Bad moment w/my son this morning.

  1. I feel soooo bad right now...

    I woke up this morning feeling a little anxious. I have a Psychology final tomorrow...and I haven't even read the last chapter.

    I then woke up my 3 sons and began getting everyone ready for school. I said to everyone "OK let's get moving this morning so we don't have to rush off to school. You know mommy is not the happiest when we all have to rush". And I then headed to the other room to get breakfast ready.

    Once everyone was in the kitchen, I went to sit down and relax (have morning coffee) for a few. I did my regular call from the couch..."we have 15 more minutes and don't forget to brush your teeth and wash your faces". My oldest son comes to tell me that the middle son hasn't even started eating. When I enter the kitchen there is my middle son standing at the table doing nothing. I ask him what is the wrong. And he tells me that he is waiting for his big brother to finish so he can sit in THAT chair. I almost lost it because there are 4 empty chairs that he could pick from...but I remained cool and told him to sit, and hurry.

    After giving everyone lunch money and telling them to put it in their pocket...I find a ten dollar bill on the floor. Guess whose it is. Yup, the middle son. I told him, with a bit of attitude, to pick it up and put it in his pocket.

    Next came the reminder to put on shoes and coats and get backpacks...we have 5 minutes left. When it is time to walk out the door, there are only 2 kids ready and at the door. I go to find the middle son and he is in the coat closet without a coat, without a backpack and staring at his shoes. When asked what was wrong he tells me that his shoelace is broken. At this point I lost it. Yes the shoelace was broken. But guess what. That was not the pair of shoes he is even supposed to wear to school. The correct pair were sitting right next to him. I did a bit of ranting and raving and he ended up in tears.

    After arriving at school, I reassured him that I was not mad at him and I love him. But I could see in his eyes that he was still just not right.

    So here I am, back at home, needing to do some serious studying, but I am thinking about my poor baby. I just want to go back to school and hold him and give him lots of big kisses:kiss

    For those parents out you ever have these mornings or am I just an awful parent? And if you do have these mornings how do you resolve them?
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  3. by   GayleD

    You ar not alone!! Sounds like a regular day here. I have three - girl, boy, boy. It's my middle guy that gets me going the most - he knows how to push my buttons and does a great job at it.

    Don't fret - you are doing some pretty tough stuff going through school and raising a family! I know how you feel about wanting to go to school and give him a big hug and kiss - he probably alreaqdy forgot about it.

    My worst morning was once, (and this was my youngest - 7yr old) - it was pouring - he wasn't ready, the bus was there - he didn't have his back pack on ., . . . well I open the door to hand him his backpack (luckily the bus stop is right in front of our house) and a stray dog (boxer) comes bounding into our house. Our bichon is going crazy - my 13 yearold daughter who's home sick just glances at him and continues to do whatever it was she was doing that was so desparately important and I'm screaming at the top of my lungs to my poor little guy in front of the whole bus to get on the darn bus!!!

    Oh well, just have to laugh now:roll , he survived, and somehow I did too!

    Good luck, and remember, you're definitely not alone!!

  4. by   Angella Walker
    Hun, Let me tell you I FEEL YOUR PAIN. I take care of 5 boys so I know how hectic school mornings can be. Your middle son sounds like my 4 yo. I go through that daily with him. He has to have "his" chair when eating, His place on the couch to sit when watching TV, his cup when drinking something yadda, yadda, yadda.

    I am glad I'm not alone in the world.

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  5. by   Angella Walker
    Hun, Let me tell you I FEEL YOUR PAIN.
  6. by   Gator,SN
    I HAVE had those terrible moments with my kids and I know just how bad you are feeling right now. It hurts. I have sent my daughter out the door plotting my death and my son in tears. As soon as I see those emotions I am feeling like I am the worst parent in the whole world.
    The thing of it is this.....everyone makes mistakes and we are very lucky that we have the opportunities to make it right. As soon as mine come home I tell them that I was a big jerk and that I am sorry and I ask them to forgive me. I tell them that I make mistakes and I was wrong. I don't make excuses for the words that I said or the tone of my voice. They know that it is anger....I just try to let them know that it was wrong to direct it at them. I don't think that it is wrong to show your weaknesses to your kids, they have to see that you are human too and that sometimes you blow it, big time!
    My parents never said that they were sorry for anything.
    Talk to them, tell them that you are sorry and move on. You love them and they know it.
    Use this one crappy moment in time to teach your kids and to learn yourself. Families learn to love and forgive, that is why they are so strong.
    Best wishes to you, normal MOM!!

  7. by   renerian
    I think most parents have been in your shoes. We All have those moments.

    Good luck with your test,

  8. by   TeresaRN2b
    Oh my God! I was dying laughing reading that post. Sorry, but it just struck me as really funny. I have 3 boys as well and I swear I could have wrote that exact post! I drive my kids to school and on the few mornings my hubby does without fail someone has forgotten their lunch or their backpack or something else. Hugs to you and I totally feel your pain!

  9. by   ShandyLynnRN
    ohhh, my!!! I only have one, and I do this! Boy do I feel like a loser!
  10. by   jdomep
    Not to make light of your morning but ...
    Were you in my house today ? LOL I go through this DAILY with my 4 (all boys) - I just TRY not to have my "head blow off" which it does every now and then
    I know how difficult it is being mom and trying to go to school... I wish you the best on your final and try not to let it get to you. Do something fun with the boys today or when all of your finals are over (make cookies or something else fun - it will be good for all of you )

    (But I am happy to know I am not alone)
  11. by   LasVegasRN
    I swear, there are some mornings where I think my dog thinks Emma and I have PMS. I also think he's glad when he hears the garage door close - PEACE AND QUIET!! :chuckle

    You are not alone!!
  12. by   farmmom
    most of my mornings are like that but my middle one is a girl who is learning to primp often now neclaces,bracelets earings and she can never find any of them
    then someone always wants to find something two minutes before the bus comes
    some days I can't even tell you what my kids were wearing when they left the house it gets so crazy around here
    and now I am going to have to get my two littlest ready also in the morning to go to school with me so they can be little boiler makers (Purdues daycare) oh joy oh joy
    don't be too hard on yourself at least he was dreesed and fed before he left and that is good :roll
  13. by   Just Angi
    I have 3 kids- I'm right there with you! EVERY morning is like that I think. Well, almost anyway. I constantly wonder if it's me or what?!?! Then I remember something---- This to shall pass! That is the line I live by every day! But, that's one of the JOYS of parenthood!
  14. by   JennyRN2B
    Boy, can I relate!! We have had mornings like already and I am just NOW getting ready to start back to school full time. My best advice is learn from your mistakes. I know that I have to get one of my children up at a certain time because he just moves more slowly than my daughter. I also know that I HATE to be rushed out the door. My mother did it to me and I just can't stand it. I try to get everyone up with plenty of time so I don't have to keep reminding every two minutes for them to do a particular task. Anyway, sometimes it works, and sometimes not. Also, for my son, I say, if you "choose" not to be ready on time, you will have to go to bed earlier and get up sooner. This seems to be a great motivater!

    Also, it is Monday! We ALL hate them!