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Do you have to bathe each other during your bed bath skill check? We have to wear a bathing suit or shorts & a halter top. We also have to brush each others teeth. I was just wondering if this was... Read More

  1. by   beth66335
    We use each other to practice making an occupied bed, but we don't get checked off on beds or baths. They teach us how to do it and why we do it that way and then send us to the hospital to do it! We do practice skills on each other, but we don't stick each other, we have mannequin arms for that...yay! We don't do anything invasive on each other, we use the mannequins.
  2. by   NurseJeanB
    We did bed baths on each other, but we didn't use water and we pretended to do peri care. On assessments we also did them on each other. The only one that I got real nervous about was the abdomen, because I don't have a flat one and I didn't want to show mine. I am a mom (he is a teenager now), but I have permanent stretch marks. Some of the people in my class have these incredibly cute small tummies that they have pierced belly buttons, and are okay showing off their tummies proudly. I was so relieved that my assessment partner let me keep my shirt on and did the assessment on top of it.
  3. by   Nurseinprocess
    Quote from theheathers01
    can anyone show me where i can find videos of patients actually having a bed bath everything that happens even down to them making the bed would be great thanx
    Our fundamentals book (Taylor) came with an awesome set of videos that show many skills, including hygiene care.
  4. by   AZMOMO2
    Are these Nursing School skills check off? I am still in my pre-req's of course. Starting NS in Jan 09. But have been a CNA for a while, and these are all CNA skills. well other than IV's and blood draws. So I am a bit confused. What phase is this in?
  5. by   onyx77
    At the school I attended we were required to do CNA skills check offs prior to attending clinicals to ensure that we were familiar with the basics. It is difficult to concentrate on the nurse aspect of things when one is having trouble with the basics. I was really glad that I had so many years as CNA experience under my belt at the time! I had a couple friends that failed out of our first clinicals because of poor basic skills.