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Anyone else have to commute to their nursing school? I'll be starting a BSN program this summer at a school 60 miles from my house. I can see that getting old REALLY quick, but it's not logical... Read More

  1. by   kathc
    It takes me about 55 minutes (42 miles) to get to LPN school. I take mostly side roads since there isn't a direct highway here. Once we start clinicals, I should be able to reduce that to about 30 minutes/3 x's per week, since the clinical sites are closer to my home.
    I though it would get old after awhile, but I find that I've gotten used to it. I tape my notes and play them back on the ride to and from school. Has helped a lot with my test scores.
    Luckily I had just bought a new car with good gas milage before I got laid off of work, so gas costs are as bad as they could be.
  2. by   manna
    I forgot to say that I'll be making that commute 5 days a week. Yuck!

    Either way, there aren't any schools of nursing closer than that. The nearest two community colleges with ADN programs are both 60 miles away as well.

    As for my rent free house - well, it's not really a house, but a mobile home/trailer. We bought it used from some parents who took it away from their dau when she droppd out of college :chuckle
    Got a great price (even came with a porch and a jacuzzi) and it is now paid off (lived here for 5 years). Sits on some land in the country that belongs to a family member, so I have no "lot" rent. Not my ideal home for sure, but not such a big sacrifice to live in a smaller, not-quite-as-nice home for a few years in order to get myself educated!
  3. by   GracefulRN
    Maybe you could scope out your school and find out if there are any other nursing students in your general area, a carpool would save money and it would allow you to sleep/study on the days you didn't have to drive. Also, I find that the car is a great place to replay my class recordings. (The more times I hear something the better) If you do carpool, maybe you could drill each other along the way. (It is possible I am being too hard core......if you've read the "types of nursing students" thread I am definately the studious student although I do like to get to know my classmates)
  4. by   marilynmom
    I only have a 20 min commute to my school but my friend who has a "low" GPA of 3.0 has to commute over an hour away because it was the only nursing school she could get into with her GPA!

    I really think if the traffic is not bad you will get used to the drive. One time I was working at a job with a 45 min commute and at first it seemed sooooo long, but after about a month it seemed like it only took 15 min's and I kinda enjoyed my quite time (I'm a mom like most of you).

    I think I would take advantage of the time and listen to lecturs on tape/CD or speak your notes into a tape/CD, etc and listen to them while driving.

  5. by   jenrninmi
    My school has two campuses. The first 1 1/2 years I had to drive 35 minutes to. It was such a nice drive. I had no traffic and drove through beautiful country side. The nursing school on the other hand is in the city across the street from a big teaching hospital. We have to drive to the campus about 20 minutes away from my house, park in a not-so-nice-area of downtown Grand Rapids Michigan, and wait for a shuttle to take us to the nursing school. Let me tell you, it SUCKS! I mean, yes, it is a really nice building that just opened up in September with THE best state-of-the-art things, but the fact that we have to take a shuttle to the building is rediculous! I have to leave home an hour before my classes start to make sure that I get to class on time!:uhoh21:
  6. by   nurseshawna
    i drive about 70 miles each day, but i have to drive 5-6 miles the opposite direction to take my kids to my mom, so that adds about 12 miles to my day, twice a day, so 24 actually. but the town where i go is about 60-65 miles away. it takes me about 50 minutes to get there, the drive really isn't bad in the morning, it is the afternoons that are killer. and especially when i have clinicals, ugh, i have to get up at 3:50 to get there by 6. that is killer. gas is a killer too. it is 1.60 here now, i really don't know what i will do if it goes higher, already, we are spending over 60 bucks in gas a week just for me!
  7. by   Truly_Blessed
    Well, this makes me feel better. If I get into our LPN program I will be having to commute 65 miles both ways. I thought that maybe I was out of my head for doing this, and alot of other people around me amde me feel like it was insane...but now I see most of you are doing the same thing I will be doing. Glad I'm not alone
  8. by   jenrninmi
    Quote from nurseshawna
    gas is a killer too. it is 1.60 here now, i really don't know what i will do if it goes higher, already, we are spending over 60 bucks in gas a week just for me!
    I WISH it was only $1.60 here. It is over $1.80 in Michigan. But I hear ya! I hear it will will be $3.00 by summer. I drive a Crysler Town and Country Minivan to school. 20 miles to the gallon. yikes!
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  9. by   manna
    I filled up today - $1.72 gal/87 octane

    I LOOOVE my Jeep, but don't love the gas mileage
  10. by   mitchsmom
    I think I've got the record so far... I commute about 110 miles one way. One of the several reasons I go part time, no more than 2 days a week so far. January '05 I will probably have to do 3 days/wk. for that semester, not sure about the rest.

    I hate the morning commute because I'm not a morning person and I normally don't even drink caffeine but I have to to stay awake on the monotonous country roads. Sometimes I get books on CD from the library to keep my attention & keep me awake. Music puts me back to sleep.

    In the afternoon I kind of like the ride to chill out after the brain drain of lectures. Or, if I'm still motivated I will be good and reslisten to my lectures that I recorded (it really does help you to retain more, highly recommended as a way to make good use out of your commute time... especially if you are like me and limited on study time once you get home with little ones around). I make quiz tapes for myself before tests and definitely listen to those on the way to the tests... hey two extra hours of study time right before the exam!

    Gas is $1.80+ here right now, glad we traded for a cheaper payment/better gas mileage car before I started, although I wish we could have afforded the diesel Jetta that gets like 50 MPH!!!

    Overall it is not as bad as I had dreaded (I don't even particularly like to drive in the first place so I wasn't amused). Occasionally it is even a nice respite from my hectic life, forced time to myself or meditation if you will.
  11. by   Spidey's mom
    mitchsmom . . . darn, you have me beat. I drove 70 miles one way to school back when I was in school. I rode the bus actually the first year and then drove the second due to clinicals. Boy did that windy mountain road get old.

    Gas here is 2.10 for unleaded . . so your prices sound pretty good to me. Anything under 2.00 sounds good.

    Manna . . . .best wishes as you start school . . .

  12. by   JohnW
    I only have to drive about 20 miles into Boston, unfortunalty for me, due to traffic, it can take me up to an hour. This about the max time for me as far as commuting goes.
  13. by   terri0318rn
    I think there must be a rule that a nursing school must be at least 35 miles away or at least a 30 mile drive from your home or you cannot be accepted:chuckle I took advantage of the drive and listened to taped lectures on my headphones the whole different than the knuckleheads that talk on their cellphone the whole way It really helped me out, especially before a test. I worked midnights full time all through school and went to lectures or clinicals directly after a shift (hard and unforgiving and totally against the program rules but I didn't get caught) Welcome to one of the most challenging but rewarding careers on Earth. Also the most inadequately paid for responsibility. I love nursing and as I look back I don't know how I made it through school, but I did. Good luck to you and pray a lot......I could swear some of my instructors were related to the devil . Write me and keep me posted on your progress (
    Quote from manna
    Anyone else have to commute to their nursing school?

    I'll be starting a BSN program this summer at a school 60 miles from my house. I can see that getting old REALLY quick, but it's not logical for me to move since all my (very supportive) family is here, as well as a rent-free house.