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Hey yall! Just wondering if there are any of us out there still working on pre-reqs - hopeful nursing graduates of 2006? Roll call! :) I'm the 26yo mama of two boys (5yrs and 18mos). I... Read More

  1. by   Havin' A Party!
    Another 2006-er here!

    Just starting out -- trying to get into A/P 1 -- on waiting list. All four sections of it are overloaded with waits in each. Will hear later this week if I need any other pre-req's based on my prior transcripts.

    So happy I found you all.


  2. by   Dublin37
    Welcome Larry! You might want to check out the guys club too!
    Look up at Agent, to check it out. Good luck getting in. It's been tough getting Physiology, it took me 2 semesters to get in, and then I get a bad time slot, but oh well, I'm just thankful to be in!
  3. by   Havin' A Party!
    Many thanks, Dub!

    Signed to the guys section earlier.

    And yes count your blessings that you got in A/P. I'm doing all I possibly can to see to it that this kinda thing doesn't happen to me again. I'll be one of the first applying from now on -- even if I've gotta sleep in the car / parking lot the night before registration opens!
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  4. by   manna

    Where is everybody, and how are yall doing?

    I've been so absent from the boards lately... I just got swamped with school, my job, the kids, and getting things set up/sent in for my Jeep win.

    I ended up dropping my Lit class, I was just overwhelmed with 4 classes and would rather have another W on my transcript than a C or D. Still plugging away with my other courses, got a chem exam I need to cram for tomorrow, and tons of Geography homework to catch up on. Wish me luck.

    I got the Jeep I won ordered last week, I'm so excited - a cherry red 2004 Jeep Liberty... should be here in no more than 6 weeks. I'm counting down the days... what a nice early Xmas present.
  5. by   agent
    The director at my current college wont let me into A&P for the spring. Needless to say I'm pretty upset. This really f*cks me up.

    I guess I could resort to begging at my old school.
  6. by   AmyLiz
    Why won't they let you into A&P this spring? That bites.

    Not much happening here. Just mucking through A&P II. First exam is probably should be studying then, huh? The NA Training class is going well. There's only 16 people in the class...two guys, the rest girls. All of them are pretty nice. It's kinda been fun learning the "BASICS". (this class is required for the nursing program at my school)
  7. by   agent
    Because at my new school I dont meet the pre-req, even though I've had so much general bio I could puke.

    They say there's no waiver, and basically I'd have to take anatomy and micro at my old school, which wouldnt work cause my old school doesnt have micro during the summer.

    They're really breaking my balls. Basically if I want to grad from their program (the only one around) I have to take general BIo AGAIN, and then take anatomy over the summer.

    I dont know when the hell I'll take micro!!!

    I dont think I could do anatomy and micro over the summer...
  8. by   AmyLiz
    They wouldn't let you test out of it?

    That would bite. Although, you'd probably get a good grade in it, since you've already taken it (looking on the only brightside I can find).

    Hang in'll all work out eventually. :kiss
  9. by   agent
    Yeah they wont let me comp out of it either. I'm pretty aggravated. The only bonus is it will be good reinforcement for when I take A&P.

    Its pretty rediculous considering the general bio I'm going to have to take is equivalent to what I was doing in high school.
  10. by   careerchngr

    I was just reading through some of the posts on this thread, and saw that you have a 4mo and a 19mo old! Damn...we tooo much alike! I have a 9 month and a 21 month. ...It sure is tough. Fight them as much as you can on that Bio issue..cant believe that they wont work with you.

  11. by   manna
    Sorry to hear about the science classes Agent, that sucks! Hope it works out for you.

    I'm going to drop my Chem class too... I already dropped Lit. Hate to have to do it (b/c now I probably won't be able to get into the nursing program in fall of 2004), but I can't afford to miss anymore class, but no way am I going an hour away to sit in class for 4 hours tonight while my youngest has been running a 102 degree temp and throwing up for the past 12 hours.
  12. by   agent
    That sucks manna, im still going to try make it for fall 2004. I think I can do it hopefully. It will be hard as hell, but if I grit my teeth and bite down, I might just do it..
  13. by   fnimat1
    Just checkin' in. How are you all doing? A & P 2 is crazy....don't get me wrong I love the class, it's just the instructor has a really, really thick accent...and we have some major whiners in our class... . They want to leave early every class, they want the professor to make a study guide for them...etc, etc. It's so aggravating when they stop class and complain to him. We had our first lab test on the Eye and Ear last Weds. Now the test was only 11 questions and we had to draw and label the eye. Most of the people still failed the test. I got the 2nd highest score in the class...which was a 91... . After the test he told them that if they couldn't study 20 pages of reading from which the questions were going to come from and pass the test...there is no way they are going to pass the test on Monday (which we had yesterday evening) of which we had to study 260 pages and 40 questions were going to come from that particular reading. He said, "You all are complaining about A & P...what are you going to do when you start nursing school...." They just sat there like...whatever!!! I have to admit I studied pretty hard and the test was okay....I'll find out on Weds. evening how I did.