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  1. by   i♥words
    I'm still shocked that people my own age (early 20s) say such derogatory things about people. I'm a white girl, I grew up playing with and talking to all kinds of people, and I've never understood racism or sexism. Not too long ago someone talking to me started with "you know how black people are." Look out. Idiot crossing. The only thing I struggle with is knowing what labels to use. I've taken to asking people (people that I know well, not strangers at Walmart). "Do you like African-American or black better?" "Do you prefer Hispanic?" I personally don't like being called white, but no one likes the idea of European-American apparently.

    ETA: Sorry, but Caucasian just sounds weird.
  2. by   dlashon
    That is too funny wordsofmymouth. I like, look out. idiot crossing. Some people don't like being called black, and some don't like the African in African American, just to be safe, say African American. I'm not hispanic but I have taught and loved them for some long that sometimes would call myself a Blaxican. But whatever. They prefer hispanic because unless you know what country, it may be taken wrong. Don't call a Mexican, Puerto Rican or vice versa. Or a Dominican, Salvordorian. Have made that mistake and would get corrected everytime. From my experience.

    I never really understood sexism, I get racism more than sexism because racism is usually based on what you don't know or haven't been exposed to. But everyone has been around a woman and knows our worth.
  3. by   dlashon
    O I forgot, one of my close college friends whom is caucasian remembers being asked by one of her sorority sisters, "Aren't you scared of them, and she said I am scared of yal". She was raised around blacks and hispanics all her life, and that was so funny.
  4. by   LadyFree28
    Quote from dlashon
    O I forgot, one of my close college friends whom is caucasian remembers being asked by one of her sorority sisters, "Aren't you scared of them, and she said I am scared of yal". She was raised around blacks and hispanics all her life, and that was so funny.
    LOL, funny indeed!

    I have found that many people have backgrounds that are "American" as your college friend...sometimes we can't judge a book by its "cover"...even though many Americans seem "comfortable" to do so.

    I was raised in my early years in CA, in Long Beach. I had friends who were Pilipino, Mexican, White, Black...When I moved to the East Coast, my sister and I were often teased for our "valley speak", lol, as a "Black" person (African American is interchangable...Ladyfree is what I prefer to be "labeled" as )....been on the East Coast for 20 years now...Even in urban areas, I've seen the institutional "bias" in nursing-Nurses white, PCAs black...although it has been rapidly changing. I am aware of it, and really try to let my talents and who I am really shine through. Sometimes I feel I get more grief from my "race" because of the perpetuation of the "stereotypes" that are drilled by media, and even from members of our own ethnicity...I that I have learned how to provide boundaries to such issues, regardless of race...add to the fact I also look like a teen (although I am 31, it seems as though now it's 18 instead if 16, go figure!)...there is this "image" that people try to imprint in their minds as what a nurse should "look" like...well, guess they will be surprised when I enter the room...I'll try my best to make it a pleasant one!
    Touchy subject. One thing that has not been addressed by any posters as of yet is that sometimes the problem is that the minority race person sees problems that aren't actually there. I'm not saying that racism doesn't exist, but many minorities seem to look for racism in any negative situation that they encounter. I've had a buddy claim he was fired because "Our boss doesn't like Mexicans," yet this boss never had a problem inviting Hector to his house along with the rest of us to watch a game, or for a party or anything of the sort. I later found out that he was fired because he sold a defective compressor (that was still under warranty) to the metal recycling company instead of sending it to the manufacturer for a credit. This cost the company nearly a thousand dollars. He admitted it eventually. And I have other buddies that swear to God that the reason they can't find a job "Is because I'm Black." As far as they're concerned it has nothing to do with the pre employment drug test they failed ("I drank 2 golden seals, there ain't no way I failed that ****** test. They just don't want to hire my Black ***").

    I've also been asked what sport I play at every school I've studied at. This is because I stay in shape and train (Krav Maga, plus I used to Box as a teenager). Granted, maybe sometimes some people are asked this because of their race, but sometimes the person asking is just being friendly and striking up a conversation.

    I debated on whether I should post this comment being that, while I'm half Hispanic, I look 100% white. And I've noticed that I have to be careful when I say anything that is not bright and cheery about another race because I'm immediately seen-by those who don't know me anyway-as a racist. Even other white people. The issue is so sensitive that if you're not a minority yourself, it's like you have no right to say anything negative about one whether or not it's true.

