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  1. mcdonaldgirl

    Brainless People!

    I know that in Florida, you can anonymously call in about someones driving.......but this is a whole different subject. Too bad.
  2. mcdonaldgirl

    Nurses collect sweet jackpot

    finally! we hit the big one! :) 'mac'
  3. gee, i have been an lpn for over 15 years, and have heard many of the 'negative' comments several times. several of the people who have made the comments were unsatisfied with their job in the first place. i am licensed by a bon, same as any other licensed personnel, and went through a 12 month program that was terrific. still keep in contact with the don of the program, too. 'mac'
  4. mcdonaldgirl

    Heparin in an emergency-to draw PTT or not?

    There should be a Protocol for a PTT to be drwn before any Heparin. What about people who are on long term ASA therapy? 'Mac'
  5. mcdonaldgirl

    resident in pain, what to do?

    It doesn't sound like the daughter is thinking about her mothers'best interests. Sounds like something else is going on there..... 'Mac'
  6. mcdonaldgirl

    Overwhelmed LVN May Give Up Nursing

    perhaps you should do home health or (heaven forbid!) ltc. to be honest, ltc may get a bum rap, but you see the patients over such a long period, and the turn over is waaay less than hospital care. 'mac'
  7. mcdonaldgirl

    Are you selling your books back?

    I kept all my books, but would advise you to update your Med-Surg. book every so often. Things get updated so often, I buy a new book every 5 years or so. 'Mac'
  8. mcdonaldgirl

    What makes you love hospice?

    why do i love hospice? it is the caring for others during their last days/weeks and knowing i made a difference. oh, yeah; sometimes families are hit hard, but i have the satisfaction of knowing i made a difference. 'mac'
  9. mcdonaldgirl

    NCLEX no math questions????

    imagine having to do all the questions, pencil and paper, and waiting 6 weeks for results. not fun! 'mac'
  10. mcdonaldgirl

    Being an LPN is not even anything important.

    i second the other posters.....don't bother calling this 'friend' back. why? as for 'direct' patient care, i have done more of this than she is seeing as a secretary in icu. as that secretary, she should see the direct care we nurses give. as for the massage therapist getting $80 an hour: i am sure a friends wife would like to know that. she would have finished up her courses waaay sooner. now to go laugh a bit more over your 'friend's' misconceptions. after 19 years as an lpn, i talk from experience. you can, too. can she? 'mac'
  11. mcdonaldgirl

    Some musings about reading posts here...

    one should be a bit more careful of their own spelling before pointing fingers, eh? "mac"
  12. mcdonaldgirl

    How Does Lvn Differ From Lpn

    Same thing, but CA and TX use different terms. "Mac"
  13. mcdonaldgirl


    My class didn't use them. As my instructor said, "Back when I trained with Flo, we didn't have 'em; and in an emergency, you think you're gonna have time to use it?" "Mac"
  14. mcdonaldgirl

    are there opportunities for LPNs/LVNs outside of LTCs?

    i have done ltc for quite a while, and to be honest, i very rarely had to give an enema. rectal dis-impacting.....yes. not that bad, when you consider the alternative. [color=#708090] [color=#708090]i have also worked with developmentaly disabled, home health cases........ [color=#708090] [color=#708090]"mac"
  15. mcdonaldgirl

    CNA prior to RN School?

    in my neck of the woods, it is now required that one becomes a cna before you start clinicals/nursing school. "mac"
  16. mcdonaldgirl

    new l.p.n. stressed out

    it can be done, having floated for many years. i have helped aides get up residents and worked "the floor:" of course, i had several years under my belt, also. i consder ltc as a very rewarding experience. not all families can care for loved ones at home, whether it be due to the diagnoses, non-compliance, or life in general. i have faith in you that you will learn and do well! :) "mac"

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