As Fall semester nears....

  1. I find myself coming to Allnurses more & more. I have always liked to surf the internet, but now...I don't seem to surf. I have set Allnurses as my homepage and I can't seem to stay away. If I come anywhere near the computer...I MUST sign on to see if there are any new posts in my favorite forums.

    My addiction is worse than I originally thought :chuckle

    I'm so excited about starting actual nursing's all I've been able to think about. And when I come here, I can sense the same from others...who seem to check the board as often as I do.

    I think that somewhere in the back of my mind I know that when classes start I won't be able to come here as often because I'll be knee deep in books. So I'm spending as much time with you all as I can NOW so that my transition won't be so bad

    I don't know exactly what I'm trying to say with this post, but I'm really anxious to begin classes....and Allnurses is my pacifier--keeping me calm and happy until August 19th.

    Anyone else feeling this way? Please tell me I'm not alone! :imbar
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  3. by   shyne
    Same here. I start my classes on Aug 20th. I'm very excited and can't wait to start. Coming to this board very often also makes the time go by quicker, since I'm so anxious to start :chuckle Congrats on your acceptance
  4. by   sagelola
    Yup, me, too! I used to come here a LONG time ago, but didn't post much. Now I see that a lot of the people here are thinking/feeling exactly what I am, and it is nice to "talk" to others that feel the same way.

    I also realize that I won't be on much after school starts (the 25th for me), and I have a lot of free time right now since summer school is out. Not only will I be too busy when school starts again, but I usually have to fight with my husband and kids for computer time!
  5. by   babynursewannab
    Believe it or not, you will probably still come here pretty often. It turns into a FABULOUS avoidence method when you should be studying, cleaning, etc...
  6. by   iliket3
    I too am addicted to this website. I'm a second year student in an ADN program and class begins on the 21st of Aug. However I started my reading this week. Hope to have approx 800 pgs read by the end of the week. Our first learning plan is 400 pgs of text per every 2 weeks and an exam every 2 weeks.

    I'm amazed by the volume of work in the second year. I thought first year was bad. But we were forewarned about the second year and now it is here. So yes, my days here are shortlived.
  7. by   sagelola
    babynursewannab...yeah, I am guilty of avoiding study by being on the computer:imbar ! It probably won't change...but I can always try to stay focused !
  8. by   RN 2005
    I am feeling the same way! I start the "official" nursing program next week with a 2 day orientation. I am terrified, excited, nervous and just generally freaked! LOL Lately I have been waking up in the middle of the night and there is no going back to sleep for me so it is allnurses time! I love this site............
  9. by   teeituptom
    As Fall semester nears
    Yall get excited by school
    while your studying
    Im golfing
    and looking forward to deer killing season
    vennison is so good

    dont forget rabbits

    lions tigers and bears Oh My
  10. by   Jen2
    Same here. I recently just met all of my new friends here, and I know that when my semester starts, I'll only be comming here for venting or advice instead of just for fun. Trying to have all the fun with you guys why I can!!
  11. by   debralynn
    Yes, I have become a little obsessed about this web site but I also know that when school starts Aug. 25, I will no longer be able to come here! So I am making up for future time!
  12. by   nurse2be in ny
    I'm still in the pre-req stage this school year (3 classes to go, one CLEP exam), so I'll still have time to feed my addiction to this place!
  13. by   Gator,SN
    Believe it or not, you will probably still come here pretty often. It turns into a FABULOUS avoidence method when you should be studying, cleaning, etc... (babynursewannab)

    I totally agree!
    This is a great place for support and to get help and celebrate your successes and get a pat on the back when nursing school gets you down.......did I mention the laughs..??

  14. by   RNIAM
    I love this site and have for ahile now. When school starts I rarely can make it here and it frives me nuts. I do manage to get on at least once a week for an hour or so. But now I have to go and do some reading. My goal is to have read all the reading assignments for the semester before classes begin.