1. I am at a community college right now getting all of my general ed. and prerequisits done and I was wondering a few things about clinicals. How many days a week are they and do you have clinicals the whole time you are in nursing school?
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  3. by   MMARN
    My clinicals are two days a week and they are from 7am-5pm. They say it is really difficult. Good luck!
  4. by   goalie35
    I had 6 months of clinicals 3 days a week from 6am to 3pm and 3 months of clinicals 2 days a week from 7am to 4pm. I went the LVN route and I am going to bridge over to ADN. It is my understanding that I had more clinical hours than the RN students that I did clinicals with at the hospitals. I only have 11 days left of school. :hatparty:
  5. by   Jessy_RN
    2 days a week 7-3 or 4-12 midnight.
  6. by   CathRN
    I'm in a LVN to ADN transition program, our clinicals are one day a week from 6am-6pm this semester, next semester we will have clinicals 2 days a week for the same times.
  7. by   Mississippi_RN
    Depends on what program you are in as to how long clinicals are. Ours were on Weds and Fri from 6:30-2:00 (or til they decided we could leave). There were some variations for different things, but usually that was pretty consistent. What changed was how much clinical we had each semester. We did not have that much the first semester but it gradually increased each semester as to how many weeks of clinical we had. By the last semester, we spent most of the time in the hospital, which is where I believe we learned the most. But it was hard ! (worth it though)
  8. by   mitchsmom
    You should probably ask at the schools you are interested in... I think they all vary. Our program varies by semester, from 1-3 clinical days in a week (or more if you do a residency or something). Ours are usually 6:30- 2 or 3pm.
    I really love the clinical setting. It is so much better than the didatic portion. At least you dont sit for 4 hours. I definately need to move.
  10. by   NJNursing
    My clinicals are from 8-2:30. We have pre-conference from 8-9, we're on the floor from 9-1 (time we leave varies, though), at lunch from 1-1:30 and in post conference from 1:30-2:30. Of course it all depends on if all of my classmates are done with their patient care and their charting. Sometimes we've been done as early as 1:30 and sometimes we're not out of there until 4. I LOVE clinicals. It's really great to get in there and get your hands "dirty" so to speak.
  11. by   cshelly12
    So the days when you are not in clinicals are you just in a classroom?
  12. by   skislalom
    Quote from cshelly12
    So the days when you are not in clinicals are you just in a classroom?
    We are in clinicals 2 days a week (0600 to 1530 or 1330 to 2300hrs) We have about 30 minutes pre clinical, then about an hour (or more) post clinical.

    We are testing or in Theory or Supervised skills lab 2-3 days a week as well as skills checkoffs every week or two. 7 tests, one final and a whole lot of check offs.

  13. by   Mississippi_RN
    Yep...except we had one day (Monday) completely off. But they had the discretion to schedule something on that day too!
  14. by   Mississippi_RN
    Yep...all the other days we were in the classroom doing content.