yet.

    I'd also look into learning how to study.

    And then, you also need to trust yourself. To semi-quote Morpheus, stop trying to pass the tests and just pass them. A ton of nursing is just common sense combined with don't be an idiot. You know this stuff. If you're doing good with your skills and especially your clinicals, if you made it this far, you can pass the tests. Calm down.
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  11. by   HiddencatBSN
    Do you get testing accommodations? You said you're on meds for anxiety but are you also in therapy or working on titrating doses to help? Does your school have a learning center that offers support and strategies to test better?

    I think just "calming down" is hard with anxiety but I agree that I think your focus should be on managing the anxiety. Exercise is excellent for so many things including mental health. Make sure you are eating well, keep a good sleep schedule. Give yourself some time in your schedule for down time: a hobby, social gatherings, etc.

    And I would talk to the school about your options and what the plan is if you do not pass.

    I suffered from terrible anxiety when I first went back to school. Meds, therapy, and affirmations helped me a lot. I wrote positive, present tense statements on my notebooks (I am smart, I work hard, I can do this, I know the material etc) and whatever was resonating with me the most I'd repeat outloud. Also, you have to get in the habit of consciously and explicitly breaking the negative thought spiral chain. When I'm on a bad thought chain I will say "STOP." And say statements that are factual, true and reasonable (after bad shifts with sad things I still will repeat "my children are home, healthy, and safe"). Basically regroups yourself to reality.