anyone that decided between health careers before nursing, or wasnt to into nursing b

  1. ok. I have been done with all my pre-reqs for 2 years now- have been trying to get into nursing school since then.. havent been able to due to the fact b/c of my first degree I have a different gpa every school I apply to.. anyways, I finally just found out I was accepted to start this fall(i was on a waitlist)now, Im so confused.. I just assumed I wasnt going to get in..again.. and started looking elsewhere and was thinking about being a hygienist.. good work hours, better pay, etc.. now I dont know what to pick.. I like the variety of nursing since I dont want to work in the hospital anyways..(I want to do plastic surgery, dermatology, or even the nurses that go around and do presentation to doctors(not sales reps) since I have a business/comm. background. the thing is.. I dont care really about either one.. I know thats bad, but what I mean is im interested in the human body, I really do wanna help people etc.. but Id rather much be a fashion designer, mixiologist, wardobe stylist, etc.. and just volunteer with the needy, etc.. however I have 2 kids and one degree I dont use.. Im horrible in math, but great at english and reading.. oh and the fact that I havent taken any micro or anatomny in almost 2 years I feel might hurt me in starting school in 2 weeks.. I guess I know I could be a nurse, but nursing school and all the icky crap that goes along with it is scaring me.... and I keep hearing you gotta LOVE nursing.. well, if i go.. im not gonna quit unless I flunk out.. Ive done too much not to get in.. Im just not sure if I KNEW i could get into hygienist school.. what I would do... help@!!!
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  3. by   Daytonite
    i keep running into dental hygienists that want to get out of that field! my best friend in nursing school was a dental hygienist who was getting out to become a nurse. there is currently a dental hygienist in our health information management program. i keep hearing the same thing--burnout. so, if you decide to switch over to dental hygiene do some reading up on this. i got some information on it when one of my nieces was interested in the career and right in the beginning pages of the book she got on it this issue of burnout was mentioned. many hygienists do not stay in the field for very long because of this. there is very little to stimulate their interest and hold them in the profession other than teaching children how to care for their teeth.

    i knew an rn who did electrolysis. she got a license to do this and worked in the office of a dermatologist. many of her clients were men who were preparing to have transsexual surgery and needed permanent hair removal done. i have also heard of rns who also do tattooing and other types of cosmetology work as well as massage therapy. these things often require another state license, but the appeal to consumers is usually that they also have the rn. i think that you can certainly put an rn together with any number of fashion trends that are going on. you probably won't find these kinds of jobs listed in the newspapers. it will require some creativity on your part to seek them out. one of the things about having a degree and license in nursing is that it allows you great flexibility in jobs.

    and, if you ever run into anyone that says they enjoy cleaning up poop or having some drunken idiot puke all over their new uniform, run the other way. they've got a screw loose and there's something wrong with them! - "nurses skills transfer to other professions". a list of 8 basic job skills that nurses are able to perform making them desirable for hire in many other professions.
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    thanks! that made me feel better.. I feel bad when Ive read some of these other posts about wanting it sooo bad.. I mean I love to help people in need- I have a heart for it.. but all the icky struff lol is what I dont have a stomach
  5. by   carol72
    I worked for about 10 years as an ophthalmic tech prior to being an LVN, it was great. My friend never got into a nursing program so she went into a rad tech program & never looked back. I just wanted to mention - any dental job will take it's toll on your back & here in so Cal it is even harder to get into these programs than nursing.

    Best wishes
  6. by   midcom
    You don't sound to me like you're really all that interested in being a nurse. I'm sorry if I sound as if I am judging you. It's just the way it sounds to me.Not everyone is cut out to be a nurse.
    Now about dental hygienists, don't know where you're at but recently in a local paper there was an article about the dental hygiene programs in our state (Iowa.) There is a long waiting list to get into the program at all the schools & some are considering expanding their programs to help with that problem. However, there is a different problem. The jobs just aren't out there. The graduates aren't able to find jobs, even the ones who do wonderfully in class. The students are fighting the expanding of theprograms because they feel that a glut of graduates will make it even more difficult to find jobs. That may just be a problem here. I can't speak for other states.

