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i asked for your help a couple of weeks ago. there were a few of you who emailed me. i found the exercise ideas to be the most help. i went to the dr and i tipped the scales at 258lb :imbar i am only... Read More

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    Quote from Ortho_RN
    Ugh.. I have been wanting to try this diet but every time I think about doing it I talk myself out if it.. Basically b/c of the people that have done it who say the first few days to first week are really hard... Headaches, etc.. I have migraines as it is, and I definatley don't need more... But I really want to do something..

    So I think instead of doing the Atkins diet, per the book.. Im gonna cut out all the junk in my life... No more sodas (unless diet), white bread gone, white pasta gone (gonna be hard to get rid of that white stuff)... No more chips etc...

    So eggs are good on this diet correct??
    Try to stay away from any of the diet sodas unless they are made with Splenda. Many people actually retain fluid with the others. You don't have to restrict yourseld so severe, just cut out the white sugar, white bread, white rice, and white pasta. You would be amzed at what you acan still eat, almost everything, but of ourse in moderation.
    The biggest change will be getting rid of the white sugar, but once you do, you will see a huge difference in the amount of energy that you have.

    Good luck to you.........................