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I'm an atheist. I am uncomfortable around religious situations. I haven't started nursing school yet (14 weeks to go). I'm concerned with being confronted with people that would ask me to "Pray... Read More

  1. by   Atheos
    Quote from CNA2B
    lol stan,,,I have most def. read the bible,GOD hears the prayer for you to call on HIM and invite him into your life,other wise he does not. and I absolutely refuse to argue the bible with an athiest.
    Like I said, obviously not. However, I do find it funny that you refuse to discuss the bible with an atheist. Especially seeing how that atheist most likely has studied the aforementioned book, along with those from other religions, way more than the 'average' religious person. Perhaps even you.

    Of course, I am just a mere atheist so god forbid you act with any sort of modicum of decency or respect. God forbid!


    Judge NOT lest ye be judged. ROFL
  2. by   CNAMichelle
    stanley...YOU have shown NOT ONE OUNCE OF RESPECT HERE,FOR CHRISTIANS. I guess its just your nature.

    hypo-I bet carlin wishes he had just one chance to tell you different. good day
  3. by   Atheos
    Quote from CNA2B
    stanley...YOU have shown NOT ONE OUNCE OF RESPECT HERE,FOR CHRISTIANS. I guess its just your nature.
    Would that be my atheist nature or my black nature or my male nature or my American nature? Which bigotry am I being subjected to here???

    Hmmm. Isn't it about time to close this thread? The OP's question was answered...
  4. by   CNAMichelle
    LOL ,just go back and read SEVERAL statements you have made on this entire thread and I think you will figure it out. I mean even the quote you have could be considered offensive to a lot of us "bible thumpers" .
  5. by   Atheos
    Hmm, nevermind... Why talk about something? Actions DO speak louder than words.
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  6. by   CNAMichelle
    thats what I thought ...:rcgtku:
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