    I used to be a dental assistant. Dental hygiene can be very boring. If you enjoy scaling filthy teeth and cleaning them all day long, then be a dental hygienist. If that's too "icky" stick with fashion design.
  7. by   Lori RN_09_2b
    To be really honest, I was not TOTALLY sure that I wanted to be a nurse during pre-reqs and even when I started nursing school last year. I think I did not have a clear understanding of exactly what a nurse does. I wanted a career where I could help people, plus I wanted to prove to myself that I could survive nursing school--especially as a little older student. To my surprise, I have become totally sure that this is what I want and that nursing is my passion and my future. I am not saying that it will be the same for you--you may decide at some point that you have had enough. But maybe you should give it past pre-reqs (which are NEVER fun!) and see what you think when you get to the "fun" stuff of nursing.

    Just my opinion, and I wish you great luck in whatever you decide!
  8. by   NeoNurseTX
    I was first going for dental hygiene. I talked to a lot of them and they all said they wish they would have done nursing. I thought a lot about this and realized I'm in love with the whole human body, not just teeth. It would be soooo boring just dealing with the mouth and not having your patients be able to talk to you! I don't regret leaving my dental hygiene dreams behind for nursing one bit.
  9. by   BeccaznRN
    Another former dental hygiene major here - I did a year of prereqs and decided to take a job as a dental assistant for awhile. I was absolutely bored to tears! I stuck with it for one year to give it a fair chance, but I immediately left and changed my major to nursing. I am so glad that I got that experience in the dental field before it was too late. Not saying everyone will hate it, but for me it was SO boring. I'm so glad that I became a nursing major.
  10. by   WDWpixieRN
    I started looking around for another career once I realized I was not cut out for M - F 8 to 5 and hated sitting in a cube all one daughter (who I swear has a screw loose 98% of the time) said to me one day -- "Mom, you're not happy because you don't feel like you're making a difference"!! That started me on this path to nursing....I just finished my first semester....

    I am NOT looking forward to dealing with my first poopy butt all alone...the thought actually somewhat petrifies me....but I found that when certain situations cropped up in clinicals, like a fellow student's patient who spoke no English, was extremely ill and began vomiting stomach fluids around all her tubes, had this terrified look in her eyes as my friend tried to keep her suctioned, looked me in the eye from time to time as I held her hand and wiped her other side when needed....she held on to my hand for dear life....or the young guy who was a double-amputee and incontinent....probably very humiliating had he not been so doped was humbling to be able to help get him cleaned was rather interesting how "in the moment" you get and don't really have a chance to think of what's happening....this is not to say that I'm sure my moments of "close to retching" won't happen....but I think if you're truly interested in this field, you'll manage...the hardest part of clinicals for me is the prep work and the EARLY nightowls detest 0430 alarm clocks!!

    As for the length of time between prereqs, A & P II was close to a year....the others were all even older....I find that I maybe could've paid a little more attention in those classes, but just the exposure has been a big help....there were many in my class who either hadn't taken these courses yet or were in the process of doing so....I don't think you'll have too much a problem with the time issue...

    I, too, have heard that burnout in the hygiene field is big due to the monotony....however, as you say, the salary and hours are great.....

    My best to you in whatever direction you choose to go....
  11. by   GrnHonu99
    Geez, what is it with the poopy? lol Yeah it stinks, everyones does. Cleaning up poop is NOT what I do as a nurse, it's something I do for my patients because I care about them. It's such a minor thing and I barely even think about it. I try focus on what being a nurse really means: ways to improve my patient's care, effective communication, teaching, advocating for my pt. I love teaching my patients, I use all my facilities tools to my advantage. I feel like if I can help each one of my pts in some small way I will feel like i've done my part. Wow cheezy I know, lol, but its true! So, if I have to clean up a little poop along the way, its worth it.