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  1. piezo-electricite

    web of manipulation?

    Good questions, thank you. At the incident I had not looked at his info b/c I had a different patient assigned. What I want to know is: should I had sided with the nurse or tell that he was not glorifying drugs, even though he was being an ass and all? pe
  2. piezo-electricite

    web of manipulation?

    Hi, I'm a student doing my psych rotation and I really like it. Im, however, confused: a pt w/o insurance was admitted and started to ramble in the day room, in front of others of how no one was seeing him or giving meds and that no one was helping him and worse, he'll get evicted from home and has no job, blah blah. I know the nurses were getting VERY annoyed, esp. b/c he was admitted regardless of his lack of insurance, was actually seen by an MD and was given three meds...only not the ones he was seeking. Well, I asked him how he managed previously to get his prescribed meds and he said sometimes he had to go w/o paying bills and also buy them on the street. Well, that was when the RN popped in, heard only the part about buying benzos on the street and accused him of glorifying drug use, which was not the case. She asked me to back her accusation up and I had to be honest and say that I did not think he was glorifying drug use. She got mad at me saying that now she's the bad guy and that I just did what he manipulated me to do. I know he was drug seeking and upset and ungrateful for what they did to him and an annoyance and disruption at the unit. Well...I just could not in good conscience affirm that he was glorifying drugs when he was not doing that at all. What do you all think about this?
  3. piezo-electricite

    Guys, how should I handle this?

    This sort of behavior is absolutely unacceptable.
  4. piezo-electricite

    OB Rotation is Hell

    Yep. I'm in OB and guess what? I'm either the celophane man (invisible) or a total pariah (not allowed in L/D, etc.). The only place that is reasonably good is the NICU. It's me and two other guys in the group. The instructor, thank goodness, is very kind and understanding. She said: "you know what guys: just try to get through, I'll make it as smooth as possible for you. OB is not for male nurses, we all know that...just hang in there"! Good luck to you.!.
  5. piezo-electricite

    anyone from portugal?

    Seja bem-vinda! Alfacinha?
  6. piezo-electricite

    Got my acceptance letter

    Congratulations! :cheers: :balloons: I also applied for may, but am still wainting on that letter... Wish you all success in your program!
  7. piezo-electricite

    Books, uniforms, etc: how much $$$ ?

    Hi Folks: I hope to start on a BSN this summer and was wondering... apart from tuition, fees and health insurance, gasoline, food, etc.; what would you estimate is the cost of getting a BSN (books, equipment, uniform, etc.)? All the best to everyone! Cheers, p-e
  8. piezo-electricite


    Hi Meg, me too! Good luck to all of us Pre-Nursing Students!
  9. piezo-electricite

    Nursing Isn't our place?

    Well, in life, you'll always run accross people that are, enbittered, resentfull and whatnot. But we should not be so quick to judge them, not to the point of getting the lady fired for a petty set of resentful comments . Did she somehow fail to provide the care your grandmother needed? You'll need to develop a thicker skin than that, and be more merciful and gracious to those who offend you. Believe me: you'll get a LOT of offenses from doctors, collegues, patients and patients families and you won't always be able to get them fired.
  10. piezo-electricite

    Never say "QUIET"

    What happens in full moons? *p-e*
  11. piezo-electricite

    Never say "QUIET"

    Hi all, I was reading "The Real Deal", by the E.R. nurse Roxy Martin (nice book, btw) and she said there is an unspoken rule at the E.R.s all accross that, if anyone says the word "quiet (as in, "oh, look how quiet it is tonight"), you're bound to bring a curse into the shift and that everything will suddenly turn hectic and crazy. She gives several examples in the book. Is it really true? Any expriences anyone wish to share on the topic? *p-e*
  12. piezo-electricite

    A stereotype for every speciality?

    Thank you, that is actually what I meant to ask.
  13. piezo-electricite

    A stereotype for every speciality?

    Hi, I was wondering if every nurse speciality has its own "subculture" that could be generalized in a way or another. If so, what are these?
  14. piezo-electricite

    '1 In 3' Nurses Battle Drug Addiction

    The statistics seem way far-fetched. You know you just hit low-quality journalism when there are no sources of cited statistics. p-e