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  1. GoBlue

    grad gift

    My friend is graduating in December with her BSN. What would be a good gift for her. What did you get that you really thought was a good gift. thanks in advance
  2. I took the test on aug 16. 7 weeks after having a son/c-section. So I am having trouble getting motivate to start hitting the books and questions again. I failed 4 areas nearly passed 3 and passed one area, so I really dont know where to focus. I know that the pharm kicked my butt because I did not know one med. The rest is really a blur to remember, I dont know where to start reviewing. I have the 2nd part of suzanne's plan and am doing 60-70 on the saunders quizzes. If anyone who has retaken the test could advise me on how to start the studying again or where I should focus or just your own experience would be great. I just need to get the fire under my butt started, because our money is running out and I need to get a job. thanks
  3. GoBlue

    Passed NCLEX 2nd time @ 217 questions

    Congrats:balloons::balloons: Any tips or suggestions that you have that helped you pass the 2nd time would be great. I just found out I failed and need all the help I can get. Its good to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Again way to go....
  4. GoBlue

    Failed Nclex

    Ok, so I failed the nclex for the first time today. I am numb, confused and crushed all at the same time. I studied for 1 month prior, I did the kaplan q-bank (all of it with good scores) I did review saunders, nsna, lippioncott, nclex made easy, the deglation book. I did about 3000 questions with review of all rationales. My test was 1000% meds that I did not even recognize. How do I study for that?????? Any help from anyone would be great. I did not take the kaplan course, the qbank was a friends. I am at a total loss on how I could study better for next time. How many weeks should I study before. Should I take a review course?? Thanks again
  5. GoBlue

    Results On A Saturday

    Well I just found out I failed......
  6. GoBlue

    Results On A Saturday

    Does anyone know if they consider Saturday a "business day". I took my test on thursday and the wait is killing. I just want to get the answer, because I did not feel I knew the information. thanks
  7. GoBlue

    8 Days And Counting!!!!

    CONGRATS :balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons: ALL THE HARD WORK WAS WORTH IT.. I AM JEALOUS
  8. GoBlue

    8 Days And Counting!!!!

    I took my test on thursday and am waiting for results. I do not feel confident though, there were way tooo many meds that I did not know and selcet all that apply (i suck at these). As for the test I thought it was hard and that there was no way to prepare for it. cross your fingers.....PLEASE
  9. I am soooooo glad that I am not alone. I took my exam today and thought it was a pharm exam. I got sooo many drugs and did not recognize one of them. My stomach has been in knots all day, i did kaplan q bank, the book, saunders, and more questions from other cds. When they say you cant prepare you really cant. If I have failed this test, I dont even know how to go about studying. Good luck to all of us and pray for a passing score.
  10. I need to get two care plans for OB one is on impaired comfort r/t labor and the other is risk for infection r/t c-section. I know that there are many threads posted on care plans and I have tried searching all boards but can not seem to find these specific ones. Thanks so much for your help, you guys are always great resources.
  11. GoBlue

    buying used books

    There are a lot of discount book sites. There is ebay and on the actual ebay site to the left is half.com which is where I have gotten almost all of my books except 1st year just because I did not know about it. People I know go a few editions back, I try to get the current one and usually end up saving tons of money. Good Luck
  12. GoBlue

    New to ed

    Sorry if I seemed harsh, I was just really upset that 30 people and viewed and no one left anything. Like the one poster said I was having a really bad day. Along with the anxiety of being new to the er. Again I really appreciate everyone who did answer, thank you for taking the time
  13. GoBlue

    New to ed

    WOW I really know what I am getting into now Thanks for all the help I thought posting here would get me some "professional" remarks but I guess that only applies to people to who actually care about other people and remember back to when they started out. I was soooo wrong to post on this site
  14. GoBlue

    New to ed

    I am a nursing student who will be working in the ed as a tech I am starting to feel overwhelmed at the duties I will be doing and doing them wrong I will be starting my 2nd year in Aug and at our school we do not do a rotation in the er. Am I in over my head??? I have no nursing experience except school, I dont know if I want the fast paced setting or not. I just dont want to look stupid or worse mess up. Any thoughts or suggestions on making it work would be sooooooooooo appreciated. Thanks