I need some insight on Covance. I have always wanted to be a research nurse and I have a phone interview coming up. What are the hours like? Holidays? What is the starting salary? I don't know anything except I want to be a research nurse for a pharmaceutical company. Please help!


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Hi, I wanted to know what ended up happening with your interview?



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I ended up not interviewing since I was nervous about what I was getting into.

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Hi dlashon,

You may want to shadow a research nurse/study coordinator somewhere near you to see what the job entails first. Covance is a CRO who generally hires CRAs or monitors. These monitors are the ones who then comes to sites where studies are conducted to work with research nurses and the trials they conduct along with physicians. CROs such as Covance are usually looking for nurses or those with a four year degree who have several years of clinical trial experience - either as a research nurse or as a research assistant. Some CROs as Covance do have training programs for those who don't have any experience, but those come and go in hiring waves. You will just have to continually keep an eye out. Other CROs who hire under those programs are: PRA, MedPace and Quintiles. There's also a ton of travel associated with CRA/monitor positions, so keep that in mind too. If you can't travel, but still want to work in clinical trials, then a research coordinator position would be the best for you.

Hope this helps!


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Thank you so much for responding. I've always wanted "cure cancer", work on a research team that did amazing things, that is why I went into nursing. But it looks like I just don't know enough about how to be a research nurse or research scientist, I don't even know where to begin. I don't know any research nurses, except those that do research on the best nursing practices based on evidence (which is not what I want or wanted.) I think I just want to make a difference and I just got accepted into a FNP program so I will try and save the world this way. Thanks again.