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  1. Daye

    Opportunities for RNs in the area of Nutrition

    there are a lot of opportunities available in the area of nutrition. however you will need the actual degree ld/rd otherwise your qualifications of rn will not actually be enough in most cases. for instance there is a big demand for ld/rd to work with patients who are going through dialysis.
  2. Daye

    which job would you choose?

    me personally i would choose the endoscopy for the job preference itself, but because i always wanted to be w/my kiddos i know that i would have to go w/oral surgery. the only way i could be swayed is if the after school program was so above and beyond superior learning/creative and most of all a safe environment it just isn't worth it.
  3. Daye

    should ok require nurses to have CEU's

    IMO Yes
  4. Daye

    Tulsa Hospitals

    How long have you been in nursing if I may ask? did you have your initial orientation/residency through St. Francsis? what has the orientation been like at St. Johns?
  5. Daye

    Tulsa Hospitals

    Ehich college is CSC? Where is itlocated? Doesn't St. Johns have several different locations? and are they all pretty equal as far as working conditions/environment goes? Like for instance what about the smaller facilities in the surrounding areas of Tulsa? TIA
  6. Daye

    Anybody else work with a "super nurse?"

  7. Daye


    Yep developed meningitis at 5 days old, really sick little guy, my son, I am very blessed he is 23 YO and very healthy with no long term problems.
  8. i try to look at what the pt can become instead of where they are and that helps me, oh i still get really frustrated at times especially when i have devoted so much care, time and emotion into building and rebuilding their motivation to dig deep for strength to help me help themselves. the other perspective i try to remind myself of is that some people are so fragile, i don't mean just health wise but copeing and having a desire to push themselves harder. these types of people just don't seem to have that inner resource, desire or ability to cope and they just go forward hap-hazardly. when it is a young patient with something like diabeties that drinks excessively or blatantly abuses their body; it's affect on me is both infuriating and sad.
  9. Daye

    FIRED and REPORTED to the BON

    That was kinda how I took it too. Probably not a good idea to encourage this type of solution, however I think I get the point...honesty and doing your job and accurate documentation results in firing rather that be warned and instructed hardly encourages anyone to feel to safe.
  10. Daye

    17-lb Russian baby

    Me too, I had a little guy just 4-14 & 18" thankfully his lungs were well developed and there was no birth trauma, not all that small, I know when we see the little itty bitty ones, but honestly he looked so so small and tiny next to the normal weight babies in the nursery, can you even imagine? wow.
  11. Daye

    17-lb Russian baby

    That was my thought too but I am not an OB/GYN but still!
  12. Daye

    New nurse question re: NPO and meds

    You are right, it is as individual as every doctor and every patient. Because different types of surgery may require some of their meds be taken or different medical conditions even, it is not one and all reguarding meds before surgery. However usually if they are told to take one or maybe even more of their meds lets say the morning of surgery our facility and doctors want it to be given w/small sip of water. That is standard protocol at our facility, it may not be protocol where you are.... sorry the help is limited. Best of luck to you
  13. Daye

    A Father's Tears

    Thank you, this experience you had and that I feel blessed to be part of, helps put a lot of things in perspective doesn't it.
  14. Daye

    dosage problem...need help

    So sorry to hear that, what a wonderful way to continue to contribute! people like you doing that make the experienced nurse a great resource, who ever said nurses eat their young, didn't know you.
  15. I Totally agree w/you Prayers, Kaplan, Saunders, a person has already invested a lot into it the little bit of expense to go to boards prepared to pass is just pennies IMO