Completely mortified

  1. Hello,
    Just got my acceptance letter in SJSU's program a few days ago...I've been talking to some people in the program and they make it sound impossibly difficult. They say they never get sleep, constantly study, don't have social lives...and , um..that's kinda what it's like for me right now, and I'm not even in the program yet. I want to become a nurse anesthesiologist someday (which means I need the top grades, right?) I am so terrified. ..I already feel like I failed...oohh, I'm gonna be sick. Please, somebody, comfort me. :imbar
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  3. by   Cilantrophobe
    Did it ever occur to you that you are capable of more than they are?!!! Maybe they can't handle the stress and workload that you can...

    Some girl had me really worried because she couldn't pass the nursing entrance exam after 2 tries and she told me how hard it was and I got a 92% overall. But I was very worried about it because she said it was so hard. After that situation I don't always take somebody elses word for it, on anything.

    There are actually people around here on allnurses that have said that nursing school isn't that bad. And one of them just graduated the program I am about to go into. And I do tend to take his word for it. Because I rock at school. You have to trust that you will do just fine and be confident in yourself!! I think many people avoid talking about the ease of nursing school because they get a verbal lashing when they do.
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  4. by   jamal27
    haha..the first sentence doesn't even make sense.I'm so tired.(but you still know what i mean):spin:
  5. by   jamal27
    thanks, that really means a lot to me. the main girl i talked to is super smart, but I'm gonna take your advice
  6. by   Cilantrophobe
    I know it sounds crazy but I really think there are people out there who err on the side of exaggerating. When you think about it, they don't know you either, they could be really smart but tell you it is really hard just in case you are a dummy. HAHA. No, SERIOUSLY. I can't go around telling people chemistry isn't hard, because for most people it is, just not me You know what I mean?

    At my Phi Theta Kappa induction this 1st year nursing student who also doesn't work and has her children in day care (like me) told me that is was still really hard. And for a second that freaked me out. It confused me that somebody with such high grades (in nursing school at that) said that is was hard. But I didn't think too much about it because I really think it is a knee jerk reaction to just talk about how hard it is.
  7. by   mom35
    It seems that everyone vents about how impossible NS is. We know that it is going to be hard work, once you are in the "thick" of it you will run like a well-oiled machine. Try not to get too upset about it, you will be fine. Stay positive and focused on the overall goal-to be an outstanding nurse helping our fellow man. It is going to be worth working for and you are going to be so proud of yourself in the end-be proud now!!nurse::redpinkhe
  8. by   jackson145
    I just finished my ASN & it wasn't that hard at all. I was lucky enough not to have to work full-time, so that helped a bunch.
    I got just as much sleep as I ever did before, studied way less than I did for pre-reqs, & had plenty of free time for family & fun.
    You'll hear a lot of NS horror stories. Some people don't feel like they've accomplished anything unless it was really hard to do. I think they just want to impress people with how hard they had to work.

    Don't form any hard opinions until you've tried it out. You might just find that it's not so bad after all!
  9. by   RossayRN
    Everyone is different. I just take it one semester at a time and work through it that way. If you think about the whole big picture at once, it's easy to get over whelmed. One assignment at at time, one test at a time, and before you know it, you will be graduating and looking back at how fast time flew. Good luck, you will be fine, don't worry about others, just take care of yourself.
  10. by   ImMrBill3, RN
    I love NS its hard yes but with effort and the support of my wife I have done very well. If its what you really want you will find a way. Many of my fellow students resent hard work but I find it challenging and it keeps me interested. I am down to one semester to go and I realize I will miss it. I will admit I am terrified about working as an RN in ICU but I trust they will orient me and precept me well enough.
  11. by   jamal27
    thank you all so much for your replies.
  12. by   cursedandblessed
    i think for me some things in nursing school are harder than others. it depends on the class(subject being taught), the instructors, and what's going on in your life at the time. fundamentals(completely new subject matter), good instructors, great ci, not terribly hard; maternity-newborn-peds, totally new subject matter for me (no kids, never been pregnant) great instructors, wonderful ci, not too bad at all; med-surg ii, great instructors, difficult subject matter, ci with "personal issues, hard for me, and everyone in my clinical group.

    just take each subject as it comes, don't stress too much, and keep one goal in front of you at a time. eyes on the prize as they say.
  13. by   yelnikmcwawa
    i'm not saying this to be condescending at all...just to help you avoid future embarrassment! but i believe your future ambitions are to be a nurse anesthetist. an anesthesiologist is a physician.

    good luck and remember that everyone handles school differently. you can only know what you're in for once you get started!
  14. by   FireStarterRN
    I'm wondering about your usage of the word 'mortified'...