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Today, we saw our pin. I must say, I am disappointed. Our school symbol (some sort of metal structure) is on it & it looks like a penis :imbar . Have you guys ever seen a "bomb-pop"? It is a sort... Read More

  1. by   amybethf
    I like mine and I understand its significance to award us for our hard earned accomplishment but for $46..... not so much.
  2. by   reddheadangel
    My pin is about the size of a quarter and is gold. We could get them in silver or copper but I thought gold would last longer. It has the school name in latin, a map of the state and a hand carrying a torch engraved on it, as well as the year the school was founded. It isn't the most exciting pin in the world but it isn't ugly either. Like the others I worked my butt off for it and it's MINE. I graduated 30 years ago next week (yes I'm chronologically gifted)and I have very fond memories of school:redpinkhe (with the exception of one professor, but then there is always one) I work in an office and wear business attire now and I keep my pin in a safe place.

    I have recently started collecting pins from hospital nursing schools. One of the entries talked about RN magazine and their pictures of pins. Does anyone know if they've put something out with all of the pictures in it? Or if there is a book somewhere with pictures of various pins and info? I'd just like to have some basis for my collection.
  3. by   conuan61
    Reddheadangel...I also collect a lot of vintage nursing "stuff" There was a calendar put out from RN in 1997 that had pins on every month and there respective school name, but that is all I know of. There is another collector of pins and other nursing memorabilia...check out and look at the shop named "Nursing Pins". He also has a flickr site at this link ...

    keep in touch!
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  4. by   reddheadangel
    I've bought my last 2 pins from Ruby lane. They have some great pins but only a few. I think I'll try to get in touch with RN magazine and see if they still have a copy of that calendar or if it's in book or brochure form. DOES ANYONE OUT THERE HAS A COPY OF THE 1997 RN CALENDAR TO SPARE????? . I have a friend at work who is a garage/estate sale devotee and she's going to be on the lookout for pins for me. The guy at Ruby Lane is researching an Art Deco pin that I bought from him. Maybe between the two of us we can find where it comes from. Thanks for the tips, I can take all I can get.
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  5. by   bunsterj
    I graduated from Northern Illinois University, and our pins were shaped like coffins. Unfortunately, I lost mine long ago. If anyone knows where I could get a reasonabley priced used one, please let me know. I already looked on Ebay as well as the Ruby Lane vendor--I also sent them an email to let them know of my interest.
  6. by   Ginny Weasley
    At my school, the women get nursing caps, and the guys get pins.
  7. by   CW1978
    Our class pin was unveiled yesterday (we get pinned in 3 months). It is ugly IMO, and even the cheapest one costs $60. They even offer it in gold and white gold which costs $300! I have been working in healthcare for 3 years in several different facilities and have never seen an RN wearing a pin signifying their title or what school they went to.

    I'm not buying the $60 pin bc it will never be worn after pinning night, and frankly, I'm already struggling to pay for my program!

    I believe I can present myself professionally (i.e. well groomed, neatly dressed, and using professional speech and mannerisms, etc.) without having to wear a pin that states that I am an RN. I don't really think any of my sick patients will care where I went to school.

    Also, I attended a very well respected (locally), VERY difficult to get into - community college RN program..But I do not think people in general associate prestige or academic excellence with community colleges, so I don't really WANT to advertise to the world that I have a CC nursing education. I might feel differently when I complete my BSN program in a year or two.
  8. by   ShannonRN2010
    I am so very proud of my pins...I wore my LPN one with pride and I can't wait to wear my RN one next week!
    My lpn one was oval, gold with a lamp in the middle and burgandy on the outer edge that reads "Scioto County JVS Practical Nurse"
    My RN one is silver, round, alittle larger than a quarter. It's got various medical things on the inside (stethascope, ect) and around the outer edge it reads "Holzer School of Nursing".
  9. by   ggmugsy
    Quote from jingy
    I have a collection of about forty-six pins, which I collected over a lifetime from vintage jewelry dealers, e-bay, and flea markets. These pins vary greatly in the quality of design, but the nicest I think is a very old one from Albany Hospital Training School for Nurses. It was made by Tiffany, and has the lamp of knowledge on a shield which is superimposed on a very naturalistic-looking rose. The name of the school is in gold in an orange enamel circle around the periphery of the pin.
    Jingy - THANK YOU for my new hobby!! I purchased my first pin last night.