Are you a competitive Nursing Student?

  1. Are you the type of nursing student that will do anything for an A?
    Are you disappointed if you make less than a 95?

    I'm curious, I heard nursing students are cut throat and aggressive....
    Is this true?

    I start my program in the Fall, so I just wanted to know what my classmates would be like.....
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  3. by   New 2 iceeYouRN
    I think that overall you must be competitive to get into nursing, it's not an easy major to make it into. Which will carry on into the program... you'll find those who will loose their competitiveness and only strive to make what's necessary. I'm trying to learn that it's not so important to get an A but to understand the material to the best of MY ability. So to answer your question Yes, there will always be those who always strive to get their A's and who will be upset when they fail to reach their goal, however, not everyone in nursing school is like that..
  4. by   Two Sheds
    I am not cut-throat when it comes to other students; I believe in "doing unto others" & "what goes around comes around." In that spirit, I try to be as helpful as I can, and we have some really great study groups going.

    Who I'm cut-throat towards is MYSELF! I'm the perfectionistic type who kicks my own behind if I get a 95 instead of a 100, LOL. So far, I've managed to maintain a 4.0, and if the day comes when that streak is broken, I will forever berate myself over it. I really do need to lighten up! I have endless patience for others, but none for myself. Just my personality, I suppose! :chuckle
  5. by   tfleuter
    I think often being an "A" student is considered synonymous with being competitive and cut throat.

    Students earn that A grade for a variety of reasons. Some, of course, are motivated by competitveness and feel the need to be at the top of the class. Others are simply academically gifted and are able to earn those grades more easily than others. Other students have aspirations beyond the LPN/ADN/BSN and realize that they must maintain a high gpa in order to make it into a graduate program. And some recieve a lot of personal gratification from knowing that they have worked really hard to get high marks, even if a B or C was sufficient to pass.

    There are many motivations for wanting an A. Not all of them are due to competitiveness. And just b/c someone is competitive does not mean they are cut throat. You can be competitive and still know how to play nicely.

    I am willing to venture, that if you enter a program that had a very competitive application process, then you are much more likely to encounter highly competitive classmates than in programs with less difficult entry requirements. I'm applying for a fairly competitive program, but I can't say that I've encountered anyone who was "cut throat" in their attitude towards other program hopefuls. Good luck in your new program and hopefully your new classmates will be an agreeable bunch!
  6. by   JBGC4
    R we playing for blood??? Pun intended! I think competitivness can be useful in the nursing program. Just a little- nothing where you've become someone you hate. But, just enough where it gives you that extra nudge to study that extra 1/2 hour you are dreading, or that you can NOT and will NOT do the most poorly in your class. Things like this.

    When I had my gallbladder removed a couple years ago, a MSN came and spoke to me and told me that a "C" is still passing. That hospitals don't really look at your grades w/ a fine tooth comb. I keep this in mind that all I need to do is ofcourse work as hard as I can for myself, know the material very well. Sometimes, I think a student can study so hard for a A, that they never really grasp what it is they are studying. I felt like I did this w/ AnP. I always wonder sometimes if a B is better. LOL!
  7. by   keithjones
    I am shooting for a 4.0 my written goal is 3.8 so I don't shoot myself if I get a B. Some of us have plans beyond RN and BSN and need a high GPA to get into competitive graduate programs. I could care less if I do better than anyone else, I am competing with myself. I am a second degree student and got 2.5 in both high school and my first Bachelor's degree(10 years ago), so to achieve something as high as a 4.0 I am cutting my own throat(making huge sacrifices) to get there not anyone else's. My plan is to talk to all my professor's let them know my goals and ask what they expect to see for an A, then do what it takes to get it. I doubt cutting any throats is required! :smiley_ab
  8. by   casi
    With what it takes to get into nursing school I think we are all very competitive when getting into nursing school. Most students lose that in their first semester. My thought process is C=RN and anything better than that is AWESOME.

    When it comes to other students I help where I can. No longer is their A going to effect my successful completion of nursing school.
  9. by   J9G2008
    Competitive? No way! I really don't care how the other people in my class do. I don't ask for their grades, and I don't tell them mine.

    Ambitious? Oh, yeah! I absolutely love school and I want to do the very best I can. If that's a B, ok.
  10. by   Ginger's Person
    For my first degree I had a 3.5 which was not at all my best work. Now that I have a career goal for which I know having a 4.0 will help, and I know I'm capable of a 4.0, I'd be shooting myself in the foot if I didn't at least try to get that.
    I don't think a perfect GPA alone will make me or anyone else a great nurse - I have classmates with lower GPA's who will be amazing nurses. If I allow myself to slide by in school with less than my best, however, who knows what future doors I'll be closing just because I'm being lazy?
  11. by   Ginger's Person
    ... just an addendum...
    Just because I want an A doesn't mean I see classmates as competition. The best way for me to learn is in groups, so I'm more than happy to help out a classmate if I can. We're in this together...
  12. by   sooperdooper
    I earn an A, however I tend to keep my grades to myself. I do feel that a lot of people are competitive and you will probably notice that a LOT of the students will be glad to just pass the class. I only strive to do well to be competitive for grad school.
  13. by   CuriousMe
    I agree, not competitive, but I am ambitious. The only person I compete with is myself. But yes, I do work hard and try to keep a high GPA. I know it likely won't matter to employers or anything, it does matter to me. I know I can do well, so feel like it's my responsibility to do so.

    I also feel like my nursing class mates and I are all in this together. We all work hard to try to be helpful to each other.

  14. by   jazz_is_my_game
    No, I am not.

    I am a hard worker and my grade is all me. Whatever I get is a reflection of me. I am not worried about the next...we are in this together, but comparing percentages on exams - no. I work hard for myself and for future lives that will be in my hands .