    Just something to think about. I'm not trying to start a spitting match or anything. But I do think that what I posted should be considered.
  6. by   dlashon
    The problem is "why do I feel that it may be that I didn't get hired because of my race". I applied to 3 different hospitals for a pca position, I have a Bachelors in Chemistry, taught HS science for 7 years, and have 10 years of experience as a Cert Pharm Tech. 2 of the hospitals gave me an interview while one always sends me a "thank you for applying" email but this hospital in the application does that EEO about race and sex ID, so I'm thinking well maybe they aren't calling me because I'm black.
    Now I'm not saying they are racist but why must I feel this way, because it does happen. Why do I feel that you (not you) don't want to study with me because you think I'm intellectually inferior. It sucks that this could be true.
    If you were asked if you play a sport and you look athletic, then yeah. But when I was asked I was 5'2, 120 lbs, no muscle mass, petite and prissy. I didn't own any athletic clothing like basketball shorts or anything like that so it was purely about race.
    My husband cousin says she works at a school district that is racist but when I asked her why she said that she didnt have any compelling argument, "they just are" Your friend that was drinking (I don't know what golden seal is) maybe incorrect. My students would say I failed them because they were Mexican, but they were joking.
    Racism is out there and it can make you paranoid because of what has happened in the past and the events in the present.

    Well, the truth is some people are just plain ignorant. They are out there unfortunately...

    I wasn't intentionally putting you on the spot with the "What sport do you play" reference, I was just using it as an example. I'm not so blind to the real world as to think that everything is all rosy and perfect. I was merely saying that many people are so sensitive to the race issue that anything that can even kinda/sorta possibly be misconstrued as a racial action is taken as one, you know? BTW, Golden seal is a drink that supposedly clears your urine up of anything that can make you pop on a pee test. I doubt it works, but smoke shops just can't stock enough of the stuff .

    Also, touching up on people being ignorant I would like to add that Ignorant does not necessarily=racist. It just means that they have never been taught or exposed to something. Lets say a minority student is at a predominantly white university. Just because one of the white students asks the minority student "what sport do you play," doesn't mean he thinks low of him/her. It may just mean that the only thing that that white student knows of the minorities race is what they may have seen on TV. A little information from the minority student can go a long way towards erasing that stereotype from the ignorant white students head. Of course "Yes," some people are racist. I just wish that they were not automatically assumed to be.

    Just so you know, I would NEVER hire you as a PCA LOL. You "Have a Bachelors in Chemistry, taught HS science for 7 years, and have 10 years of experience as a Cert Pharm Tech." In my mind, I'd lose you as soon as a higher paying opportunity came your way. I'd like to give you a little advice if that's ok. It is good to put on your applications and resume's all of your applicable experiences that will help you excel at the job you are applying for. But as far as degrees and certs go, don't give them more than they are asking for. Here's what I mean;

    Let's say you are applying for a job designing "Widgets." If the company is looking for someone with a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering to fill the position, then even if you have your Doctorate in ME, only put on your resume' and app that you have your Master's. You are not lying, I mean you did receive your Master's on the way to obtaining your PhD in ME. BUT, you do not want to be seen as someone who is already qualified to take over the bosses job. They will likely see you as competition in the future, and therefore NOT want to hire you. I know, you would think that telling them you have the PhD will impress them and show that you have drive and initiative-and sometimes it does-but it usually will be a hindrance.

