Class of 2007 just starting pre-reqs?

  1. I'm excited to be starting my first pre-reqs: Psychology 110, English Composition and Fundamentals of Math (Have a lot to do to catch up on math unfortunately). I hope to finish my pre-reqs in 5 quarters and plan t/o apply for next falls RN program. If I don't finish in time I'll have to wait till the spring which would stink.

    I've been using this great site as a break from study. I lure myself into hours more study by telling myself I can poke around here for 20 minutes if I work hard. Does anyone else feel it's great getting to look INTO the mysterious world of nursing and see that there is an end in sight to this long journey?

    Also, like a lot of you, I buy a lot of nursing books and slightly old text books and I read them for "fun" (really!). I'm most interested in Oncology nursing and I found 2 excellent books at Amazon recommended here on this site..$11.00 with shipping. Can't beat that!

    I'd really love to get to know some of you heading toward the class of 2007. (that sounds so far away). I think it would be great to share info and ask for help along the way. I can hardly believe the amazing links available here to help with everything from Nursing math to A&P.

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  3. by   S.N. Visit
    Welcome to the board and congrats on starting your pre-reqs! I started last fall with one class (fund of speech) . I took 3 classes in the winter and I'm currently taking 2 this spring. It's nice to see other's who will be on this board with me for a while . Good luck with your studies!
  4. by   Cindee
    Hi Katiesun!

    I am right there with you!! I will be starting my pre reqs this june, and hope to be a 07 grad. I too am so excitied. I float around on this wonderful web site to give me encouragement, and study advise. You sound just like me, I too read older nursing books, any I can get my hands on. I would love to keep in contact with you through all that is right around the corner. We can support eachother! I am also having to do alot of catching up on math. I have a 15 yr old son who is a whiz, and laughs at me because I cant do fractions! (He is in geometry already!) Lets go girl....lets go get that degree!

    By-the-way, where are you? I am in California, San Luis Obispo~
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  5. by   mom-student
    Hello! I am a mother of 4 little one's, and I too will begin taking pre-req's in April. I am going to take only 2 classses a semester for now, but I plan on going full-time in about 2 years. I too am glad to know that I wont be the only person on this site for the next 5 years or so. I wish you the best of luck & hope to "chat" soon.
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  6. by   Achoo!
    That will be me too. I have 4 pre-req's left, but with the waiting list I probably won't be starting until 2006.
  7. by   Katiesun
    it's so nice to meet some of you who are in the same starting place as i am! i hope we can come here to this thread and use each other to get through all of this with some fun (when we aren't studying). if any of you want to pm me too that's great.

    i start my first day of classes tomorrow night and am so excited. i'm a massage therapist (no longer practicing though) and so have experienced a full 12 month l-o-n-g program already (2 years for the rn is going to be rough)....honestly the pre-reqs are a nice place to start instead of just having to jump head-long in.

    i'm doing fundamentals of my via distance learning...and psych 110 and english comp on campus. i had my books early so i was able to really get familiar with them and do a lot of study too. makes me feel more secure.

    how much study do you all put in on a daily basis? i have found in the past (and in the past 2 weeks) that i need to do 4-5 hours a day if i'm taking a full load. i'm not working right now and my kids are grown so i'm in a very good place----those of you with smaller children are just amazing----to be able to take on this challenge too, so impressive!!

    what's the scoop on what you're all doing on the pre-reqs?....finish all before applying or apply with a few left to do and fit them in on the summer breaks? i'm undecided on that issue myself.

  8. by   Achoo!
    I am taking A&P1 and sociology this semester. The A&P takes up ALOT of time. It takes me 3 hours to just write the vocabulary down for one chapter. There are girls in my class that are in their first semester of clinicals and said if they had to do it again, they would have taken it ahead of time. It seems to be the consensus to get as much done before hand as possible. I'll be taking my CNA this summer, then have A&PII left as well as Developmental Psych and micro.
  9. by   FutureNurse2005
    add me to the list too! Only, I am starting either Fall 2005 or Jan 2006 and finishing 4 years later! I'm in Canada and our BSCN program is 4 years!

    Good luck to you and welcome!
  10. by   S.N. Visit
    Quote from katiesun

    how much study do you all put in on a daily basis?
    i put in 2-4 hours a day granted i 'm only taking psychology & algebra

    what's the scoop on what you're all doing on the pre-reqs?....finish all before applying or apply with a few left to do and fit them in on the summer breaks?

    our program actually starts in the summer only, so if i get accepted into next summers class, i will only have a few non-nursing classes left. ( we have the option to take the non nursing classes with or without the program). if i get accepted the following year, i will have the easiest load.

    my husband i are building a new home this spring so the faster i can get to work the better and i'd like to finish before tuition increases, on the other hand if i wait i will get to stay home with my youngest daughter a year longer and would have just a few classes a term. i'm going to just go for it and apply for next year ..... if i don't make it for next summer i won't be too upset
  11. by   Nurse Jeni
    Hi everyone! I've been visiting the boards for a long time, but just recently started posting. I'm just about finished with my first two years of college (GE classes), but have yet to take the science prereqs for the nursing program. I'll be done with those in December and then I expect to sit on the waiting list for a semester or two.

    I've thought about just going on to finish a Liberal Arts BA while I'm waiting to get into the nursing program, since I'll have nothing to do but wait. We shall see. There are so many options, but they all seem to take so long! :chuckle

    If everything goes the way I want it to, I'll graduate in May 2007. Good luck to all of us!
  12. by   KattB
    I am starting pre-req's this summer too. I hope to be accepted into the nursing program Fall of 2005...until then I have to keep working and doing school part time (wish it was the other way around) I am so afraid of not having the 3 required pre-req's done in time to apply for the program for Fall 05. I have to take a pre-algebra class and have to have that done before I can take A&P I, trying to fit this all into my hectic schedule. But I am very excited about going to school's been along time.
  13. by   sonja24
    Count me in also!! I start pre-reqs this fall. And hoping to be an RN in 2007. What nursing books do you all read now to kind of get an idea of what we are getting in to? What classes is everyone taking first? Myself, I am going to take A&P I and English first.
  14. by   NewEnglandRN
    If all goes well, I plan to graduate with my BSN in May, 2007. I presently have an Associate Degree in Radiologic Technology, so a few of my prerequisite courses are done and I will re-enter college as a sophomore student.

    This past fall, I had to retake A&P 1 (since it was over ten years ago.) This summer I will enroll in A&P 2.

    I'm in MA and look forward to supporting each other through this long journey!