Books, uniforms, etc: how much $$$ ?

  1. Hi Folks: I hope to start on a BSN this summer and was wondering...

    apart from tuition, fees and health insurance, gasoline, food, etc.; what would you estimate is the cost of getting a BSN (books, equipment, uniform, etc.)?

    All the best to everyone!


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  3. by   Bonny619
    I would say 500 per semester, roughly.
  4. by   richardjboro1
    There should be estimates thru your nursing school, but it totally depends. My largest expense BY FAR was books so far. First semester, I spent over 1200, 2nd went down to around 300. so for one year so far, it's 1500. As far as uniforms... we just have to wear white scrubs, so... less than 100 for shoes, undies, and scrubs.. Other expenses, include, membership in NSNA (national student nurse assoc), various office supplies, a chiropractor (just kidding, but u do need a great book bag) and... lotsa beer helps..(only on time off).
  5. by   cardiac.cure03
    I remember my first actual qtr of nursing school... I think I had to buy SEVEN books! Thankfully, that was a one-time thing. I think on avg, I spent about $70-100 per qtr on books...which is then about $280-400/yr if you go year round. My uniform was about $40...and you'll prob need 2. The only costly equipment I can think of that I bought was a stethoscope...which can really vary in price. Oh, and throughout school, I would occassionally buy review books or "handy books" I could stuff in my uniform pocket during clincal. Those weren't required.

    Good luck to you! Try not to worry too much about expenses. I did...and not that I'm done, I still think about all the debt I've incurred. But now I'm able to pay it off! No worries about job security with nursing as your profession.
  6. by   cardiac.cure03
    Oh yeah... I had to have malpractice insurance as a nursing student too. But was cheap! Less than $30/yr I think. I used NSO.
  7. by   sweetface18
    books do put a hole in your pocket! my advice is to look around for students that in classes above you to sell you their books...they need the extra money and you need the cheaper books...
  8. by   Scrubz
    A lot... more or less..

    I spent about $380 on books for this semester.. Then I bought a stethoscope for $150, then a Palm TX (basically for nursing) for $250, then some programs for the palm for $130... I consider it an investment, but my wallet doesn't like me right now because I'm taking all of its money...
  9. by   NeosynephRN
    We spent about 1200 the first semester on books...then it went down to about 200 a semester...our uniforms probably about 100 all together...the scope 100, the palm adds up...but it will be worth it in the end!!
  10. by   SteveNNP
    Hey everyone, I used while I was in school and saved about 50-75% on books every semester. It's worth a try, and you can search by ISBN, title, author, etc. I never had a problem getting the books on time, either. A few times they arrived before the university bookstore's!!
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  11. by   JenMarie82
    I just spent about $700 on books for 1st semester of 6 semester BSN. I bought half of mine at the bookstore and the other half online at Amazon. Luckily, my husband works full time and I'm able to still work every other weekend at the hospital so we paid for half and put the other half on our credit card so we can pay it off over a couple of months. Good luck!
  12. by   Scrubz
    Buying books online is definitly the best way to go!!
  13. by   futurecnm
    For sure the first sem will be the highest for books, I know i spent over $500 (I'm in an AD program). Uniform was about $100 (two so I wouldn't have to wash on my weekends in clinical). $80 for stethoscope. Need a good watch, good shoes, good bag! This sem I only spend $200 on books. Online is much cheaper.
  14. by   beachbum3
    I'm in an ADN program. I spent around $1200 for books the first semester, and around $200 for a uniform. We were required to order our uniform from their selected company. This semester I spent around $700 for books. I usually figure another $200 per semester for various supplies and additional fees that we end up paying through out the semester.