Care plans + finding Nsg articles: 2 really good websites everyone should know about! - page 4

This website is highly recommended by all my friends if you have problems writing care plans. It is actually a care plan generator, all you do is pick what applies to your patient and out pops a... Read More

  1. by   DarlinNurseRed
    I really enjoyed in addition to the sites listed-it has lots of "insider information" and common sense tips.
  2. by   nurselynninTN
    Thank you for the website info. I will be doing care plans next semester and I'm sure this will help.
  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    website specializes in finding articles:

    health related:

    free articles, advanced practice info + ceu's (free registration required)

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  4. by   ababeel
    for telling others about websites of nursing care plans
  5. by   Nurse_In_Training
    At a time where i am clutching at straws for references for my assignment, i come across this site!

  6. by   Mom2Avery is one of the best i've ever come across
  7. by   truern
    I would have received my care plans back with a big fat F if I'd used that generator. Ours were much more individualized and indepth.

    If you can't afford to purchase a good care plan book, please get one from the library. I found them invaluable.
  8. by   usmbsn2007
    Thanks for the helpful tips...these sites should be really helpful to me this fall! I had a bit of trouble doing care plans last semester.
  9. by   JeN-SN
    this will come in handy if I ever find a difficult patient to make a care plan for.... thanks a bunch

    :bowingpur lol these smlies are hilarious
  10. by   Racell
    thank you so much!! , we just came from two consecutive exposures of community health nursing, the family nursing care plan is a little different from the nursing care plan... so we sort of had a little trouble making good NCPs again, the website really helped...thank u again...
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    Woo,great post, thanks for sharing.