    Just something from me to you
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  8. by   Trilldayz,RN BSN
    You make great points pricharilla. There are some people that automatically assume certain situations that happen to them happen because of a racial bias...which isn't always warranted. But unfortunately, its just how a lot of minorities have been taught to react based on various negative life experiences and past memories that have shaped their present thinking.
  9. by   jadelpn
    Here's another thought--I live in an extremely affluent community, where I was raised, but it was not always like this. I am not what one would consider wealthy by any means, and came from a solid blue collar working family. Everyone was welcome at our table growing up, and I was considered "strange" in that I did not even know that there was such a thing as racial bias growing up. I was sheltered in that way, but I think I have a large world view at this point in my life. Anyways, as a child, I learned not to expect what I wanted when I wanted it. I was taught that one had to work hard to be comfortable. I think regardless of race, there are those who are raising children that with all good intention are taught they deserve better. And they shower them with expensive things, and teach them that it is ok to live well beyond their means. So we have children with high expectations for success, for possessions, and easily getting things that their parents had to struggle to achieve, and parents who perpetuate this myth. And this does not just pertain to one race. We see it in the media as well, with people lying, cheating, and just all around being horrible people with no content of character, and they are cherished, adored, and have gobs of money that people associate with happiness and success. We need to start taking pause and associating happiness and success with a good heart and a sharp mind as opposed to wealth. Regardless of one's skin color, name, or how they wear their hair.
  10. by   slaughtergryl
    I love this one!!!! I would just like to add that my best friend and I previously graduated from nursing school and got out license as well, BUT, my school was a for profit school and 90% African American!!! With that being said, our DON would always accuse us of cheating w/o any proof and we caught her saying that there's no way they could have passed these tests that were altered!!! SMDH!!! My next experience was while putting in nursing applications. The front desk lady was like oh you a nurse, wow both of you are nurses? Wow two in one day? Lol her expressions were priceless. My friend and I just had to look at each other and shake our heads in disbelief as another African American nurse came in to put in an app. With all this being said, sometimes you just have to see it and go through it to believe it!!! Sorry this was all over the place..
  11. by   dlashon
    SLAUGHTERGRY Right. Some people won't get it until they experience it. If you have ever read Black Like Me, were the white author disguises himself as a "negro" to walk in his shoes his is how people will understand a little better.

    Prischilla, I think that is sad that you wouldn't want to hire me because you are intimidated by my experience and educational background. I was hired by one of the hospitals and the interviewers first question from the other hospital was, what is your 5 year plan because they want their PCAs to become RNs. The interview went well and I am just waiting on their call back. You should never be scared to hire someone who has more experience because they may take your job, that means you are not confident in your position. Also, having someone with experience and education can better your department and give more professionalism to that position.

    Also, that was racist. Any time you put a group of people in a category by their race and believe all of them are this way, that is racist. Because I'm black, I play sports because a lot of black people do. Racism is a form of ignorance and if you don't strive to learn about other races. To believe that all Mexicans are illegal and don't speak English is racist, to believe that all Black people are loud and can dance is racist. To believe all asians are smart, is racist.You shouldn't assume something based on race alone.
  12. by   Trilldayz,RN BSN
    My baby sister gets accused of cheating by her classmates too! She is a Biochem major (who has med school plans) with a 3.8 gpa! But she is also VERY girly who loves dresses, doing her hair and makeup. (She is actually competing in a pagent, where her talent will be performing a cool chemistry experiment...SUPER NERD lol). She tells me that she sees it from both sides as an Nigerian-american and as a female. She says people usually don't invite her to study groups or include her in group discussions, since she is usually one of the few blacks in her classes. Or people assume that because she is so cute and girly, she has no brain. It isn't until they find out that she makes the highest exam grades in class, and that she is hired by her university to tutor all chemistry levels, and is respected among faculty, where THEN they want to include her, ask her for help, etc...but she has learned to be solo... due to years of feeling isolated, whether intentional or not. I also heard of this Asian girl saying she did not get a job due to assumption that she did not speak spanish. (I went to a predominately hispanic university) She states that the interviewers didn't ask her if she spoke spanish. (She does, actually, speaks it fluently along with her native language, Tagalog). She was LIVID, as you can imagine.
  13. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from slaughtergryl
    my school was a for profit school and 90% African American!!!
    My cohort of students in the LPN-to-RN bridge program that I attended was almost 50 percent black, mostly consisting of immigrants from Nigeria, Kenya, and other African countries. There were a small handful of African-Americans in the program.
    Quote from slaughtergryl
    The front desk lady was like oh you a nurse, wow both of you are nurses? Wow two in one day? Lol her expressions were priceless. My friend and I just had to look at each other and shake our heads in disbelief as another African American nurse came in to put in an app.
    I'm African-American. People sometimes assume I'm applying for CNA, housekeeping, or kitchen work until I gently inform them that I'm an RN.