Clinical Day Horror Story !!!!

  1. First of all I was up till 2am doing a concept mapping of my patients medical diagnosis plus my instructor wanted 3 chapters of our workbook done and all my drug cards for my patient along with a plan of care. I got up with a bad head cold both of my nostrils were stopped up and I was breathing through my mouth. I took some Thera flu tablets (non drowsey) hoping to feel some relief before I arrived at the hospital. I got to the hospital and I could not find a place to park so I drove around and around for about 20 minutes trying to find somewhere to park........ughhhhh then I finally parked and made it to the clinical area met for pre conference and was released to do my patient care....Before I went into the conference room for pre conference I yelled out to everyone at the nurses station "Good Morning" and the nurses just stood there and looked at me as if I cursed at them or something....after I was released to do patient care...I went to the nursing station to see who my primary nurse was to get report so I said to the charge nurse on the floor...."excuse me could you please tell me who ____ is? and she yelled at me "Did you say Good MOrning!!!! I said yes I did so now could you tell me who ____ is? She threw her hands up and said somewhere!!!
    I located the charge nurse after asking two other ppl who she was and I got report she told me she gave the medications already because she did not know if the students were giving meds. I just continued with my patient care and the whole time my nose was dripping and then my nose started bleeding all over my uniform. I tripped and fell in the hallway on my way to the bathroom and the charge nurse yelled out to me " You are so stupid." I just turned and looked at her and I wanted so badly to just slap her but I went to the bathroom and took off my apron that covers my uniform top and I tried to use the bathroom and my hat fell off into the toilet and yep you guessed fell into the toilet after I used it..........sooooooooooo......I had one heck of a clinical day as you can seee.........geesshhhhhhhhhh
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  3. by   doularoz
    Sorry to hear about your bad day. Don't let rotten people ruin your experience. People like that are their own punishment because they make themselves miserable. Hang in there.
  4. by   debbyed
    Your next clinical day has got to be better!
  5. by   GPatty
    Awww... Honey.... You keep your head up. They have to remember they were once like you are now. Don't let hateful mean people spoil your dream...they aren't worth it, believe me.
    You keep saying Good Morning! I would love to hear more Good Mornings from everyone! Seems to make "work" a nicer place to be!
    Hope you feel better!!!
    God Bless!
  6. by   MRed94
    I don't think anyone could top that one!!!

    It is only bound to get better.

    Keep your head up and do your best. That's all anyone, even you, can expect.

    Better days are coming.

  7. by   JennieBSN
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  8. by   semstr
    sorry, but I had to laugh about your story! hope you feel better though
    Don't worry about a bad day every now and then, it happens.
    I was on a ward once where nobody seem to hear my goodmorning, and got comments about that, real nasty ones!
    So the next day i went to every single nurse and shook their hand wishing them a beautiful day.
    That worked, never had complaints anymore!

    Take care, Renee
  9. by   Cdn student
    Hi! Just a note that if you are a student, you shouldn't call yourself 'exotic nurse' as you are not a nurse yet. Only people who have passed the nursing exams given by a nursing organization can call themselves 'NURSES'. You are a Nursing Student.
  10. by   peaceful2100
    Exotic nurse I am sorry about your bad clinical day. What is up with these bad days that we are having. I know some days will be bad but my goodness. It is like some people just really don't care anymore. Your clinical days will get better. I figured out that some of my days will be totally awesome while others will not be so awesome at all. Just keep doing what you are doing as far as trying to learn and get your degree.

    To Kelly Ruf, You assumed that Exotic nurse does not even already have a degree she could have already received a LPN or an ADN and now she is working on her BSN.
  11. by   NICU_Nurse
    To Kelly:

    You have to be kidding me. After the day she had, which she was brave enough to relate to total strangers in an attempt for a shred of comfort, the only thing you have to say is a criticism of her calling herself 'Nurse'?????????????????????????????????????
    As someone mentioned, she very well could be an LPN or have her ADN already. Hell, she could have her MSN and be going for her doctorate and still be called a nursing student. Ultimately, does it matter? No! She can call herself a nurse. You can call yourself insensitive. It's all semantics, and none of it is worth correcting someone, which is rude and impolite.
  12. by   pixxel

    I am not one to EVER judge someone, and I especially prefer to shut my mouth around here when someone says something stupid just because I do not feel it is my place to play peacemaker. However, I actually find your comment disrespectful enough to warrant a response. First off, YOU or anyone else have no right to jugde Exotic Nurse by any standards. That is not what these bulletin boards are for. Like the first two posters before me, I understand that exotic nurse is sharing her experience for a bit of mental support - which she whole-heartedly deserves. Secondly, anyone who cares for another persons health, as a student or professional and even as a family member is a NURSE. I think you are being a bit too uptight about something that isn't even the point here. Get off your high horse.

    Exotic Nurse - I'm sorry you had such a bad day... at least from now on, any day that your hat doesn't get flushed will be a better day!
  13. by   GPatty
    woohoo!!! thanks guys!:d i am but yet a student, but my name on the board is julielpn. i am in lpn school and i will be a lpn in less than a year---
    maybe i am not an "official" nurse yet.... but hang in there, cause i will be!!!

    this board is so uplifting and so friendly! i love you guys! :d :d

    exotic nurse--- i, julielpn, hope you have a better day tomorrow!

    may god bless us all
    (students or graduates),
  14. by   BrandyBSN
    I agree, that comment was a bit disrespectful.

    My screen name is BrandyBSN, although I will not have my BSN until May. I am a STUDENT NURSE, as well as a NURSING STUDENT. Anyone who provides care to another is a NURSE.

    Webster's Dictionary defines the word "nurse"as
    one that looks after, fosters, or advises, or a person who is skilled or trained in caring for the sick or infirm.

    as STUDENT NURSES, we do that. No where in that definition does it specify that a test is required to fit that definition.

    We are Nurses, many here are already LPNs, many are already RNs, many of us don't have a license yet, but that does not mean that we are not nurses. Please keep in mind that Florence Nightingale never passed the NCLEX, niether did Lillian Wald, or any other historical nurses. Would you claim that they were not nurses because they never took a test? How silly.

    My heart goes out to all student NURSES, for it is our hearts that make us nurses, our hands that touch lives and make a difference, with, or without a passing test score.