Are you selling your books back?

  1. This topic may have been discussed before, but I was curious if everyone was selling back their nursing course books or keeping them for reference. I kept alot of my texts from pre-reqs, and I do refer to some of them, especially Nutrition and Child Development. I feel the need to hang on to them, but am I being stupid by not getting back some of the $$$ I paid? I am not hurting for money - hubby has a good job, but every bit helps! Have a great Fall semester everyone!
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  3. by   shock-me-sane
    keeping them! are you still in school? i have used my nursing books in subsequent quarters.
  4. by   bsugaRN2b
    Keeping them! By the time I finish school, I'll be so far in debt that the money I'd get back for them is pointless in comparison, lol!!

    And besides...they might be useful for reference down the road...
  5. by   Nurse-To-Be-Joy
    I'm definately keeping mine. I think they will make handy references.
  6. by   missninaRN
    I'm keeping mine for future reference. I don't think my school buys back nursing textbooks.
  7. by   jov
    I sell back. In subsequent classes, I find better information on the Internet, and let's face it, the books are obsolete as soon as they come out. Actually, what I do is sell them to a student who is a semester behind me, and we split the price between what the bookstore gives for buy back and what they would cost her. Also I don't highlight. I don't find it particularly helpful anyway. I might underline lightly in pencil.
    Also I am hoping/planning to go on to NP school and I would possibly keep some of those books.
  8. by   GoBlue
    I was like you keeping all of my books, but I figured that most of my studying will be done by nclex books. I may keep med-surg after this term, not really sure yet.

    I sold most of my books on ebay and received more that I would of throught the bookstore.

    So far I have made about $300 not what I paid but it bought my sons school stuff and a little more.
  9. by   BeccaznRN
    I don't sell my books back. I'd prefer to have them in my professional library than to give them back to the bookstore and only get half of what I paid for them. Even though I usually use the internet for information, I still like to have texts around for reference.
  10. by   Daytonite
    you absolutely keep them for reference! school is not over the day that you graduate! it has only begun. school is only the beginning of your nursing education. as you go out into the world as a new nurse you are going to want to refer to your textbooks again and again when you get home from particularly hair-raising daze, oops, i mean days! i lost all my nursing textbooks in a flood right after graduation. i had to replace a lot of them. about every 10 years i replace certain key ones and 30 years after nursing school i still come home and occasionally have a need to look things up and review them. anyone who is arrogant enough to think they don't need to be doing this is not someone i want for my nurse.
  11. by   shellsgogreen
    daytonite - i'm sorry to hear that your posessions got caught up in a flood; that surely would have been a distressing time for you

    i'm with all of you who said they wouldn't sell their books...i'v had students entering into the program ask me to sell and even offer very good money, but i actually like the texts we've used; and those same books will surely help me once i graduate (they'll probably be in my locker during orientation
  12. by   Ruylupez
    I sold back the ones that I didn't think I would need anymore, mostly from the general studies classes. I kept my Biology, Medical Terminology, and A&P books and all of my nursing books.
  13. by   mcdonaldgirl
    I kept all my books, but would advise you to update your
    Med-Surg. book every so often. Things get updated so often, I buy a new book every 5 years or so.

  14. by   fleur-de-lis
    I am glad I am not the only one leaning toward keeping them! I was like jov thinking they would be obsolete by the time they were out, but I still like the idea of having them around. I am just a pack rat, I just got rid of my Biology 101 text from 1995 when I was in college the first round!!! I figured I could finally let that one go, at least! Thanks for the responses!