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  1. Been there, done that. I found out I was pregnant after I applied to nursing school. Started nursing school at about 6.5 months. I had tons of support though. We moved in with my parents. I had both parents, an aunt, a husband, my brother and my 3 ye...
  2. Covance

    Thank you so much for responding. I've always wanted "cure cancer", work on a research team that did amazing things, that is why I went into nursing. But it looks like I just don't know enough about how to be a research nurse or research scientist, I...
  3. Covance

    I ended up not interviewing since I was nervous about what I was getting into.
  4. Covance

    I need some insight on Covance. I have always wanted to be a research nurse and I have a phone interview coming up. What are the hours like? Holidays? What is the starting salary? I don't know anything except I want to be a research nurse for a pharm...
  5. HCA Medical City Dallas /Meditech

    I actually like Medical City's Meditech, don't like Epic/Allscripts whatever it is called.
  6. Parkland 2016 GN residency

    don't get discouraged, there are still plenty of good jobs out there.
  7. Parkland 2016 GN residency

    yes, i received an offer last week.
  8. not really an issue anymore, only in nursing school. I've seen many nurses with many tattoos, even sleeves. My preceptor got a tattoo almost every week when I first started.
  9. What do you like about being a research nurse?

    Hello everyone. I am currently working bedside but have always wanted to do research. I have a BSN and chemistry degree and would love to find out HOW TO GET A JOB WITH NO EXPERIENCE. Every job always ask for at least 1 year of clinical research expe...
  10. Baylor GN Internships June 2015

    really? what did the paperwork say?
  11. Baylor GN Internships June 2015

    I think we are all lost..who knows what to do? My recruiter just said we'll be in touch. I guess just have a copy of your SS card. I don't know about uniforms yet or anything like that.
  12. Baylor GN Internships June 2015

    I received a job offer today, mine came to my email. I interviewed Saturday at the Interview Fair. It was for Pulmonary Internal Medicine. I am super excited. Guys you will hear something soon.
  13. Parkland Summer 2015 Internship

    I hate that I got excited when I received the first email, but it's been a week and nothing. Then I got it again for the other 2 applications I put in. So I don't know if everyone gets that email but I've received 3 with no calls.
  14. UT Southwestern GN Internship

    It's kinda getting frustrating and stressful. I guess it is still kind of early. But neway, wish everyone good luck.
  15. UT Southwestern GN Internship

    I'm Still waiting...however, I sat in on an interview yesterday and have examples of how you have overcome obstacles, errors, frustration, and lazy coworkers. what you would do if a patient came in with chest pains, worst headache ever, things like t...